Date: 18/03/2016

We regret to note that EU has been blackmailed into conceding a lot to Turkey including free travel into EU.

The plain and simple fact is that Europe is being "INVADED" by Muslims. Does it matter whether the invaders are well-fed gun carrying men or the advance guard of hungry women and children and unarmed men? What will Europe look like in two decades?

Fools can give away all in one minute but to recover it will take a century if not longer. And since soon these one million will become ten million and later a hundred million, should give us all sleepless nights. Most Indians (Hindus and Sikhs) fled to the West for safety due to the bloodshed caused by the Muslims at Partition in 1947 when Pakistan was created and an ancient country like India broke up into three fragments.

Political correctness need not make us appease or surrender to those who have very different ideological orientation from us. Europe is still a Christian continent but soon its Christianity will be diluted and then overwhelmed. Islam has two well known characteristics: Intolerance and Aggression. Islam cannot co-exist.

Last time it took more than a hundred years to push all the Moors and Turks out of European soil. The next time it can well be the Christians who are pushed out to the sea and beyond.

If Germany has shortage of manpower then the best would have been to let the UKRAINIANS come in instead of the Turks who are fundamentally all MUSLIMS with a very separate agenda that is not secret to anybody. To start with, one will see the White Christian girls "missing" by the thousand every month, and get busy producing more Turks (Muslims)!

By letting in Turkey, EU is allowing MILLIONS of more MUSLIMS to come in. Can United Kingdom cope with millions of more Muslims if they decide to proceed beyond Calais?

Christianity here was preserved by our ancestors who bravely fought the Turks in Middle Ages as well as in World War 1. Please do not repeat the same tragedy.

By the way Europe is not responsible for the mayhem in the Muslim world that has NO democracy but dictators who have to fall, only to give way to new dictators! We can see this in Afghanistan where Islam returns with vengeance after one Islamic government is thrown out.

Would it not have been wise and prudent to divert all these hordes towards ISLAMIC countries where the non Muslims were exterminated centuries ago, or decades ago as in the case of Pakistan that forced out 15 million NON Muslims at the time of her birth in 1947. Surely a few million Syrians could be sent there, or to Egypt, Iran, even Malaysia. Integration will be much easier and quicker there!

Is the tragedy of India not worth looking at? There the rise in Muslim numbers meant the spread of Islamic fundamentalism like the spread of gangrene that necessitates the amputation of the affected limbs. In the case of India large provinces like Sindh, Balochistan, West Punjab and East Bengal had to be "amputated" to form ISLAMIC Pakistan. Why is that event in history unmentionable in high European political circles?

The West never installed dictators in Libya, Irak or Syria. It is the Islamic macho political system to have a MAN on top just like Prophet Mohammed who conceded NO human rights to Christians, Jews, Infidels and women. So, for Christian EU to volunteer to take in MUSLIM migrants in such large numbers beggars belief.

Are we not being disloyal to our coming generations who will have to sort out the "Muslim mess" sooner or later? That mess is not the fault of EU but due to inherent macho culture (up to FOUR wives for a man), geo-politics and jurisprudence (Sharia) of Islam.

Instead of letting the Turks come in we should have asked these migrants to go and LIBERATE the Yazidi women, held captive in Daesh. All the young migrants can be enrolled in military units and sent back home to remove the dictators and establish genuine democracy and secularism and guarantee the safety of the Christians living there.

We may give food and shelter to millions of Muslims but does it mean that we will now see the Christians living in peace in Syria and Irak, even Turkey?