Date: 12/03/2016


1 Recently a video of 55 minutes, was posted on line ,in which Al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zardari announced that Al Qaeda branch has been established in India, and the new branch of his militant group will spread Islamic rule and raise the flag of jihad . It has the implicit support of IM and SIMI and undisclosed mute support of many Indian Muslims. The video has clearly stated that it will give freedom and release to Gujarat, J&K, Assam, Myanmar, as Muslims, there, are being tortured and bring back Muslim rule. Think, why UP, Kerala and Bihar were not mentioned? These are , more or less controlled by Muslims/ Muslim supporters. The warning was authenticated by our own intelligence. If we do not believe this warning, the American had warned us about same during Jun 2014. What was our government reaction? They have alerted the country. This alert has no meaning. It is equivalent to the alert it issues, when a river crosses it danger mark during monsoon, but does nothing then and subsequently. What is the public reaction? It is in mute mode. As if this was going to happen and we have no control. ( Hamare Karmo ke phal hai, hame bhogna parega.) We, the foolish Hindus, have not learned from history, as to how we were humiliated, massacred, tortured for 1200 years by Muslims. When Islam arrived in India, the Hindus welcomed the Muslims with open arms as brothers. In return Islam destroyed the fabric of Hindu civilization.

2. Over ten centuries the dirty Muslim rogues murdered an estimated 100 million people. It has been said by historians and scholars (both eastern and western) that this is the largest genocide the world has ever witnessed. Temples were razed to the ground and villages were burned. Those who refused to convert to Islam were either murdered (the men folk) or raped (the womenfolk). All the Moghal leaders made it their goal to wipe Hinduism from the map of the earth. Islamic armies, also, marched through the world, killing men and raping women. That is the sole reason why they conquered all the lands that they did. There is a sharp distinction between invasion and unification. They instituted Islam through coercion and violence. Before Islam reached India, the latter was a global power. Indian influence and culture as well as exports of knowledge (science, mathematics etc) were felt throughout the world. When the evil, ugly, dirty uneducated Muslims invaded the top half of India, all the power that India commanded was destroyed. The Muslims contributed NOTHING to the Indian culture, intellectual establishment or civilization. Quite the opposite, they stole everything from us. They stole our women; they murdered our men folk, destroyed temples etc. They even openly stated it. And they are stating even now. If foolish Hindus do not believe this, I suggest, they, read some recent utterances of well known Muslim personalities, including politicians and Muslim MPs). During Moghal rule, the whole India could not be converted by Muslim, not due to stubbornness of Hindus (except few) but Hindus were too large in numbers for Muslim to reach at the each corner of India, to convert them..

3. There are hardly any Hindus now in Kashmir because they have all been killed /driven out, by Muslims. As this was happening, the foolish Hindus were mute spectators instead of helping the Kashmiri pundits/Hindus. It is all right for Kashmir Muslims to murder and wound hundreds of innocent Hindus every year in terrorist attacks but the moment that the Indian army tries to defend its citizens and crack down on the terrorists, in Kashmir, we are accused of �oppression� and human rights violations.

4. We were so scared of Muslims that few lakhs of Hindu army surrendered/were defeated, to/by few thousands of Muslim army, in the past. Now, we 80% of Hindus are still scared of 17 % 0f Muslims, physically and more so psychologically. You do not agree to this statement as proud Hindus? Then answer some of these small issues, and why there is no mass protest?1. Why Hindustan is called India? 2. Why Vande mataram is not our national song? 3. Why our national flag has green strip? (It has nothing to do with environment). 4. Why subsidies given to Muslim for Haj? 5. Why Imams are paid salaries by the state? 6. Why special treatment to Muslim? These are the few minor issues. The major issues are plenty, horrifying and dangerous for our country. Thus the ground is ripe for spreading of al Qaeda. With ISISI gaining strength, Pakistan adding al Qaeda, Indian Muslim youth, though in small numbers, running away to Iraq and Syria to fight with ISISI, are dangerous signs. Have you watched debates, on this issue on all the TV channels? If not done, do so. It is amazing how the intellectuals (for and against), mostly Hindus, participants and TV anchors are lacking the larger vision. The Muslims taking part are clever in their comments, because they are aware, what is happing, in India, which is to their liking, and how Hindus are foolish.

5. I was teaching to final year students of a prestigious MBA institute at Indore, as visiting faculty. One of the subjects was �Business Ethics with Indian values�. It is an important subject. The syllabus includes, teaching of major tenants, and key points of actual practices of major religions of India. When I was teaching Islam, I mentioned that meaning of Jihad. As the correct interpretation from Koran and actual practice, I told students� Jihad means, convert non believers (infields) or kill them, to spread Muslim religion. If Muslim does this he will reach heaven after his death�. Out of 60 students, there were 40 Hindus, 10 Jainis, 5 Christians, two Sikhs, and three Muslims. My next class was after two days .Before I could start my class, the director requested me to meet him in his office. He said� During your class you told something about jihad and Muslim students from your class, objected to it. They met me and complained against you.� I told that what is fact is being taught and the authority was Koran, the holy book of Islam. The director told me� We are sorry, we are requesting you, not to teach in this institute,and your cheque will be sent to you.� Thus , this prestigious MBA institute, literally, surrendered before three Muslim students. This is the collective psychic of Hindus. I am quoting this example to illustrate, that the majorities of Hindus have already disarrayed and have surrendered to the Muslims mentally.

6. Hindus were so weak that they could not protect their womenfolk from Muslims, so they devised a way of sending Hindu women to sati, forced suicide. The Hindu men are still weak, and foolish. See the reaction about Love Jihad. Why Pakistan film actors, artists, sports person are allowed in India and treated them as VIPs. Their brothers and government are killing our soldiers and civilians on border. When some Hindus, object about Pakistan cricket team, to be allowed to play in India, the whole Pseudo-intellectuals, pseudo-nationalist and Pseudo-secularists bounce on such people. We must send such Hindu Pseudo-intellectuals, pseudo-nationalist and Pseudo-secularists to the border areas, now, to see the condition of civilian on the border, suffering from cease fire violations by Pakistan. What about Kashmir Pundits? Here is the case of sons of the soils, who have been driven from their land. Same thing is going to happen to all of us, the Hindus. Could we imagine 30 years backs, that, Kashmir pundits will be driven from J and K .Same thing will happen and Hindus will be driven from Hindustan? Where to? Into the oceans? No, No, foolish Hindus, you will be killed or converted.

7. Prithi Raj Chowhan was foolish to let go Muhammad Gauri four times. When foolish Hindu king Chowhan was captured, he was killed. Instead learning from foolish Hindu king, the foolish Hindus have glorified him. Foolish Hindus lost three battles of Panipat, especially third, by Marathas, by foolish measures, like taking two lakhs civilian people, including women and children, for pilgrimage. PM Nehru went to UN for cease fire in J and K, when Army was begging 48 hours to free whole of J and K. The result is for the last 68 years we are suffering and will suffer in future. PM Indira Gandhi returned 90,000 prisoners of War, without asking anything in bargain. Foolish Hindus never protested against these decisions, but glorified such leaders.

8. Foolish Hindu Indian families are still fighting within family, right from Mahabharata days .The invaders looted, accumulated wealth from India, and foolish Hindus are still accumulating wealth, to be looted by enemies, now like al Qaeda and ISIS. Foolish Hindus is so self centred that; he is only worried about him, his immediate family members, their perseverance ,and well fare, but not his country, religion, culture or way of life.. Foolish Hindu�s desire of son is to have continuation of his family tree, for eternity, and his son to lit his pyre, so that he goes to heaven. For that he will kill unborn female foetus or dump his daughter.

8. That brings us to the book �Mother India� written by Katherine Mayo, an American during 1927(All Hindus must read this. This is available on internet).

9.�Mother India�, book, is a relentless recounting of horrors, overflowing with Mayo's contempt for the people of India, their faiths, beliefs, cultures and practices. And her conclusions are deeply disturbing to read even today. The things written at that time, about many aspects of India, are absolutely valid, even today. Her first-hand report on female infanticide, child marriages, the status of the widow in Hindu society, or the plight of Dalits makes all the more shocking reading, because we are still hardly got rid of these loathsome evils. It remains a supreme irony that on May 11, 1998, the day India did its Pokhran-II nuclear tests, and our netas were crowing about our technological prowess, a village just a hundred miles from Pokhran was celebrating, for the first time in 110 years, the wedding of a girl. Quite simply, no girl child had been allowed to reach marriageable age in this Rajasthan hamlet for more than a century.

10. Mother India, when it was first published, caused immense outrage in India, among educated Indians, (the illiteracy rate was 92 per cent at that time). Mahatma Gandhi had written about this book: "It is the report of a drain inspector sent out with the one purpose of opening and examining the drains of the country to be reported upon, or to give a graphic description of the stench exuded by the opened drains." Many educated Indians (foolish Hindus) she met, blame the British for the poverty and backwardness of the people, but her(Katherine Mayo) response to that was simple. She notes that, in 1926, the total number of Englishmen in the army, police and civil services in India was a mere 67,432, against total 247,000,000 Indians. Can this entire local strength of the body of Englishmen, to whose oppressive presence, were subjected the Indian attributes, of 247,000,000 human beings? But we cannot deny that much of what Katherine Mayo, saw 87 years ago, remains true even today. It is we, the Hindus, who are in denial, and foolish. We do not see the� drains� Katherine Mayo inspected.

11. Muslims are treated favourably than Hindus by some foolish Hindus, in India. Even if so, if Muslim and their supporters, some Hindus, feel aggrieved, then what is wrong to tell them to go to Pakistan, the country created for Muslims? The Hindus never told Muslims, to stay back (except some foolish Hindus begged Muslim to stay back). Muslims volunteered to stay in Hindustan. It is their duty to join mainstream of India and merge with India. Very recently, Prime Ministers of Russia, UK, France, Germany and Australia said so to their Muslim nationals, �either assimilate culture of our country and abide by our law, or else go to Muslim countries, of your choice.�

12. Times of India newspaper, started �Aman ki Aasha,� few years back, to develop friendship between people of India and Pakistan. Intellectuals go to Pakistan and go �ga ga� over the treatment they get and come back, full praise of Pakistan, and then give kick to Hindus, during their TV interviews and articles. These people must read history. Then, they will realise that, �Aaman ki aasha,� is a foolish Hindus dream. Foolish Hindus are not aware that beginning from1948 and right from class one, the Pakistan students are brainwashed about hatred towards Hindu, Hindu religion, and Hindustan. Foolish Hindus are ignorant about this. Foolish Hindus must read Quran and understand what it is about. Their eyes will �pop out �once they understand, what Quran is all about. The two religions, Hindu and Islam are two poles of the earth, which will never meet or stay together, unless foolish Hindus get converted or get killed. (Incidentally, how many Indians studied Arthashastra by Chanakya? Majority of Hindus are not aware of contents of Arthashastra. And majority of Hindus are also, not aware that Arthashastra is a compulsory book to be studied by all government servants, including armed forces, in Pakistan. Surprised!!?? The tenants and teaching of this valuable book, of our own, is being practised against us, by Pakistan. )

13. The inherent racism of historic Hinduism is blatant. Foolish Hindus judge by the colour of your skin, not the content of your character, skills or talents. The darker your skin, the lower your caste and rank in Hindu society. The Brahmins prided themselves on their white skin while despising the darker skinned untouchables who were often viewed and treated as sub-humans. The social inequities of Hinduism ultimately led millions of lower caste Indians to abandon Hinduism for Buddhism, Islam, or Christianity because those religions did not lock them into a rigid caste system. Of course, if you were a rich white Brahmin, why would you convert to a religion, which would strip you of your social status and wealth? The foolish Hindus are still adhering to cast system and practising untouchability.

14. What angers a good Hindu, is that even today in India the Muslims, with connivance of majority of Foolish Hindus, are still sucking the blood of Hindus.

15. Now the question is will the foolish Hindus, realise the impending combined danger of ISISI, Al Qaida, IM, SIMI, other Muslim organization which are pro Pakistan, before it is too late? It is not only the responsibility of the state to ensure safety of our nation but it is also the responsibility of we, the Hindu people of Hindustan. So, foolish Hindus, do not be indifferent, wake up, and be aware of this danger, before you are wiped out from this� Punyabhumi.� Our Gods will not take any Avatar to save us this time. It is a request to the educated Hindus that they must reach out to and teach poor illiterate Hindus about this danger, and remove bad practices from our culture and protest massively against our so called intellectuals and Pseudo-intellectuals, pseudo-nationalist and Pseudo-secularists .

Jai Ho. (Dated 8th Sep 2014)

(Dr V S Karnik)

(END NOTE --- Add to this what has happened at JNU recently and how political parties / Medias (Both TV and Print) reacted .How convenient news was published and inconvenient news was ignored. We should add to the list of such people as potential destroyers of India. --- Jai Ho --- 11 Mar 2016)