Date: 24/02/2016

Dear Friends,
Please see what is happening to Hindus in separated parts of India now called Pakistan,
and Bangladesh, especially in view of latest incident in Bangladesh where beheadings began much like in Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Just few days back a Hindu businessman 45 years of age was beheaded. Now it is a Hindu priest.

It is said ' genocide is responsibility of entire world' . Though many times world failed to live up to this maxim, still the it is valid to day as it was in 15 the and earlier centuries when natives, their religions, their culture and civilizations were wiped out continent. Most of those descending from aggressor category do acknowledge the culpability of their ancestors. President Clinton did in case of native American Indians , and Pope also apologized to native American Indians in South America for what his Catholic Church has committed against them. However in case of India, let alone apologies , even acknowledgements are not forth coming either from Pope or his Church for inquisition in Goa. Similar is the case with even more egregious , longer lasting genocide of Hindus, a process that is still under way as the news reports indicate, by Islamic aggression .

Consider this. There are only 25 countries in the world with a population of near 50 million. Suppose one of those is completely wiped out from face of earth will all 50 million eliminated, surely there would be some noise made from United Nations to various sundry Human rights outfits. But that is not the case when it comes to Hindus. Since partition of India in 1947 from both wings of Pakistan to date more than 60 Million Hindus were eliminated, cleansed out . Even now atrocities continue against handful of few still left.

The fault for this ignorance does not lie with heavens or starts but squarely in the lap of various rulers of India to date from that fateful day of August 15th 1947. The position of authority in any country is called Bully Pulpit because voice, statement made from that place will be heard world wide. No Prime Minister of India chose to highlight on going genocide of Hindus in Islamic State of Pakistan, or at present in two Pakistans. Though names are two, the conduct of both Islamic states on both sides of India is same, so is the philosophy and mindset of its majority. Instead for a long time it was a taboo for Indian diplomats to mention Pakistan by name when speaking about either border violation or human right violations. When it comes to Bangladesh the issue is not even raised.

E Pakistan, now Bangladesh had at least 46 million Hindus , largest number outside India at the time, in 1947. Now hardly a million are left. Those who fled , sheltered in camps in W Bengal are treated with contempt by secular regimes that state was cursed with even to date. In fact the same phenomena, abductions, killings of Hindus spilled over to W Bengal too due mainly to vote bank politics.

As if these are not enough there is a supporting cast all over India for ongoing Jihad against helpless Hindus.

They include eminent journalists, historians in India who have taken up the job of providing excuses, apologia regardless of how gruesome the attacks on Hindus both in the past history and present history. Forget about all the temples destroyed, the numbers of sacred threads collected at times weighing more than 200 pounds off Kashmir Brahmins by secular favorite, Aurangazeb whose name adorned a main thoroughfare in Delhi, the eminences told us we must only remember few grants he made to the temples and even fewer instances when he stopped destroying temples and Brahmins. As you know what Aurangazeb did not complete, it came to that in 'secular' India. Nearly 30000 killed and 300000 driven out, cleansing of Kashmir ( on India's side) was completed . Of course from Pakistan side of same state the process was done with and over in 1947-48 itself.
The gruesome news of atrocities perpetrated on Kashmir pundits to abandon their ancestral homes were completely covered up , omitted from any front page in so called main stream media. Instead a secular journalist came told the world that Hindus of Kashmir were made to leave because then Governor of J&K, Jagmohan told them to leave , to make peace loving Moslem extremists in Kashmir look bad.

This line was peddled world wide and had many believers , however the cover got blown up with lot of blood flowing down the streets of New York to Mumbai, all over Europe since then. Please note in those days there was no ISIS.

ISIS and its videos now showed to the whole world what is in store for non-Moslems under their dominance.

Meanwhile our secular elite appears to be lying low. But given the time surely like they did with messy history of medieval India under likes of Tughlaks or Alamgirs, they will surely come up with virtues of present day Islamic states- such as they uplifted lower castes suppressed by Brahmins( so forget about beheading of priest in Bangladesh yesterday) .

India always had collaborators who supported India's enemies, who opened doors for forts or temples in middle of night . Present is no exception.

Fortunately however there is increasing awareness among the majority of public with decreasing acceptance of apologia or excuses gratuitously or for a fee from ISI provided to terrorism and treason. Hence nation wide outrage against calls for destruction of India in support of Pakistan heard in JNU.

Government in the center acted with alacrity and arrested some of participants , surprisingly even so called secular news papers chose word ' traitors' to describe student protesters hailing Pakistan extending support to 'Afjhal Guruji' .

It is high time for Government of India to tell the world from their bully pulpits the sad saga of Hindus caught for no fault of their own in Islamic states on both sides of India, when the nation was divided at sword point in 1947. Please see couple of items in this regard included with this E Mail.

In absence of marriage law, Pakistani Hindus have no option but to embrace Islam
Posted: 30 Jan 2016 04:26 AM PST


There is no marriage law for the millions of Hindus living in Pakistan, a leading daily said on Friday, noting that this "legal vacuum naturally creates a multitude of issues for Pakistani Hindus, especially the women".

In a related news, Pakistan demolished an ancient Hindu temple this time at Peshawar. Pakistan's jihad campaign never ended either before or after partition. It is a continuous saga of oppression of Hindus left there and destruction of temples there which in the words of a pir of Pakistan, Aurangazeb, 'cannot flee'.

Only difference between 1947 and 2016 is , now that Hindus ran out of Pakistan, the best it can do is to demolish temples. Beheading of Hindus is picked up where Pakistan left off now a days in its erstwhile eastern wing, Bangladesh. Do see the news below to shed a tear or two. This is not an isolated incident. Just the other day among news items affecting Hindus, one incident from same Bangladesh was sent, In it you could see a Hindu lady lamenting fallen on floor when her lands were usurped right at the time of death in her family. And if we go back there is whole book on the subject by Dr. Taslima Nasreen, Lazza, detailing some such incidents even more gruesome from same Islamic republic Bangladesh.

All these outrages are unconscionable . Yet even more deplorable was silence from successive governments and main stream media (msm) in India taking pride in secularism while keeping their mouths shut when these acts are committed right next door or some times with in India itself , just how many RSS workers and other Hindus you remember hacked to pieces in towns and streets of India ?

Dr. Taslima Nasreen notes rightly in her book Lazza. In Bangladesh it is not the government but the community of Islamic fanatics who fully participate in genocide of Hindus- with abductions, forced marriages of Hindu girls into Moslem households, or beheadings like the one below. Governments in Bangladesh at best remain indifferent to the fate of Hindus, And a major political leader there advised Hindus either to leave Islamic Bangladesh or convert to Islam.

The remedy therefore should come from those who hold power and exercise authority in India who should not act so indifferently to the fate of Hindus in the Islamic states carved out of body of India as if these states are located in some other planet. Hindus were caught there for no fault of their own but due to Himalayan blunders of those they trusted and placed their fate in their hands but only to end up betrayed.

Please see what tiny, in size only, Israel but giant in protecting their flock, or punishing those who torment their fellow Jews did in case of Munich attack on their athletes.

Operation Wrath of God - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Almost a full year after Munich, Mossad believed they had ... on Palestinians to stop attacks against Israeli targets and threatened ... Operation Wrath of God ...
Government of India so far showed healthy reaction in case of JNU traitors. Hope GOI keeps the wrath intact against such elements calling for destruction of India as well as against those who are actually doing it , destroying Hindus both with in India and in separated parts of India .

It is not just Israel, but US and Russia also avenge the loss of their citizens or people of their origin anywhere in the world. Russia simply annexed Crimea when persecution of Russian origin people began there. US goes all over the world to drop precision bombs when Americans were targeted by Jihadis like late Osama bin Laden.

Both Pakistan and Bangladesh are guilty of even more heinous crimes against humanity when you consider between 1947 and 2016 more than 60 million Hindus were eliminated in these states.
United Nations for such cases, proposed a norm, Responsibility to Protect- R2P.
In the case in point, India has such responsibility since both Pakistan and Bangladesh failed to protect Hindu population with in their states.

"The Responsibility to Protect (R2P or RtoP) is a proposed norm that sovereignty is not an absolute right, and that states forfeit aspects of their sovereignty when they fail to protect their populations from mass atrocity crimes and human rights violations (namely genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and ethnic cleansing).[1][2][3]

While R2P is a proposed norm and not a law, its proponents maintain that it is based on a respect for the principles that underlie international law, especially the underlying principles of law relating to sovereignty, peace and security, human rights, and armed conflict.[4][5]

R2P provides a framework for using tools that already exist (i.e., mediation, early warning mechanisms, economic sanctions, and chapter VII powers) to prevent mass atrocities. Civil society organizations, states, regional organizations, and international institutions all have a role to play in the R2P process. The authority to employ the last resort and intervene militarily rests solely with United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

Definition[edit]Three pillars[edit]The R2P consists of three important pillars:[6]
1. The State carries the primary responsibility for the protection of populations from genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing.

2. The international community has a responsibility to assist States in fulfilling this responsibility.

3. The international community should use appropriate diplomatic, humanitarian and other peaceful means to protect populations from these crimes. If a State fails to protect its populations or is in fact the perpetrator of crimes, the international community must be prepared to take stronger measures, including the collective use of force through the UN Security Council. (emphasis mine)

ó United Nations General Assembly, 2005 World Summit Outcome[7]

Hope India mobilizes nation wide, world wide support to Hindus facing extinction in Bangladesh and Pakistan and/or takes action suo moto in coming to rescue of persecuted Hindus in these Islamic States like Israel exercised its responsibility.

What happened in Bangladesh in Feb 22,2016 is actually a part of ongoing genocide. Do see the relatively recent record of genocide of Hindus there .

Bangladesh Genocide Archive

Bangladesh Genocide Archive ... and the men holding special congregational prayersseeking Godís mercy. ... Before the beginning of the operation, ...

Finally you ask yourself, similar ghastly things were not done against Hindus in India before, during long periods of Islamic domination under various sultans, mughals ? Why do 'eminent historians' cover them up, instead tell us to applaud them for 'uplifting lower castes', or for making 'giant contributions to India' and such, which are as bogus as so called Shariat based secularism is in practice in India.

Let them cry hoarse about 'saffronization' , return their worthless awards but India should thoroughly review what is taught in schools and make amends .

This is also must be part of overall strategy to end the menace of long plaguing Islamic terrorism on India .


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ISIS decapitate a HINDU PRIEST inside his temple with a meat cleaver as he prepared for morning prayers in Bangladesh

By Simon Tomlinson for MailOnline 09:43 22 Feb 2016, updated 10:24 22 Feb 2016

Jogeswar Roy, 45, was ambushed at his home in the temple before service
Jihadis 'slit his head from the body' on the veranda, said government chief
Two worhsippers were injured including one shot as he tried to save priest
For more of the latest Islamic State news visit
A top Hindu priest was decapitated by ISIS militants inside his temple just before morning prayers in Bangladesh.

Two attackers armed with pistols and cleavers ambushed Jogeswar Roy, 45, the head priest of Sri Sri Sant Gourio Math, at his home in the temple.

Two devotees were wounded including one who was shot as he tried to save the priest in the attack in the sub-district of Debiganj on Sunday morning.

Murdered before prayers: A policeman stands guard outside a temple where a top Hindu priest was decapitated by Islamic State militants in the remote northern district of Panchagarh, Bangladesh, on Sunday

Murdered before prayers: A policeman stands guard outside a temple where a top Hindu priest was decapitated by Islamic State militants in the remote northern district of Panchagarh, Bangladesh, on Sunday

Shafiqul Islam, a government administrator, said: 'The priest was preparing for morning prayers when they pounced and slit his head from the body at the verandah of his home in the temple.
'We recovered a blood-stained cleaver from the spot.'

The terror group claimed responsibility in a communique posted by the ISIS-linked Amaq News Agency on Twitter, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors online jihadi activity.
The claim could not be independently verified.

The motive for the murder was not clear but police said Islamist militants were among those suspected as being behind the killing.

District police chief Gias Uddin Ahmed said police had launched a hunt for the attackers and security checkposts had been set up across the district.

'The Jamayetul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) is also in our list of suspects,' Ahmed told AFP news agency.

Bangladeshi relatives of Hindu priest Jogeswar Roy break down in tears after learning of his death
Bangladeshi relatives of Hindu priest Jogeswar Roy break down in tears after learning of his death
The banned group is believed to have been behind an attack on an Italian Catholic priest in the neighbouring district of Dinajpur late last year.

Bangladesh has seen an upsurge in attacks on minorities including Shi'ites, Sufis, Christians and Ahmadis by Islamist militant groups.

The government rejects the ISIS's claims of responsibility for several recent attacks, including the shootings of two foreigners.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's secular government instead accuses the JMB, other local militant groups as well as the Islamist-allied political opposition of trying to destabilise the country.
Hindus, the country's largest minority, make up nearly 10 per cent of Bangladesh's 160 million people.