Date: 10/03/2016

Why Trump?

Indeed, the political correctness is often suicidal but like the sheep most people will rather go on voting for the usual and the conventional rather than the new and challenging.

There has been a strange duality going on in Bharat for the last thousand years. They destroy temples, we embrace them. They rape our girls, we embrace them. They occupy our land and we embrace them. They ridicule us in Bollywood and we pay to watch them on screen. They threaten civil war if we removed Article 370 in Constitution or re-built the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, but we embrace them.

For such SCUM as we are, who could not push them all out when they took our lands and exterminated us to the last man and child in 1947, TRUMP ought to be the LIGHT OF INSPIRATION, guts and PATRIOTISM.

For us hailing from ravished and MUTILATED "Broken" Bharat, Enemy No. 1 is the MUSLIM who is having the best of both worlds- sovereignty in Lahore and sovereignty in Delhi and the thrill of making Srinagar "HINDU FREE" city on earth.

To provoke us he calls his capital ISLAMABAD while insisting on keeping Delhi under secular lid. He loves and adores Islam in Dhaka but warns of the dangers of “HINDUTVA!” in Delhi. We comply obediently, equating our Sri Krishna with their Mohammed of Arabia! We also tolerate them seducing and marrying HINDU girls and then watch them bringing up the children as Ali, Mohammed and Fatima without feeling sick in stomach!

Yet most Hindus are either brainwashed or cowards to go on embracing the enemy whose Holy Book defines us as KAFIRS. No Hindu in Hindusthan has yet retaliated. We have yet to see a holy book in Hindusthan that calls them "malechch" (savages)!

It is time to react and you have done so bravely. Let all the Hindus in the USA support Trump. That will also send a signal to our half dead democracy back home where the President has YET to utter the word "PARTITION" or recall NORTH KASHMIR, and the Supreme Commander has YET to send a punitive force ACROSS THE CEASEFIRE LINE to hit their bases hard. But it has become our "way of life" to get KICKS IN THE BACK and bring home bodies of officers and Jawans killed THIS SIDE OF the cease-fire line on daily basis.

You are 100% right when you say, "Trump is the only one who has the spine to save our country from Islamic terrorism."

We wish we had even ONE MP in New Delhi who could speak the TRUTH (Satyam) like Donald Trump.


10 March 2016.