Date: 16/01/2016

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I do appreciate you alerting me and other Indians about "ISIS coming to India". As a matter of fact, many Indian patriots including me have been alerting, requesting and begging to Modi ji to take preventing measures against ISIS minded muslims in India. I am sorry to say that you and other participating members in your group, have ridiculed us.

Now that you told us all about ISIS coming to India, what would you suggest our government do. I guess I am more interested in your "solution part than alerting problem".

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January 16, 2016

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Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2016 18:48:53 +0000


ISIS Terror Recruitment Racket Busted in DELHI


With the arrest of five persons, including two Bangladesh Nationals, the Delhi Police have unearthed an international syndicate involved in facilitating Rohingya Muslims and Bangladesh nationals to travel to Middle East countries and later forcing them to join terror outfit ISIS in Syria.

The arrested have been identified as Shaukat Ali and Suleman , both Bangladesh Nationals, and three Indian nationals — Saddam Hussain, Ibne Sultan and Amit Bodh Jha. “So for this module has sent around 500 Rohingya Muslims to Middle East countries and later to Syria and even Iraq to fight for terror outfit ISIS,” said a senior police officer.

According to Special Commissioner of Police Sundari Nanda, this module was active for last two years and every month around 20 to 25 Rohingya Muslims were sold in the Middle East countries for Rs 2 lakhs.

In a joint operation with West Bengal and Hyderabad Police and Central Intelligence Agencies, the Delhi have managed to arrest five people and raids are still going on. “Raids and searches are going on to nab around 25 more accused,” said Nanda.

The officer said that they received information that a syndicate of Bangladesh Nationals is active in Delhi to facilitate Rohingya Muslims and Bangladesh Nationals to procure Indian Passports and Visa for Middle East countries. It came to notice that Shaukat Ali, a Bangladesh National, who is an active member of this syndicate operating from South Delhi, is the kingpin of this syndicate’s module in Delhi. This syndicate has modules in Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bangladesh.

Ali was in touch with Noor-ul-Haq, who had facilitated terrorists with forged Indian passports and Visa to Middle East countries and recently arrested by Hyderabad Police. Noorul- Haq is accused of sending India based terrorists of Huji terror outfit to join ISIS. Hafij Sheikh, another associate of Ali, was arrested by Kolkata Police for trafficking terrorists to Middle East countries.

During interrogation police found that the Bangladesh counterpart used to send photographs, names of the applicants, parentage and date of birth to Ali. Ali forwarded these details to his associate Sheikh and Iman Chowdhury, both residents of Kolkata. Sheikh and Chowdhury used to procure some Indian Passports and alter the details of passport holder with that of Bangladeshi National or Rohingya Muslim. After doing necessary changes they used to send the Indian Passports through courier, in the name of kingpin Ali. Thereafter Ali used to collect the consignment of passports.

After collecting these passports Ali sent these passports to his associate Saddam Hussain to get Saudi Arabian Visa on these passports.
Saddam passed on the passports to Ibne Sultan and he Sultan used to get multiple entry VISA on the forged passports given by Saddam from the Saudi Arabian Embassy.

They then sent these passports illegally to Bangladesh through their associate Amit Bodh Jha, a courier operator.

This way, more than 20 persons per month are being sent to the Middle East. The syndicate used to transfer money through Hawala operatives in Old Delhi and Suleman used to collect money from these hawala operatives on behalf of Ali. Ali used to charge Rs 1.5 lakh to 2 lakhs on each passport, which was shared with the other members.