Date: 24/03/2016


Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru did a bargain over his land of birth that we call Bharat Mata (Mother India). And what did it entail?

Instead of charging his "brother" MOHAMMED Ali Jinnah who demanded one third of India where the majority was MUSLM with HIGH TREASON, as we promptly do with any errant Sikh lad shouting "Khalistan!", he ACCEPTED his demand to destroy the unity of India by breaking her up.

How it affected the people?

As a result of that bargain ("sauda baazi") TENS OF MILLIONS OF HINDUS were wiped out from the surface of earth while he made sure that all the Muslims stayed back in Bharat JUST AS BEFORE!

That NEHRU'S name was not OBLITERATED like that of HITLER in Germany speaks volumes for the sense of security and wish to survive by the HINDUS who neither noticed Nehru's HIGH TREASON nor the presence of MOHAMMEDANS in our own FRAGMENT in the middle called "Bharat" as per Constitution, a document of the IGNORANT, for the BLIND and by the COWARDS since it does not contain even a hint of Partition or the previous existence of East Bengal, North Kashmir and West Punjab! The entire HINDU nation accepts it, respects it and even reveres it as God's Truth! Great tributes are paid to the illustrious constitutional experts and wise heads who wrote up the Document. In fact they were all Nehru's stooges, cowards who forgot LAHORE, MULTAN & KARACHI in a split second, made sure of "HINDU BASHING" till eternity.

What the West (USA and the EU) are learning about Islam right now AT THEIR COST, we in Hindusthan learnt in 1947. The only difference is that while they are shouting from the roof tops, recording every detail, naming every victim as well as the terrorist, filling in newspaper columns. making endless documentaries as well as speeches round the clock, WE HINDUS SEALED OUR LIPS and shouted, "NOTHING HAPPENED. NO PARTITION. NO RAPE OF INDIA. NO MUTILATION OF BHARAT!"

Is that our MORAL superiority or COWARDICE?

HERE IS THE LATEST instance of ISLAM'S "Thank you!" to EU for taking in over a MILLION MUSLIMS in the last one year alone.

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23/03/2016 20:43 | Updated 11 hours ago
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