Date: 18/03/2016

The word "Muslim" means MISCHIEF. Their brain is not engaged in any patriotic or constructive activity but in "upsetting the cart", sex & seduction (dreaming of virgins), damaging and destroying what is functioning well in civilised societies.

Each Mohammedan tries to literally follow thoughts and deeds of his Prophet and if we see that guy closely we will, to our shock and disgust, discover the murderer, destroyer and the sex maniac UNLIKE any other "Rasul Allah", such as Krishna, Christ and Guru Nanak!. According to "Jatha Raja, tatha praja!" it is "Jatha Prophet, tatha his FOLLOWERS!"

Mohammed waged wars against the Jews, the Christians, the Pagans and the rest of the civilised and settled world of his time. He degraded women by allowing his followers to marry up to FOUR and prescribed such punishments, especially for women, who could not hit back, as to make us cry in shock & disgust.

In Bharat (Hindusthan) they proved that they are DISLOYAL to the land of their own birth and, therefore, cannot sing, "Bharat Mata Ki Jaya!"

Where have they got to, in their own ISLAMIC world? One only has to see the MILLIONS on the run from their own countries of birth, having set them on fire and having turned the cities into RUINS and having killed fellow Muslims in their tens of thousands. Now MILLIONS are rushing to CHRISTIAN West, and from Bangladesh to HINDU Bharat and to BUDDHIST Myanmar and Thailand. What does it show of Prophet Mohammed and his WILD & VIOLENT followers?

Sadly, our own Hindusthan has yet to see the last of them, having already given them an arm (Pakistan) and a leg (East Bengal) and a ton of blood (two million Hindus slaughtered and tens of thousands of girls and women abducted and raped in 1947 alone!). One day our memories of "Partition" will be recorded in detail for the awareness of the whole world about what "Islam" stands for.

May be, you have access to TV channels like BBC WORLD, RT and CNN that show you what mayhem the morbid Muslim morons are causing, mostly to fellow Muslims, from AMERICA to INDONESIA.

We thank God that Internet is relatively safe from Muslim interference but we also have the same problem at this end. No corner of the world is safe from this curse. Even America is infiltrated as we learnt recently.

The best way is to DISREGARD them and express yourself as you see fit. If serving Truth and our sacred land of birth is a crime then SO BE IT. We shall do it regardless. If not we, then WHO ELSE?

Carry on taking advantage of confidentiality that Internet provides in order to pass on the AWARENESS to those who are ignorant and COURAGE to those who are cowards.