Date: 26/01/2016


It was both fascinating and informative to watch BBC�s television documentary on China this evening (9 p.m., 21 January 2016). It should be of great interest to the Indians (especially the Hindus) to see how China has gained immensely from her internal strength and being united. She has a high state of political awareness enjoyed by people and their government. The Muslim minority in the West, never mentioned even once in the documentary, is taught to be seen but NOT heard!
At the end of this impressive documentary there was only ONE question in my mind, �WHAT IS THE REASON OF CHINESE GREATNESS?� The answer struck me straightaway, �Because there are NO fanatics & Jehadis of Mohammed and NO restless zealots and relentless missionaries of Pope present in this PROUD Buddhist country!� (Hindus, please NOTE!)

I felt very sorry for my own Bharat where both the foreign based predators have not only literally killed tens of millions of Hindus, not only souls!, but one of them even committed High Treason in broad daylight by capturing one third of our sacred territory on ONE day, meeting with NO resistance or opposition- not even by the MERCENARY Indian army who could only fight brave battles for the British or attack the Sikhs and the Tamils at home!

Unlike the Chinese who have inherited no inhibition or psychological terror from their past, we Hindus constantly live under the dark shadow of Islam since we have allowed them to chase us out of Kashmir and also allowed them to �rape� our venerated Shankracharya by replacing the name by �TAKHT-I-SULEIMAN�, and earlier, rejecting Guru Tegh Bahadur for the brutal Hindu killer Aurangzeb but call it �Jenab Dr. Abdul Kalam Road� (Muslim to Muslim, for APPEASEMENT!), seeking the ENEMY�S approval even to breathe on our own territory! (Cowards only beget Contempt!)

Please note the word �Takht� in �Takht-i-Suleiman�. It means THRONE. It has strong political and imperial connotations for the servile slavish Hindu nation who are expected to REACT.
Another rival to the �throne� of Delhi? Perhaps India�s rulers already anticipate Isil�s rule over Srinagar and Delhi in the very near future? The PERSIAN-ARABIC name is also a SLAP in the face of Hindu nation, yearning, in vain, to see acceptance of Hindi or Sanskrit- in our own country!� Donald Trump would have spoken, �WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?�

We ask the silent and mute observer of Hindusthan�s downfall, the RASHTRAPATI (President of Partitioned INDIA), �Jenab-i-Aali Moorakh Ji, Why are YOU silent when the Kashmiri Hindus are protesting? Which name will please and delight your much �battered and massacred� MAJORITY community in Bharat? �SHANKARACHARYA� OR �SULEIMAN�? Go on, speak up Mr Mukherjee, Sir! And if you are not a �mongrel� secular Indian but the SUPREME COMMANDER, then rehabilitate all the soldiers of Netaji�s AZAD HINDU FAUJ who were disbanded in disgrace by �Bandit� NEHRU for the �crime� of trying to LIBERATE the coolie colony India from the British slave masters!

(Making a FOOL of all the Hindus, Nehru called Subhash Chandra Bose and his Azad Hind Fauj �traitors�! Watch this video:

And, O yes, Mr. Rashtrapati, do dump Nehru�s name and call it �GURU TEGH BAHADUR UNIVERSITY, New Delhi� (before someone suggests the name of another immaculate secular Musalmaan for this University!), if you do not wish to see your BHAWAN resemble the RUINS in Ayodhya!
I was really thrilled to see Modiji visit China, something the Evil Dynasty never did, but hoped that our new PM will delight the Chinese hearts by announcing Rs. ONE CRORE donation (same amount as sanctioned by Lok Sabha of Midgets to establish BOFORS CHOR�s �Rajiv Gandhi Foundation� in May 1991, to improve and expand the birth place of Gautama Buddha in Bharat, and INVITE the Chinese to visit their own �Prophet�s� Janmasthan in Hindusthan! I also expected the 28 States in Bharat to celebrate the �discovery� of Shri Modi and send at least 100 students to attend universities in China, instead of going to the rotten one in New Delhi named after traitor NERHU who hated Hindus and Hindusthan.

Indeed, more and more Indians should head for China, Vietnam and Thailand instead of Spain or Switzerland and come back to tell fellow citizens about the traffic discipline on Chinese roads and the cleanliness of their streets & homes.

And please watch the next serial to be broadcast next Thursday on BBC2 TV, and write your comments.
JAI HIND! (�Hind� with Khyber and Chittagong in it!)