Date: 10/01/2016


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You are quite right. The genie (Islamic terror) is, indeed, out of bottle and has spread its wings and claws across the earth from Indonesia to Libya.

There is NO “good”Muslim on earth now. Each and every one who believes in Koran and Mohammed, shares the SAME lethal ideology that the more violent vanguard is putting into practise.

Like HYDRA, the snake with many heads (in ancient Greek stories) it is with many heads and in different forms and under different names all over, such as: Al Shabab, Al Muhajaroon, Al Qaida, Taliban, Jaish-i-Mohammedi, Lashkar-i-Toiba, Daish, Islamic State of Irak and Levant/Syria (Isil, or IS), Al Nusra, Boko Haram, Tehri-i-Taiban Pakistan, and so on.

They are the vanguard of Mohammed while ALL THE REST are waiting patiently to benefit from the “kill”. Hence let us not be fooled by terms like “good Muslim”, “secular Muslim” or “peace loving Muslim”!

Many of us are such INCORRIGIBLE fools like MK Gandhi (great favourite with Western leaders) who called the Muslims “bhai” (“brothers”) on the very day they were exterminating the Sikhs in Rawalpindi, Hindus in Lahore and the Buddhists in Chittagong and Gilgit!

When we follow the “Sarkari” line, we disregard the fate of our ancestors who were massacred, degraded, raped in their tens of millions and even the fate of our country that the “brothers” broke up into three fragments in 1947.

We have no idea of what Guru Gobind Singhji wrote to the most cruel and fanatic “Hindu killer” Muslim emperor of Hindusthan, Aurangzeb, in his letter called “Zafar Namah”. In it there is also advice for us, NEVER to trust a Turk (Muslim) even if he swears by his KORAN a thousand times. We, as a nation under the spell of Jawaharlal Nehru and the awe of our colonial masters, ignored that golden advice and, therefore, failed to defend our land of roots & divinity against the barbarians.


(This rendering of “Zafar Namah” has English translation as sub titles below, and is highly recommended. It shows the magnanimity and genius of Guru Gobind Singh to address the emperor as well as his followers, the HINDUS, at the same time, that cannot fail to “touch” everybody!)

The result of IGNORANCE of the “Zafar Namah” (URL above) on part of Chancellor Merkel and all the other heads of EU states, will be severe punishment like that given to our own gentle, tolerant, secular and welcoming Akhand Bharat (India) in 1947.

Jan 10, 2016.

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It is of course commendable for a sincere "citizen of the world" to advice head of a state for doing right thing. I am sure there were days when conscientious citizen of this world must have advised the head of the state of all major countries in Europe & North America but did it matter to them? Now, it is too late. Gene (Caliphate) is out of bottle and desire to roam anywhere and everywhere. Does any one know any special art (mantra", powerful tool to bring back the gene inside the bottle? I don't think so. Neither USA, UK, France, Germany, etc have will & courage to STOP the gene from roaming the earth nor the wishful thinkers like Modi will have guts to resist caliphate in India". Dr. Kumar Arun, January 10, 2016


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Esteemed readers,

The website ( https://skanda987.wordpress.com/category/articles/ ), where the following article is published, has offered most valuable advice to the hard pressed German Chancellor which we sincerely hope she will implement in full and also persuade the other EU states to do likewise. It states:

1. “Give no right to vote to migrated Muslims till they formally and practically quit Islam and adopt German culture.

2. If X % of population of Syria came to Germany to live there, then possess X % of Syrian territory by military action, and resettle the m.immigrants back there.

3. Ban burka, mosques, mullas, Koran, hadith, Sharia. Ban Muslim prayers in public places.

4. Make a law by which if a Muslim rapes anyone, his is surgically made a neutral person.”

( https://skanda987.wordpress.com/category/articles/ )

Bharat (Partitioned India) herself has to gain immensely by following this advice.

Please share the link with the others.


9Jan 16.



If she needed publicity, she has had enough- for all the wrong reasons. But why do German Chancellors do the wrong strategic thing and then get the tar in the face?

What Hitler did was noticed on Day 1. What Merkel has done will only bring about similar disaster in a few decades’ time. It is not alarmist to state that Germany’s political foundations will shake when these one million become 50 million within seven decades, the time from the end of World War 2.

The one million will be ten million soon after their families and dependents join them and thereafter none can stop the exponential growth that was seen in Western and Eastern India (today Pakistan and Bangladesh respectively) that BROKE AWAY from the main body in “rivers of blood” in 1947.

It appears that the best & the most sophisticated Intelligence services and agencies in Germany could not think in extremely simple terms. For example, “Which German family (a man with his wife and two teenage daughters) can go and spend a week’s holiday in Syria, Afghanistan, Irak, Pakistan, Eritrea, Mali and Somalia, even Tunisia, from where these Million Migrants have arrived in Germany with personal invitation from Frau FUEHRER(IN) Merkel?

The obvious advice would be, “DON’T EVEN THINK OF IT unless you want to be beheaded, your wife raped and daughters abducted!” An average citizen of the world is well informed of the journalists like Daniel Pearl, aid workers like Henning (http://search.aol.co.uk/aol/image?q=aid+workers+beheaded&v_t=client97-sb), more than 300 school girls in Nigeria and all the women and girls of the Yazidi tribe in Syria. And what stage of human evolution are the Muslims at, if they love being ruled under sharia law for the joy of marrying a child of 9, having up to four wives, abducting, raping and selling Kafir girls and women, killing the “non-believers”, and watching women stoned to death, amputation of hands and feet of criminals as young as 12 and blowing themselves up with the dream of sleeping with 72 virgins in paradise after death? These MIGRANT MEN have come from exactly those countries with the same view of women in their heads- with the same culture, ethos, background, history and the “way of life”.

If you wanted to “civilise” them then please do so in their own countries by sending teachers & scholars and even inviting a few of them to Germany (along with their spouses!) in order to experience democracy & secularism (tolerance) in the West and then to teach the same back home. But not one million- all at once- that has given a massive cultural shock to the Germans, young and old, men and women, and exposed Germany herself to the risk of being overwhelmed or forced to “dilute” her own civilised values and become a failed state like all those Islamic republics that are “dumping” their surplus ‘mouths to feed’ on Europe right now.

In the past millennium every year “Silvester” was a happy occasion where men and women both enjoyed together. All this is changed now. The Cologne police chief has been asked to retire in disgrace, the population is split into hostile groups like PEGIDA & THE REST, demonstrations will mar the peace of cities, television and radio stations will be discussing that New Year’s eve day and night and foreign press will highlight the strategic blunder by the German Chancellor, up to now called “Mutti” (mother) who has “set fire” to own house.

Worried and scared, German women are rushing to buy pepper sprays and personal alarms, clearing off shop shelves. Their menfolk feel ashamed, having failed to defend the honour of their girls and women. What a lesson for the other countries in EU and the rest of the world! It was a small step by Merkel that turned Germany’s glory & pride overnight to disgrace & dishonour! Most Germans and those who love Germany are really “gutted” today.

Finally, we say, “Madam Merkel, you have made a big mess by being rash and overconfident. You could follow the example of more mature and knowledgeable democracies within EU in order to help these migrants stay in their own countries or move on to Islamic lands where they could integrate within days.

Sadly, you acted alone like the previous Fuehrer. Most Germans are aware of the IMPLICATIONS* of your strategic blunder, and request you to please get the stinking stables cleared - as fast as you can. Why do you think fifty Islamic republics on earth, some with immense oil wealth, have shut their doors tightly on their fellow Muslims?


* Many will be spreading across the rest of EU in the near future, destroying social equilibrium everywhere.



9 January 2016.