Date: 12/03/2016

Muslims must think of the inherent DEGRADATION of women in the tradition of one man and four wives.

Yet another consequence of having multiple wives is OVER REPRODUCTION as a result of which ISLAMIC countries are overfilled with Muslims who then behave as the mice in a RAT COLONY where pressures of population result in cannibalism, INCEST and infighting.

That is why MILLIONS of Muslims are now fleeing Middle East and heading for Europe where the naive secular Christians are welcoming them with open arms, acting contrary to historic wisdom.

The historic WISDOM dictates that if you invite those who reproduce rapidly to outpace the rest then in due course of time the original civilised inhabitants will give way to the over reproducing savages.

Europeans have set their continent on course to SUICIDE instead of diverting the Islamic "TSUNAMI" to Islamic countries that cover half the earth where they have exterminated the non Muslims!

When a civilisation is doomed God reduces the power of its thinking and shrinks their guts to render them IMBECILE. Europeans have themselves done the most stupid thing to ensure that Christianity is ultimately REPLACED by Islam according to the Law of Nature that says-

"In a struggle between the motivated savages* and the complacent (sleepy) civilised, the savages will win hands down!"
* The savages can have up to FOUR wives each while the civilised have one each.