Date: 04/03/2016

One Day in the life of the 10,000-year old ancient city of Bhagat Prahlad called MULTAN.

(NB: RULERS of one BILLION Indians do not wish to read about or even talk about that day!)

MARCH 5,1947 was like any other day for me, a teenager, sunshine in the morning, mum's kiss and off to school. Classes began as usual. Suddenly commotion. Noises from outside approached our school and got louder. We stood up, looked out of the windows and saw older students shouting, "Come out. Come out. Demonstrate against Pakistan!"

It was a soul shaking experience for our tiny minds. We had never seen anything like this before. The pull of affinity with fellow pupils proved irresistible. We got up and leaving our "basta" (satchel) and books behind, ran out of classrooms and joined the main group. We were never to see our “bastas & books” again, nor our school, teachers and fellow pupils!

The older boys had come from the neighbouring “Emerson College” on Kutchery Road, Multan. They had political awareness and were in touch with the news from Lahore where the ministry of Sir Khizar Hayat Khan had collapsed, plunging the province into political wilderness due to pressure by Jinnah's Muslim League to cut up India to create an Islamic Pakistan.

(We read: Tiwana resigned his premiership on 2 March 1947. Although he remained at Simla until independence, he did not thereafter seek an active part in politics and left the country, returning to Pakistan in October 1949, in order to try to put his property affairs there in order.

NB: He must have been Nehru’s close friend or “bhai” to stay so long among the Hindu Kafirs in Simla!)

We were all excited and did not think of politics more than shouting slogans till our throats went hoarse, and then returning home.

We had NO clue as to what “democracy” and “secularism” meant to the Mohammedans. Today everybody, especially those who were born in “Akhand Bharat”, KNOW the mindset of the “BEASTS” very well.

Our noisy demonstration, shouting “Akhand Bharat Amar Rahe!” and ”Pakistan Murdabaad!” was impressive and we wish Mr Gandhi & Pandit Nehru had seen us, to be inspired. But in hindsight we know now that Gandhi was afraid of Muslim violence and was going to concede everything our enemies demanded and Pandit Nehru, the traitor, was ONE OF THEM!

From open residential area of the city our procession slowly approached “Bohrh Darwaza” where the commercial area with a lot of butchers’ shops is located. It is here that the butchers with their knives, and many others with their sticks & stones, felt infuriated and came down from the shops and started attacking the school pupils indiscriminately, killing some and wounding many. It was a mini massacre with chaos and mayhem all around. The FIRST “baleedaan” of the young and the innocent in the Punjab, the Land of Gita, Vedas and Granth, had taken place.


What happened in the city of Multan till nightfall on that day when the ancient city was seen burning, we leave it to the so-called “Rashtrapati” who has sealed his lips on PARTITION.

We EXPECT him to get the facts established with full details and then inform the nation from Kanya Kumari to Leh as to what happened in MULTAN on March 5, 1947. And if the PRESIDENT of the Republic does not lift his little finger then it is up to the entire “Lok Sabha” (India’s Parliament) to insist on getting the TRUTH out.

We should all know that ”TRUTH suppressed gathers force & momentum under Laws of Nature till one day it EXPLODES and destroys the land of cowards with the population perishing like the colony of ants in a sudden cloudburst.”

MULTAN CANNOT DIE AND BE FORGOTTEN JUST BECAUSE PYGMIES IN HIGH CHAIRS DARE NOT EMBARRASS THE MUSLIMS. Then how is it that America does not tire of mentioning her NINEELEVEN without caring two hoots for the Muslims? In fact, to prove themselves to be the "Land of Lions" they are about to elect DONALD TRUMP as the next President!


5th of March 2016.