Date: 07/01/2016


Your new year’s resolve is most commendable. Rightly you have perceived the Muslims to be the greatest threat to world peace, especially in America since with her fall the rest of the world will be a walk-over for Mohammed.

We have known Islam for long and can now categorically state something that most of the governments in the West, so-called secular democracies dare not speak about due to the invisible “shackles and handcuffs” called “political correctness”. German media never mentioned the word “Muslim” but spoke of Arabic speakers and men of African descent, as if there could also be some Christians, Jews and Hindus among the hooligans doing what comes naturally to Mohammed on New Year’s eve (“Silvesterabend”) in Cologne and several other major cities all across Germany.

Only after days did the media mention “Syrians”! That must be great embarrassment to Chancellor Merkel who kept inviting the Syrians with open arms and gates. The speed of their entry was so fast that none checked their papers at the border. Hence most had no papers on them at all to show identity! Now it is a major headache for German police to establish who is who since it takes a second for a Pakistani to declare that he is Syrian and for Abdul to give his name as Ali! Europeans have yet to learn more about Angela Merkel’s guests!

Why and when do the Muslims commit rape? The second question is easy to answer, WHENVER THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT. It can be cover of darkness or unescorted girls and when there are big crowds.

The answer to “Why” is, to DEGRADE THE ENEMY. The word “ENEMY” throws us immediately in deep mud since we need to know both sides. For the Muslims, Apostle of Peace, Gandhi, was ENEMY NO. 1 since he was (to them) a KAFIR, an INFIDEL, who had to be killed. For Gandhi the Muslims were his “children as well as brothers” and he made sure that none was asked to depart for their newly established homeland (Pakistan). On the contrary in Pakistan the scenes of murder, loot, arson, abduction and rape of girls and women broke all world records. Suffice is to say, “Two million were slaughtered” and it is left to one’s imagination as to where, and in what manner, EACH ONE was killed, abducted or raped. The terror of Mohammed and the fear of HOME GROWN terrorists has prevented the Government of Partitioned India (PI) to compile a comprehensive document recording the details of Hindu holocaust (or Genocide) that is still going SEVEN DECADES on, in East Bengal (now called Bangladesh).

AS proven above, Merkel looks at the Muslim migrants as “sons or brothers” in distress BUT the latter look at the Germans as ENEMIES, being Infidels (Kafirs). Hence what the German authorities regard crime, the Muslim criminals regard their “sacred” DUTY, i.e., to DEGRADE THE ENEMY.

It was due to this gap in comprehension that Ms Merkel’s action to receive a MILLION MUSLIMS does not make sense. Being IGNORANT of Islam she compares them to the German refugees who fled Russian, Czech and Polish territories to seek refuge in West and East Germany. Since they had the same religious and cultural ethos and background they got assimilated within months. But these refugees, being Muslim, will never integrate but on the other hand set about CONVERTING the Germans to Islam! Couldn’t Ms Merkel see this in India, England and America? WHICH WAY ARE THE WATERS FLOWING?

Hence with extreme regret one can say that Ms Merkel’s “MULTIKULTI” advisers did not show COURAGE to warn her of the approximately TEN MILLION dependants of these ONE MILLION migrants, impatiently waiting to join them, and further increase in numbers due to forced conversion of Christian brides to Islam in mostly “sham” marriages, raising their offspring as Muslims, and due to EXPONENTIAL Islamic rate of reproduction, that has jeopardised the future of her country by sowing the fast growing POISONOUS weeds in her soil. She has committed High Treason.

In view of the above, and considering the expanding ISLAMIC “bridgehead” in America, we commend your resolve be taken up by all the free world.

July 8, 2015.

PS: It is most disappointing to note that German MANHOOD was absent or “dead drunk” in Cologne on that evening to leave their girlfriends, sisters, cousins, colleagues, even wives, at the mercy of the BARBARIANS to “ravish” them without fear!

We can tell them with certainty that had a few Muslim females been similarly groped and raped by Christians, Jews or Hindus, there would be riots and protests from Dhaka to Peshawar and from Kabul to Tripoli.