Date: 01/03/2016

In a normal country all the elements of its population work in harmony within the framework of law and social cohesion.

The only exception are the Muslims who wish to be seen as SEPARATE in every aspect and everywhere.

In a non Muslim country such as America or India they have the fundamental ideological difference with the rest of the population- the Infidels, Kafirs and the Unbelievers who are supposed to be killed or converted as per their deep faith in what they read in Koran.

Since, as per brainwashing, the book was dictated word by word by God Himself how can a humble mortal disagree? Hence all the non Muslims in that country are living on borrowed time.

Years, decades and even centuries later the Muslims will strike to destroy everything. The Hindus in Lahore, Karachi and East Bengal, did live in peace for a long time but finally the time came when they faced death or flight.

But what happens when a country is blessed by Allah and has 100% population ALL MUSLIM? One would have thought that the population would be happy to live according to the wishes and commands of Hazrat Mohammed, doing namaz five times a day, keeping women indoors or in burka, beating them up when they disobey, and the cry of muezzin ("baang") five times a day will be soothing music in their ears. BUT THAT IS NOT THE CASE.

In most countries with 100 % Muslim population, or close to that figure, there is also NO peace but the constant sound of gun fire, constant molestation, abduction and rape of females, political assassinations and terrorist groups coming up like the mushrooms from the earth. People, in general, are unhappy and live their miserable lives, dropping tools to rush to mosque for namaz five times a day, making do with bare necessities.

Afghanistan, Irak, Syria, Libya, Bangladesh, Somalia and Pakistan are such countries, blessed by God with 100% Muslim populations. But nobody with some brain will go there for a week's holiday. People living there themselves are looking for every opportunity to flee the Islamic land!

A German radio station reported on the plight of Tunisia, a relatively peaceful Muslim country. But that peace was violently shattered by gunmen who targeted the tourists in the museum and on the beach. The result is that there are no tourists now. Hotels are empty, laying off staff. Shopkeepers are sitting and waiting for customers who are keeping away. Economy is badly suffering and there is big unemployment. The government has increased police patrols and posted the army around hotels and on beaches. But their sight hardly meets with approval of the tourists, especially women, who prefer to go swimming elsewhere where peace prevails without seeing the armed police and the army men around them.

What impact will the MUSLIMS have on the lives of peace loving citizens in our Hindusthan? The most obvious (deadly) effect has been the Partition itself.

Then we have their high profile presence in Kashmir and finally there is always the fear of a terrorist group or an lonely assassin attacking hotels, railway stations, airports, religious gatherings, and key politicians and prominent public & party figures.

In the whole world our BHARAT is the only country that can legally and justifiably require all the Muslims to LEAVE for their especially created homeland called "Pakistan". No other country suffered the ULTIMATE, that is, sacrificed one third of its area for the creation of an Islamic Republic, literally HELL ON EARTH!

1 March 2016.