Date: 16/01/2016



In Isil (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) "ISIS", "Daish" or "Daesh", the time has stood still, as if frozen, since 7th century AD. What sort of human society existed in the Middle East then while China, India, Egypt and Latin America were advanced, rich and well organised societies worth calling “civilisations”?

The Middle East at the time had light and darkness side by side. To the North were the Romans, the Greeks and, the Persians. To the South was the desert of Arabia and the “dark continent” of Africa where cannibalism was still practised, where the heat of the summer caused violent sand storms and the skin pigments to turn black, and life was hard and brutal.

In this world of savages where abduction, rape and sale, including auction of girls and women was common, a book, the KORAN, came to be written to reflect the morals, mores and traditions of the time.

The book contained detailed instructions on every aspect of life of those illiterate savages, including charging interest on loans, women’s menstruation cycle, number of wives permissible, the minimum age of brides, the marriage contract and dealing with the “non believers”.

The book regulated the entire life of the wild Bedouins with special rigour and brutality reserved for the women who being weak were an easy target to take out men’s frustrations. They were literally the prisoners of society and slaves of their husbands.

For centuries people lived on their own territories but now there is an upheaval going on in the world of Mohammed. Global travel has become common, colleges and universities in the West are accessible to the students and scholars from the East and communication revolution has made it possible to reach the whole world via Internet. People can compare.

Now there is no isolated or unknown tribe anywhere. Communities and cultures are visible to all and open to comment and criticism. In modern era of universal literacy and technical advancement, Islam is a misfit.

Islam is in focus now because it is out of date and out of step, it seems strange and abnormal, even stupid. And while we have space travel on one side we have the Isil or Daesh on the other. Modern and primitive, living side by side is causing friction, heat and sparks. In all Islamic lands that heat from the “Book” has “evaporated” all the non Muslims. What is left is intolerable life for Muslims in Islamic republics. Hence the Muslims, with their outmoded customs, are rushing to live decent peaceful lives in the Non Muslim countries like India in the East and EU and USA in the West.

This has started the clash between civilisations. The challenge before Islam is, “Bend or break!” and before the West (the civilised world) is, “Either kill or be killed.”