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Feb. 18, 2016

Promulgate governor�s rule

In view of an undeclared legislative crisis in the process of Govt. formation brought about by PDP, a terrorist and separatist organization, the President of India exercising his constitutional authority must promulgate governors� rule in J&K and dissolve the state legislature forthwith. Simultaneously the Governor should undertake new delimitation of constituencies in order to undo the disastrous effects of the massive gerrymandering used by the previous Muslim regimes to deny the legitimate representation to the non-Muslims and other minorities and only then take measures for holding new elections in the state. Without redrawing new legislative constituencies above and beyond the communal influences the new legislature will lack legitimacy and democratic character. This was stated by several major Indo-American and American organizations in a joint statement expressing their serious concern about the rapidly deteriorating situation in Kashmir, the only Muslim majority and turbulent state in India�s north.

Re-draw Legislative Constituencies

Abolish Article 370

Repeal System of State Subject Certificates

Bring Kashmir under Indian Constitution

These Indo-American and US organizations further asked that in the absence of the State constitution assembly the governor should be given special powers to establish a �Constitution Commission� composed of all stake holders in the state namely Sunnis, Dogras, Pandits, Buddhists, Sikhs, Shias, Gujjars, Bakarwals and others to examine the desirability and lack of necessity of having: a) separate constitution for the J&K State and, b) having the temporary Article 370 in the Indian Constitution giving special status to this state as against the rest of the Indian states and Union Territories. This commission must also look into the need and desirability of continuing to keep in tact the method of State Subject hood which denies equality to all Indian citizens particularly when Kashmiris enjoy all the rights as Indian citizens in the rest of the country. It must also formulate and recommend ways and means of extending the jurisdiction of the national constitution throughout the length and breadth of J&K as in other parts of the country.

Get rid of Temporary Article 370

The Indian Prime ministerial candidate Sh. Narendra Modi himself had correctly raised the issue of debating the merits and de-merits of the Article 370 before his election. However, after the election the issue has been assigned to the back burner. So much so, that this issue was declared untouchable during the formation of a �Joint Agenda� for the coalition govt. between BJP and PDP. It may be recalled that this provision was added to the Indian Constitution as a temporary Article on the premise that in time its need and usefulness will run out so it will die a natural death. There was no suggestion or indication to let it remain in the national law forever. The law minister of those early days of free India, Dr. Ambedkar, had tooth and nail opposed the inclusion of this provision in to the constitution. Now the political pundits are using it as an instrument of building walls of separation between New Delhi and Srinagar thus its constructive role, if any, has ended. This disintegrative provision of the Indian Constitution must be abrogated to squeeze the life out of the separatist, Islamist and militant movements and to bring J&K at par with the rest of the country.

Restore State Rights of Indian Citizens

The State Governor should be given powers to issue Special Ordinances for restoring the citizenship rights of a million people who crossed over in to J&K from PoK during the genocidal campaign, by Islamists of Pakistan in 1947 and beyond, against all non-Muslims and non-Sunnis. It is a shame that these people have been living in the state for nearly seven decades without their legitimate rights. Contrastingly, the Kashmir State and the Indian governments have been more than generous to rehabilitate, resettle and reward the illegal Muslim infiltrators from Pok, Pak, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Tibet, India, Bangladesh, Burma and Thailand. Their rights, aid and official patronages were granted in an accelerated manner. But the non-Muslim victims of Pakistan�s two nation theory, genocide and ethnic cleansing have been living in the largest democracy in the world without the rights of the state they live in. This irony should have been corrected decades ago but not so in the only Muslim majority state of India. Their fault is that they don�t belong to the brand of religion acceptable to the Sunni rulers of the state.

Abolish Jaziya tax on Hindu pilgrimages

Recover & Reconstruct Destroyed Hindu Temples

In direct violation of the aspirations and wishes of the nation, the Islamic regimes of the state have imposed Jaziya tax on the pilgrimage to the Hindu temples and Teerthistans, especially on the world famous Vaishnav Devi and Shri Amarnath Cave. This discriminatory policy is used only for Hindu shrines. While hiding under the cover of secularism this loot via Jaziya is recognized as legitimate income of the state. This fundamentally anti-Hindu policy of using Hindu Gods and Goddesses as the work horses of the Islamic State cuts at the very roots of �freedom of religion� guaranteed by the Indian Constitution. On the other hand not even once has Mohammad of Arabia been used as a work horse to serve and benefit Hindu causes. Therefore, this unconscionable and discriminatory Jaziya tax must be abolished and taxes collected thus far must be returned with interest to the temple managements run by Hindus.

During the crusade of Islamization unleashed by the Islamists from 1989 onwards nearly 250 large and small Hindu temples were looted, desecrated, razed to the ground or converted in to Mosques. These temples must be recovered, reconstructed and their properties taken from illegal occupiers. The state must pay for the reconstruction of these temples as was done in the case of Cherar-e-Sharif when it was destroyed by the Muslim terrorists.

Defeat & Reverse Name Change Conspiracy

The Islamic regimes of J&K have actively participated in Islamizing the names of villages, towns, cities, conspicuous and historic places and the locations of the Hindu temples. The campaign of changing the names had just one purpose behind it, i.e., to remove all traces of Kashmir�s Hindu past. Such conversion on communal, anti-Hindu and anti-India basis should have no place in Hindu majority India. Therefore, the state Governor using his special powers should reverse the �name change conspiracy� of Islamists and restore the traditional names of all such places.

Foreign Agents �Quite Kashmir�

Finally, Governors� regime must take firm action against all foreign agents imbedded in the Kashmiri society. This should include Kashmiris working as foreign agents as well. According to unimpeachable sources the Sunni society of J&K is infested with foreign agents from Islamic countries and some western states which are essentially unfriendly towards India and Hindus. These agents have taken cover in most of the Sunni organizations based in the valley including the mosques, Madrasas, some healthcare dispensaries, schools, colleges, news media and universities. In the recent past Saudi Arabia had allocated some $35/- billion for the construction of mosques and allied institutions in this region. To clean up the valley from this Islamic cancer the Governor must give such agents 30 days notice to leave Kashmir or face consequences including imprisonment. Their mission in Kashmir is and has been to maintain and promote conditions of instability, volatility and conflicts that can enhance the presence of IS, ISIS and Al Qaeda to the detriment of J&K, India and the Hindu civilization. India must learn lessons from the bloody Islamization of her neighboring countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh and take firm and impenetrable measures for defeating the publicly declared Al Qaeda mission to convert it into a �Nizam-e-Mustafa�.


This war in defense of Hindu Civilization must be initiated with the clean up process in Kashmir which is currently being used as the epicenter of Islamization and national HQ for organizing and executing subversions in all parts of the country. The latest evidence of these anti-India, anti-Hindu and Jihadi turbulences with Kashmiri linkage has already come from the Islamist explosions at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and the University of Pondicherry. In the interests of national security and communal harmony these institutions be placed under the lock and key till their administrations, faculties and student bodies are thoroughly restructured, screened, reformed and brought at par with the academic and national interest of the country. In view of the massive abuse of the educational institutions by the subversive and anti-national forces all nationally and state funded institutions should be investigated, screened and warned against engaging in anti-national, communal and foreign inspired activities the statement concluded.

India Heritage Foundation, USA; Dr. ARUN Kumar, Chairman ;

Hindu Maha Sabha of America G. Gaikwad Genl. Secy.

Brd of Directors (Dilip Mehta, Rajiv Verma, Shourie Bannai)

Dr. R.V. Reddy Consultant United Nations Agencies

Hindu Front of America

American-Indian Intellectual Forum (West Coast)

Diversity-USA Chairman, Dr. Jagan Kaul

Panun Kashmir USA

Panun Kashmir International Chair � Dr. Anil Kaul

Indo-American Association, Oregon