Date: 22/01/2016

An e-mail

Dear Fellow Bharatiya,

I am amazed to read about liberal Karan Johar, a famous producer, director and actor in Bollywood. I am still thinking this sounds too good to be true. Would you please verify and confirm that news reported is accurate, pleas do.

January 22, 2016

Karan Johar�s right; There is Intolerance Against HINDUS in India
January 22, 2016

Recently, Karan Johar joined the bandwagon of people saying that India is not a tolerant country. He mentioned that there is no freedom of speech in the country and I agree with that. In fact, there is no freedom to pursue one�s own religion in the country, especially if you are a Hindu. And if a Hindu is raped by the special community, forced to convert or even killed, no one raises their voice. No one returns their awards or even visits the victims. It seems that if a person is not a Muslim or a Dalit, his life has no value.

I know that many of you would not agree with me on this. Hence, I bring proof:

1) Nun vs. Techie
Last year, a nun was raped in West Bengal. Media went on an outrage because the nun was believed to have been raped by criminals belonging to Hindu religion. There were intense debates and Hindus were made to feel guilty about it until the truth came out. The truth was that the rape was done by Muslims, that too Bangladeshis who were residing in India illegally (Media ignores this problem). Now, there was nothing the media could do except hop on to another story against Modi.

Let�s look at another rape case now. This happened recently in Hyderabad.A Muslim man kidnapped a Hindu girl and raped her for 5 days in order to shame her into converting to Islam. This is a common occurrence in Pakistan and West Bengal Muslim dominated districts but this was unheard of in other parts of India. This is a very big crime.

It involves KIDNAPPING, RAPE & TORTURE for 5 days and use of FORCE to convert to Islam. You would expect this to make bigger headlines in national TV media. Did it? No. It was ignored. Just think of the outcry if the rapist was Hindu and victim was Muslim.

2) Suicide vs. Burnt to Death
A suicide of a student who was thought to be Dalit gained national headlines as Arvind Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi, Nitish Kumar and others thought this could bring them additional dalit votes. The student had written a suicide note which would mean that he was not forced to commit suicide. He had also been violent against members of ABVP before. He was not mentally stable and was radicalised. But, he would bring Dalit votes to some leaders and the news has been in headlines since.

In around the same timeframe, 3 Muslims burnt to death a Hindu Dalit boy because he was a Hindu. He was a Dalit too. But the media completely ignored this crime. I guess because it was a crime against Hindus because the person was a Hindu. There�s no other explanation.

3) Dadri vs. Mangalore
Dadri case, where an old man, was killed by a lunatic mob as he was allegedly thought to be storing beef gained headlines. This news may have led to BJP loss in Bihar. It was one of the most discussed news items on social media for days. Why? Because Hindus killed a Muslim.

Let�s look now at the case of Prashant Poojary. Poojary, a 29 year old flower seller and member of Bajrang Dal, was stabbed with blade by six assailants on 9 October 2015 at about 7.00 am IST. As of 29 October 2015, ten people have been arrested in connection with the attack, allegedly motivated by Poojary�s activism against the slaughter of cows, which is illegal locally and breaches the traditional taboo against cattle slaughter in India. One suspect Mohammad Imtiaz Gantalkatte was arrested from Mumbai airport as he was attempting to flee India for Dubai.

But, was it highlighted in TV media? No. Why? Because a Hindu was killed by Muslims. Rajdeep Sardesai even went ahead and justified his death by saying that he was a member of Bajrang Dal and hence, his death shouldn�t be covered.

4) Muslims raping Hindu women in Muzaffarnagar
The muzaffarnagar riots that happened in 2013 started with the issue of Muslim men teasing Hindu girls and some Muslim criminals even raping Hindu women in the locality time and again. The issue heated up further when politicians as high as Azam Khan kept protecting the criminals time and again. This lead to riots.

Now, the issue is heating again with at least 2 similar rapes coming to light.In one case, the 40 year old woman, a mother of three, even committed suicide after the goons circulated the video of her rape on social media. But did it make news headlines? You tell me.

So yes, in conclusion, I do believe that India is intolerant. It is intolerant towards Hindus living in the country and they have no freedom of speech. They are being persecuted, raped, killed with freedom and no one highlights the issue. LUCKILY, the police system still works in states other than those ruled by �Secular� governments.