Kargil war and the JNU students Union

Date: 20/02/2016

Kargil war the JNU students Union

Publication: Intellibriefs.blogspot.in
Date: May 20, 2005

URL: http://intellibriefs.blogspot.in/2005/05/kargil-war-jnu-students-union.html?m=1

In 1999, right in the middle of the Kargil war the JNU students Union arranged an Indo-Pak Mushaira. Three brothers Major K.K.Sharma, Major L.K.Sharma -- and Dr Sharad Sharma asked and received admission to the event so that they may witness the perspectives of the "honored" Pakistani guests.

As the event proceeded at 10 PM, the three were at first shocked and then grew increasingly outraged at the outright India-bashing that was taking place in their presence, but even though they were seething at all the anti-national rhetoric, these gentlemen kept a tight leash on their tempers in the interests of free speech. About an hour later, it was the turn of poetess Fahmida Riyaz, from Pakistan who began her recital with an insulting barrage of verses about how India's decision to go nuclear was the result of a "fundamentalist and self-destructive" policy .

This was a little too much to stomach for the Sharma brothers, who had seen plenty of their brave and courageous friends and relatives being butchered to smithereens in Kargil by the barbarous Jihad brigades of Islamic Pakistan. Ms. Riyaz had not a word to say about the culpability of her own beloved Pakistan in this regard. To hear Ms. Riaz characterizing India as "Fundamentalist and evil" by a woman from the very country which repeatedly thrusts brutal aggression on India in the name of Allah, was just too much to bear for these patriotic fellows. They began booing and chanting "Bharat Mata Ki Jai"

What happened next however is a shocking testament to the depravity and anti-nationalism which is being bred in the JNU environment. Instead of joining in and taking offense at this insult to India, the JNU students instead turned upon the Sharma brothers and began beating up the very Army men who have sacrificed their all to defend India and the freedom that Indian democracy represents. In a desperate attempt to defend themselves, one of the Majors took out his pistol and fired a warning shot into the air. Some of the onlookers later admitted that the Pakistani poets on stage were cursing and insulting the three brave brothers in the most derogatory and obscene language. Some even mocked them saying that they were "Hindu Hijras". The Sharma brothers even as they were being attacked by the mob, had the guts to answer back and remind the Pakistanis about exactly which side acted like Hijras during Kargil.