Date: 11/01/2016

Thanks for mentioning the key problem." How to reach out to millions when the governments don't want it and the media are politically correct. That is where most of us get stuck."

Another after thought: Children born after rape of a woman by a MUSLIM (or anyone else) must by law grow up in the religion of the rape victim.

This is to prevent immoral, unethical and illegal increase in MUSLIM numbers through this act of crime and despicable aggression against helpless women.

In the case of PAKISTAN and BANGLADESH one can say with certainty that nearly ALL THE POPULATION is the result of RAPE OF HINDU GIRLS during the period of Islamic rule that lasted more than 1400 years (starting with conquest of Sindh by Mohammed Bin Qasim in 712 AD).


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The question, as I am sure you know, is HOW to get through to enough people.

Once that is done, everything else follows.

The media and the politicians are doing all they can to stop the message getting through.

My sense is that their time is quite limited.

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Date: 09/01/2016

The website ( )has offered most valuable advice to the hard pressed German Chancellor which we sincerely hope she will implement in full and also persuade the other EU states to do likewise. It states:

1. �Give no right to vote to migrated Muslims till they formally and practically quit Islam and adopt German culture.

2. If X % of population of Syria came to Germany to live there, then possess X % of Syrian territory by military action, and resettle the m.immigrants back there.

3. Ban burka, mosques, mullas, Koran, hadith, Sharia. Ban Muslim prayers in public places.

4. Make a law by which if a Muslim rapes anyone, his is surgically made a neutral person.�
( )

Bharat (Partitioned India) herself has to gain immensely by following this advice.
Please share the link with the others.