Date: 03/02/2016

Islamic State Sympathizer Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath’s (TNTJ) declares an end of non-Islamic faiths in India.

This is most dangerous development, these Moslems, call them radical or what ever, want to prevent same freedom of worship to Hindus while enjoying all the privileges and more for themselves including calling for destruction of all other modes of worship they do not approve. Yet the 'learned judges ' cannot take cognizance. So also eminent seculars appear to be very quiet with a deafening silence. For far less Shiva Sena leader late Bal Thakrey was stripped of his rights as citizen.

There is no ambiguity here, what these Moslems in Tamil Nadu are going is not dissimilar to Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, in fact the success of Islamic State in establishing a state for themselves with tacit cooperation of Turkey and other Sunni States is encouraging similar movements all over the world with varying degrees. Also the lessons of successful invasion of Europe peacefully through migration are not lost but imbibed by radical Islamists in India and are being implemented in West Bengal already now spreading to Tamil Nadu.

Even if the usual suspects remain like the three monkeys in the fable, it is important nationalist and patriotic forces wake up before this menace becomes unmanageable with the help of another already established long standing Islamic State, Pakistan. First it was Kashmir , now the genocidal mania has spread to Tamil Nadu covering length and breadth of India. The solution does not lie in reservations and quotas but in applying already existing laws against hate speeches. What is more hateful than calling for destruction of places of worship of Hindus in India ?
Do they have no rights because they are majority in a 'secular India' ? Like in W Bengal, perhaps vote bank considerations are preventing any action against such divisive and destructive movements in Tamil Nadu also.

At present , organized patriotic forces, Hindus and all others assembling in protest in even greater strength not only in Trichy but in all major and minor towns can put a damper on the budding Islamic State movement in Tamil Nadu.This in turn may stimulate slumbering State Government to wake up and take action against this
Islamic State Sympathizer Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath’s (TNTJ). Also there is nothing to prevent Central government from coming in the nip in bud the mischief when it poses a threat to nation's integrity.