Rally against a Suu Kyi presidency

Date: 18/03/2016

Buddhists rally against a Suu Kyi presidency

By Colin ~Freeman. (The Daily Telegraph, London, Feb 29, 2016)

Hundreds of nationalist Buddhist monks and their supporters rallied in Burma yesterday in support of retaining a law prohibiting Aung San Suu Kyi, the leader of the country�s recently elected ruling party, from becoming head of state.

Ms Suu Kyi�s National League for democracy party is set to take over government in March after winning November�s election in a landslide. But she cannot become president because an article in the military-dictated constitution bars anyone whose immediate family members are foreign nationals from holding the office. Her two sons are British, as was her late husband.

The National League for democracy is trying to have the article suspended, but faces strong opposition from both the military and the country�s Buddhist-led nationalist groups.

Ms Suu Kyi is likely to go ahead with her previously announced plan of having a proxy serve as president, while she makes all the executive decisions.

(NB: Is it like Hindusthan�s Pranab Mukherjee acting as the proxy of Sonia Maino Gandhi who is an ITALIAN citizen by birth? He could have removed Article 370 by Presidential Decree any time without fear of facing the gallows!)

Yesterday�s rally in Rangoon was believed to have been organised by the Buddhist nationalist group Ma Ba Tha, which is notorious for stirring up anti Muslim sentiment. (NB: this last line is the mischief of UK based British media that always side with the Muslim minority- be it in Bharat or in Myanmar!)

�We don�t want outsiders, foreigners, overwhelming our country,� said Thant Myo Oo, an organiser of the rally. �Whoever is connected with the outsiders, we cannot accept.�

(NB: BRAVO, BRAVE BUDDHISTS OF BURMA, now go to Bharat and INSPIRE the �despicable lickspittle HINDU servants and stooges� of Sonia Gandhi, president of All-India Congress Party in Partitioned India, too, who see her as the shining star over Hindusthan�s pitch dark sky.)