Date: 19/01/2016

Letter to UKIP, England.
Thank you for your e-mail. I noticed the one-sided approach in the leaflet published by those who wish UK to stay in EU.

To me the biggest worry with staying in EU is the certain inrush of the wild and savage hordes from the Islamic State, some of whom are already guests of Ms Merkel in Germany.

Tomorrow they will get their wives and dependents and swell the number from one million to TEN MILLION. Then many will head for UK to be with relatives and friends, some bogus, and increase manifold the size of "SECOND NATION" in the UK with their own Islamic PARLIAMENT and SHARIA LAW courts, and do what they are doing in Sweden and Germany. Later, with further rapid rise in numbers, they will do here what they are doing to the YAZIDIS, Christians, Jews and (any odd, still surviving) Hindu in Syria, the Ahmediyas in Pakistan and the school girls in Rochdale, England and Northern Nigeria.

Their “Geneva Convention” is the opposite of ours, outright murder (Lee Rigby) and BEHEADING (Alan Henning in Syria and Daniel Pearl in Karachi), not to forget half a million non Muslims slaughtered in Noakhali (1946) and TWO MILLION more in West Punjab (1947).

Would our small and civilised England invite, among the multitudes, such callous “predators” (“beasts in human form”) who can be let in so easily, but CANNOT BE FORCED OUT by any power on earth?

Do we want the PARTITION of Great Britain, too, having learnt NOTHING from the Partition of India?

Shockingly and regrettably, there is so little understanding of real Islam in Europe, especially among the young people. People have forgotten that it took SEVEN CENTURIES to drive Islam and Koran out from Spain and Greece the last time they had thrust themselves in from Turkey and North Africa. The next time it will be the confused CHRISTIANS, lacking conviction, who will be ENSLAVED and then driven like the cattle.

The climax of Christian evolution is space travel. The climax of Islamic evolution is the DAESH (Isil). Therefore, after setting aside suicidal “political correctness”, and using one’s own head, every man, woman and child in EU should know where we will end if we let in more Muslims. Old Churches, grand mansions, cinemas and theatres, museums, statues of saints and heroes, and all the carefully preserved ancient buildings will be smashed or plundered in defiance of world opinion, in order to demonstrate manliness of the macho misogynist Muslims.

Message for those ignorant mollycoddled dogooders who wish to invite Muslim migrants out of misplaced kindness of heart like Merkel, “Please spend a couple of days on a beach in Tunisia or visit Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, even Daesh for a few days to see the Islamic “way of life” that is so keen to land here in our midst.


PS:; What should Partitioned India do now with all her menacing restless Muslims?
"Militarise the Hindus. That could NOT be done before 1947 due to foreign rule. Enable the Hindus to live in their own homes- from South Kashmir to West Bengal and from Assam to Kerala, with safety and DIGNITY without fearing for their lives and daughters.