Date: 01/02/2016


Here are the highlights of the Urdu Press Review of the India Policy Foundation for the period, January 1-15, 2016. First,


The Congress joined hands with communal organizations like Jamate Islami in the recently held elections of All India Muslim Majlis Mushawarat (AIMMM). The newly elected president Hamid Naved is a true Congressman. Campaign for his election was actively done by some of the big Congress leaders including Ahmed Patel—political secretary to the Congress president Sonia Gandhi -- and Salman Khursid along with All India Muslim Majlis Mushawarat leaders. Around 18 Muslim organizations were brought on one platform in 1964 with the efforts of Jamate Islami and then also its president was elected a Congress leader and former External Affairs minister Dr Syed Mehmood. It is interesting that the Congress also captured All India Muslim Personal Law Board and a Congressman was elected as its new general secretary who is Maulana Wali Rahmani from Munger.

Minister in the Samajwadi Party government in Uttar Pradesh, Ompal Nehra’s advice to Muslims to participate in building Ram Temple, cost very dear to him. He suggested Muslims that if they want to show solidarity with Muslims, they must relinquish claim over the mosques built near religious places in Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi and must cooperate with Muslims to rebuild temples. His suggestion was neither liked by the Samajwadi Party nor UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav. He was removed from the ministry under pressure from the Muslims immediately after his statement came into media.

BJP MPs demanded in the Lok Sabha that Bhagavad Gita should be given status of National Book. This demand was not liked by radical Muslims and they started openly opposing it. Urdu newspapers are running a campaign against it. It is good to know that the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has great faith in Bhagavad Gita. He told reporters recently that he was a regular reader of Bhagavad Gita and it had changed life and the meaning of his life. He said recently that Bhagavad Gita was not the book of any particular religion but it was for humanity. But the problem is that radicals in India are not in agreement with Erdogan.

Controversy over celebrating birthday of Hazrat Muhammad Saheb failed to die down. Celebrating birthday, organizing procession or throwing lunch on the occasion of birthday of the prophet of Islam is banned. Defying this ban is punishable offence and several Muslims have been jailed for this crime. Even India is not free from such controversies. Deobandi Imam of the Jama mosque namely Rampur Mufti Mahmood Ali Qadri issued a fatwa saying organizing julus Mohammadi and participating in it is sin as per Islam. But it was opposed by Ulemas of Barelvi sect and alleged that Jama mosque of Rampur is captured by Wahhabies. Therefore it is very important to get this mosque free from Wahhabies.



I. Congress captures Muslim Majlis Mushawarat

II. Reservation to Muslims demanded in Maharashtra

III. Muslims showcase model of ‘Babri mosque’

IV. Urdu media bitterly criticized United India

V. Fatwa against Patanjali products

VI. Bhagavad Gita opposed


I. Celebrating Christmas banned

II. Oldest manuscript of Quran confirmed

III. Mosque closed in Germany

Western Asia

• Iran snapped diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia


I. Controversy over procession on prophet

II. Cemeteries being occupied

III. Non-Muslim beaten up for keeping Quran

IV. Controversy over beard


Congress captures Muslim Majlis Mushawarat

According to Hamara Samaj (January 8, 2016), Naved Hamid has been elected as the new president of All India Muslim Majlis Mushawarat. According to the newspaper, election of Majlis is important because the environment of the country is against Muslims and they are being neglected in every front. The country is being ruled by such a political party that has been anti-Muslim. This is the reason that the Modi government is conspiring against Muslims and attitude of other political parties has not been very encouraging. Most of the Muslim organizations are on papers only or captured by handful people. In such a scenario Majlis is the only organization that genuinely raises issues of Muslims.

According to Akhbar Mashriq (January 7, 2016), Syed Mansoor Agha commented on AIMMM election said that the new president was inclined towards the Congress. Earlier Dr Syed Mehmood and Mufti Atiq ur Rehman had also been associated with the Congress. It is said about Shahabuddin that he was brought into politics by Vajpayeeji and he tried to help the BJP. There are several allegations against the new president. The author expressed hope that this organization was representative of Muslims in true sense.

Reservation to Muslims demanded in Maharashtra

Urdu Times on December 17 reported in the main news with the hadline – Reservation to Muslims at any cost. Pictures of seven Muslim MLAs, minority affairs minister of Maharashtra Eknath Khadse and chief minister Devendra Fadnavis were published. Muslim MLAs in Maharashtra Assembly belonging to all political parties are demanding reservation. They are saying that social and economic development of Muslims is not possible unless they are given reservation.

Hindustan Express on December 17 reported that the Maharashtra government refused to give 5 per cent reservation to Muslims. He said that the Congress and NCP presented a proposal in the Assembly for reservation to Muslims and the government assured seeking legal advice on this but no legal advice had been sought. Congress members alleged that the BJP government was not ready to give reservation to Muslims for its communal outlook. He said that the government must reconsider this issue.

Roznama Rashtriya Sahara in its editorial on December 18 criticized the decision of the Maharashtra government by saying that previous Congress government announced to give 5 per cent reservation to Muslims in jobs and educational institution but the BJP government cancelled it. The decision of the government has been challenged in the High Court on that it was ruled by the HC. The newspaper claimed that the Maharashtra government was absolutely wrong. All the commissions made by the government supported reservation to Muslims. The newspaper demanded reservation to Muslims must be implemented.

Urdu Times on December 16 reported that the Congress MLA Asif Rashid Sheikh demanded in the house to issue ordinance on Muslim reservation. He complained that officials refused to give certificate to Dalit Muslims so they were unable to get benefit of reservation.

Muslims showcase model of ‘Babri mosque’

Inquilab on December 27 reported that Faizabad police registered a case against shouting inflammatory slogan on milad-un- nabi by taking procession of model of Babri mosque. Inspector of police station Ramjanmabhoomi Narendra Singh registered case against Noorani Committee chief Mohammad Shahdab and vice president Irshad and Iqbal. They are alleged to be spreading enmity. Senior Superintendent of Police Mohit Gupta said that no one would be allowed to cause disturbance. This is to recall that on December 23 model of Babri mosque was kept outside house of Hasim Ansari. Later on the police got it removed but a few people opposed it and shouted slogan against it.

Urdu media bitterly criticized United India

Interview of General Secretary of Bharatiya Janata Party Ram Madhav on unity of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh was vehemently opposed by Urdu newspapers. According to Weekly Nai Dunia (January 11), Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has once again started dreaming undivided India. The Newspaper wrote that the way uproar was caused on this Ram Madav had to withdraw his statement.

Sahafat on January 1, 2016 called it a dream of crazy man. The newspaper said that the RSS general secretary’s statement was influenced by the RSS. Generally it was said that RSS was a cultural organization and it did not have anything to do with politics but statement of Madhav exposed it. Everyone knows that the BJP is political wing of the RSS and takes guidelines from it.

Bhagavad Gita opposed

Roznama Rashtriya Sahara on December 23 criticized keeping Bhagavad Gita copies in school library. The newspaper wrote in its editorial that education minister of Rajasthan Vasudev Devnani instructed keeping holy book Bhagavad Gita in the library of every junior high school. No Indian can doubt about spirituality of Gita but India is a secular nation and in a secular nation thrusting holy book of any particular religion is illegal. Ever since the BJP government took over in Delhi the party people are moving towards making India a Hindu nation.

Roznama Rashtriya Sahara in its January 9 issue published a write up of secretary of Jamiat Ulama e Hind Maulana Abdul Hamid Naumani in which declaring Bhagavad Gita a national book was opposed.

Celebrating Christmas banned

Munsif on December 24 reported that the richest state in the world Brunei banned celebrating Christmas and if any Muslim was found celebrating Christmas he would be sentenced for five years. According to King of Brunei, this step was taken to curb activities of Christian missionaries.

Mosque closed in Germany

Munsif on December 18 reported that police raided mosque in Stuttgart city of Germany and it was closed for supporting IS. A Muslim organization was also raided and both of them were sealed. Home minister Rahin Hardiga told reporter that Germany would not tolerate any Islamic terrorist organization. He alleged that some of the Islamic organization are raising fund for propagating terror. He said that the mosque and Islamic centre was closed on the government order.

Non-Muslim beaten up for keeping Quran

Urdu Times on December 22 reported that in Malegaon a crowd of Muslim beaten up a non-Muslim. It was said that the person was going somewhere with a Quran on his bicycle at night. He was followed by one Mohammad Rafiq after that a Muslim crowd surrounded him and started inquiring. Meanwhile some people started shouting that he had desecrated Holy Quran. He was beaten up and his bicycle was broken. Later on this old man was saved from the crowd by the police and he was admitted in a local hospital.

Controversy over beard

Inquilab on December 31 reported that instruction by a teacher in an intermediate collage in Hapur infuriated Muslims. They submitted a memorandum to district magistrate to take action against this teacher. As per the memorandum submitted to the DM, Mohammad Anees son of one Nijamuddin is a student of class 12 in an inter collage. His teacher instructed to shave his beards and if he was not ready for it better he take admission in a madarsa. After this information reached Muslims, they got infuriated and blocked a road. Muslims alleged after a meeting that keeping beard was necessary in Islam. Kazi of the city Mohammad Asgar alleged that saffronisation of education was being done and campaign was unleashed against Muslims. This will not be tolerated at any cost. ADM Harish Chandra assured Muslims that this matter would be investigated and guilty will be booked. Principal also said that investigation was being done.


The Jamaat-e-Islami’s Daawat, in its main frontpage commentary on January 10, writes: “The history of conflict between the Arabs and Persians is very old… Following the advent of Islam, this gulf had ended to a large extent. But as soon as there was the emergence of Shiaism, the gulf reappeared… and got widened… There’s now a danger of a civil war between the Shia and Sunni populations of the region, leading to the success of the strategy of the West and Israel to pit Muslims against each other and weaken them.”