Date: 24/02/2016

Dear All Patriots,

We Hindus, have our days numbered because of the unholy alliance between the Radical Islam and Indian Left, Democrats and Socialists. The same unholy alliance is happening all over the world. Not only in Nepal and Indiaóeven in the Europe and America Ėthe same notorious duo are playing havoc to destroy the world. So itís our duty to make our people aware of the fact before itís too late. Treason and patriotism canít go together. They bully and intimidate the naÔve Hindus to outwit and overpower us though we are in majority.

Our enemies are many all around us.Maya-Mamata-Mulayam, Money launderer-Maoists-Marxists-MNC-Ministers-MPs-MLAs-Maulavies and last but not the least Missionaries. Hindu name bearing agents are more dangerous than the real threat poured from the Moulavies-Missionaries. What I feel, there will be an apocalyptic clash between Islamic and Christian monsters at the end after annihilating all Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists in just 50 more odd years to come imperceptibly by the mercy of the diabolical design of the demonic Dou i.e., Islam and Marxists-Maoists. David Horowitz - Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left

I am a petty person. There are plenty of high profile intellectuals in our country to write and spread the message of terror ahead of us. The traitors of today if left unpunished and if we let them go free, they would come back to destroy us to ashes. There will not be any trace of your several generations. A new chapter will start after the grave yard of Human (Hindu) genocide. The horrific instances in Kashmir and Bangladesh and West Bengal are occurring everyday but we canít do anything. Please watch this Video or read his book of the same title at your leisure and try to change your mind if you truly love your near and dears one at home.

Solutions: 1.Hindu Unity, 2.Mass awareness programme, 3.Contribute by Tan (physical presence), Man (Intellect) and Dhan (wealth), 4.Come out E.F.G. complex [E=Ego,F=Fear,G=Gain and Greed(Petty & personal).5.Pray to God to give you physical and mental strength to have firm determination to eliminate the evils. 6. Join today only to local Hindu organizations.7.If itís not there, create that of your own if you love your mother, your sister and daughters.8.Watch and be connected with the following organizations e.g., Sudarshan TV, RSS, VHP, Hindu Samhati, Hindu Jana Jagruti, Shiv Sena etc.8.last but not the least always remember: D.S.C.[D=Democracy,S=Secularism and C=Constitution]óthese three are three nooses around Hinduís neck, created by Democrats and Socialists to destroy us.

Vande Mataram! Jai Hind!