Date: 20/01/2016

Eight agonising questions

Esteemed readers,

Eight agonising questions have been on my mind like bleeding ulcers since 1947. Despite all the study and research over decades I have not been able to find the answers.

Hence I ask everyone on this esteemed Discussion List to kindly enlighten me with your views, or provide the answers.

Here are the questions:-

1. Why was one third of India surrendered to the �home grown� terrorists and Islamic bullies so promptly, and without even a single condition? Why was our utmost vital universal principle of SECULARISM �dumped & discarded� so quickly?

2. Why was the Government of the newly established ISLAMIC Pakistan never approached to take effective measures to stop the massacres, abduction and rape of the Hindus, and the plunder of their properties?

3. Why was the brave Indian Army ordered to stop advancing in Kashmir when they were successfully crushing the enemy resistance and advancing steadily to recover every inch of the remaining territory?

4. Why couldn�t a HINDU constitutional expert, or scholar, be found to undertake the writing of the Constitution for Hindusthan after vast territories to the East and West had a fundamentalist ISLAMIC constitution imposed on them?

5. Why were ALL the Muslims living in India, from Kerala in the South to Kashmir in the North, allowed to leave freely for the newly established Islamic State of Pakistan?

6. Why were two cities in particular- Sri Nankana Sahib, the Janmasthan of Guru Nanak Devji, and Lahore with 75% NON Muslim population in it, surrendered to the enemy?

7. Why NOTHING was done on official level in Bharat to insist on the discovery and repatriation of each and every abducted Hindu/Sikh girl and woman to Bharat?

8. Why is there NO memorial raised to commemorate the memory of all the Non Muslims who were massacred, mutilated, abducted and raped in East Bengal (especially, Noakhali district during August 1946) and in West Punjab (throughout 1947)?

I wish to thank everyone in advance.


19 December 2015.


Wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016.