Date: 22/01/2016

Re: VIDEO: Jayda Fransen on migrant sex attacks
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Dear Britain First,

Thank you for your e-mail (below)NOT GIVEN.
I share your serious concern about the arrival of such a large number of Muslim migrants poised to arrive in this peaceful country. I wish to respond by expressing my concern over the negative impact this will have in this country directly and indirectly - and immediately and in the long run.

One is amazed at the stupidity of world's most intelligent people, that is, the MEP's at EU in Brussels who are trying to dictate to member States to open their gates to these MUSLIM migrants.

The bloody Partition of India made me think as early as late 1940’s about the consequences of a civilised country having a large (and increasing) Muslim minority.

For decades, if not centuries, men of intelligence have been watching the Muslims “BREED LIKE RABBITS”. (No exaggeration!). The end result could have been foreseen long ago even by a dimwit, that if the population increases too much and too rapidly in any country then there will either be civil war to control numbers, or EXODUS.

In India we had both. Two million innocent citizens, including women and children, were butchered in cold blood at the time of birth of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and some 15 million were forced to flee their homes.

The forecast by demographic scholars and political thinkers has come true. The world of Islam is experiencing BOTH civil war and mass exodus right now. What they inflicted on the others over the centuries has boomeranged to hit them hard!

Although it is a noble sentiment to house and feed those on the run, it will be prudent not to die by the sword of “noble sentiment”. Mahatma Gandhi carried the principle of nonviolence too far to see his land of birth broken up into three fragments violently.

We must, therefore, maintain our calm to distinguish between the previous waves, all NON MUSLIM and all SIMILAR or SAME CULTURE, and the present one of predominantly Muslim young men of fighting age and of totally different culture, mentality, political aspirations and ideological drives. Many Europeans, including Angela Merkel, mention the previous waves of refugees who found welcome in these islands. But did we ever hear the Huguenots, Jews or the persecuted gypsies from Eastern Europe ever behead a British soldier, explode bombs on coaches and buses, threaten to set fire to our Magna Carta, or seduce, groom, rape or marry a native girl in the spirit of Jehad? Let us not be so naďve or ignorant as to be regarded FOOLS by the coming generations just as the Indians now curse Gandhi and Nehru for their grovelling appeasement of Islam by surrendering one third of India to the enemy without a single condition or referendum!

In the case of present "out of touch leaders and out of control migration”, two questions need answers.

1. There are FIFTY Islamic republics where the non Muslim populations have been wiped out. (Where have all the Jews of Arabia gone? Where are all the Christians and the Yazidis of Syria? Where are all the Hindus of East Bengal, the Buddhists of Afghanistan, the Zoroastrians of Iran and the Sikhs of West Punjab? Just consider the number of Hindus in West Punjab, North Kashmir and East Bengal in 1946 and count their numbers now in 2016. One will wake up to REALITY of ISLAM and listen to Donald Trump saying, "What the Hell is going on here?" I love his innocent way of asking the serious question while seeing bloodbath and destruction all over the ISLAMIC world! THERE IS PLENTY OF SPACE IN THESE ISLAMIC LANDS FOR THESE MIGRANTS!

2. Since the teachings of their prophet Mohammed and the content of KORAN play a significant role in a Muslim’s life we need to study these closely and forecast the behaviour of these Muslim migrants in a few years’ time. Can we afford to see our cities turned into rubble like those in Syria and Iraq, and can we afford to spend more and more on de-radicalising the Muslims subjecting our own nation to "state of high alert" so frequently? Do we wish to leave the mess for our children and grandchildren to clear? It is ironic to note that WE (non resident Indians) are the grandchildren of that generation that FAILED to confront the Muslim bullies in 1947, but instead of clearing their (our ancestors') mess we have left India to live abroad! (LESSON: Don't create the Muslim mess here now.)

A little knowledge of hard core Islam will make us think and follow the maxim, “Better not let in that what cannot be forced out," and, “better be cautious than sorry!”

It is appropriate to quote an Islamic fable: “During a ferocious sand storm a Bedouin begged the owner of the tent to let him in with his camel. The kind man, the equivalent of Gandhi and Merkel, took pity on the migrant and let him in. The Bedouin soon noticed the beautiful daughter of the kind host, drew his dagger and KILLED him and took possession of the dead man’s daughter and wife!” (As per Koran!)

23 Jan 2016.