Date: 28/01/2016


Colour photo of the smart the French army contingent taking part in the Republic Day parade in New Delhi on January 26, 2016 was, indeed, very impressive. However, in the description below the photograph we are told that the predecessor of this French unit (taking part in the parade) served in India from 1781 to 1784 and fought for Tipu Sultan against the British.

The idea of "fighting against the British" is very popular with all the AXIS Powers, controlling the destiny of Bharat today, i.e., Congress, (Nehru) Dynasty and Islam. They never mention the Hindus' struggle for survival against savage Mohammedan tyrants and "beasts" who killed (even infants), converted (hundreds of millions) and raped (millions of) their Hindu subjects for centuries before the arrival of the British in Hindusthan.

Tipu Sultan, as the world knows, was a tyrant who slaughtered the natives of our Hindusthan like the sheep. goats and cows at Eid. Yet the ruling establishment of Partitioned Indian Secular State thought it a great idea to appease the ever hostile Muslim minority by mentioning Tipu Sultan taking on the British Indian forces at the time.

INFERIORIY COMPLEX and the irrepressible drive of HINDUS to APPEASE ISLAM has penetrated down to the bone marrow of Hindu nation.

Ironically, the French suffered a crushing defeat and very soon “evaporated” from the subcontinent, leaving the field to the British LION who fought wars with wisdom under the motto “TAM MARTE QUAM MINERVA” and ruled Hindusthan with firm hand for another two centuries.

How nice and sagacious it would have been to publish the photograph of a SIKH army unit marching in the parade whose previous incarnation captured the Khyber Pass. The nation would have liked the victory mentioned instead of the defeat of Tipu and his French allies.

It is the SAME inferiority complex that makes the Hindu nation put an ITALIAN above the INDIAN and tolerates the bitter anti Hindu (pro Islam) chief minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee!

We thought our Modiji had become a warrior (“lion”) from a bunya (“goat”). And we also thought that among the choreographers of the entire parade there would be at least ONE army contingent that would have excluded the mention of defeat and rout but included victory and capture of land by an indigenous (Bharatiya) army.


28 Jan 16.

PS: According to Wikipedia, “Tipu, who was an ANTI HINDU tyrant who used his French trained army against the Marathas.