Date: 10/03/2016

Dear xxxxxxxx,

Thank you for the discussion on Muslim veil this morning 9 a.m. March 10, 2016.

From some Muslim callers it appears that they wish to take the rest of us "for a ride"! This is an open society with nothing concealed or secretive. Why should they cover up their faces in public places?

So what is the reason for some Muslim women insisting on wearing full burka.

1. Women are considered "objects" if a man can marry up to FOUR wives at the same time. So the men wish to PROTECT their women just as you would protect your car or wallet.

2. There is NO equality between sexes in Islam. So the women are made to feel subordinate to men.

3. Muslim MEN wish to segregate their women from society. They are not allowed to even talk to a man or reply to a man's query in the street. Mere speaking to a man invites severe PUNISHMENT which in some countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan means DEATH. We learn that up to 1,000 females are killed in Pakistan every year due to their fault of simply speaking to a man.

On the other hand Muslim MEN wish to enjoy full freedom to talk to non Muslim females. Hence such a large number of rape of Christian and Hindu females by Muslim men but NONE of a rape of Muslim female by a Christian or a Hindu man! Germany saw this clearly on New Year's Eve in Cologne. Hundreds of White Christian girls were molested but NOT ONE case of a Muslim female groped by a Christian. Should the society here not make them behave according to OUR norms?

4. Terrorists and thieves in shops have used burka as cover to get away. It makes identification impossible.

5. It shows Islamic fundamentalism and their sympathy to extreme Islam.

6. There is "IS" or DAESH rising in Middle East. Its dress code is being copied by some Muslim girls in this country to show solidarity with them. In fact several Muslim females have travelled to Syria to join the Jehadis there.

7. Face covering restricts their chances of getting jobs in public and even private sector. Colleagues will feel very worried or embarrassed to be working along side a burka wearing colleague.

I think British society needs to resist any "dilution" of our own way of life but not concede to provocation of this kind.

Two Muslim callers mentioned the Sikh turban. They forgot that the Sikh turban is worn universally on all continents on earth whereas burka is not worn in many countries, including Muslim. Some Muslim countries have even banned it. Sikh turban is well recognised and acknowledged sign of utmost LOYALTY to this country while burka can be sign of sedition. Sight of a Sikh wearing turban is reassuring to general public as someone helpful, trustworthy, morally upright and friendly, whereas the sight of a burka wearing female gives a small shock if not fear, suspicion, sadness and separatism- even hostility. Children of such women can grow up with weird view of society.

Sikhs and their children have integrated well in mainstream whereas the Muslims proclaim their separate identity from roof tops. Sikh turban is a religious object whereas burka is not. So it is Muslim mischief to compare the turban, that does not cover the face, with burka that totally covers the face as if the wearer is either with criminal intent or afraid of being seen in public, or even AFRAID to be seen, recognised and identified.

The staggering amount of tax payers money spent on controlling & curbing Islamic extremism, in order to prevent the repeat of Paris, is a big loss to treasury if not a national disgrace

UKIP will get many votes on this issue in the next elections. Most citizens in this country would wish to PRESERVE the traditional "way of life", especially FREEDOM OF WOMEN, established for centuries, and not see it blown away with fundamentalist Muslims- some of them appear bullies, inconsiderate, self righteous, aggressive, even menacing.

The question is, "Why do Muslims with such rigid views on dress insist on living in this country when they have over FIFTY Islamic republics on earth to move to?

10 March 16.