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Dear Friends,
I am sure you have been following events unfolding at Brussels, Belgium, which is NATO headquarters, virtually Capital city of European Union, yet been subjected to terror attacks repeatedly along with other major European cities like Paris , London and Madrid. Both England and France are nuclear weapon states as well. All the military superiority and financial and other assets they have were not of much protection as we are seeing to Islamic terrorist attacks which were not a surprise , but expected . The attackers on their part were issuing threats well before hand and are continuing to do so.

Often we berate ourselves because why though in vast majority we, Hindus allowed the nation to fall under similar Mohammedan invaders thus losing much of India , territory, prosperity and freedom of religion to the attackers.

I think some understanding of present day on going events will give answers to questions of past history , just as history of past also gives answers , revealing back ground of events happening at present. Once again the adage that lesson of history is that its lessons are never learnt hold good , with regards to clash of civilizations taking place.

Though with time, many changes take place, yet principles , policies, politics and human conduct remain essentially same. Whether it was during Ramayana times, Mahabharat war, or Mohammedan invasions of India and at present in Europe the factors behind conflicts , greed, lust, aggression, ingratitude , deceit and deception remain same though weapons and other devises may be different.
Consider some of events past and present;

The Fall of Devagiri (850-1334)
(source Wikepedia)
Devagiri, the capital of the Yadav dynasty. The Seuna Yadavas who traced their ancestory to Lord Krishna. Once, a place known for its immense riches. The Devagiri Fort built about 200 metres high was an architectural masterpiece. An impregnable fortress lying atop the hill. The glorious capital of the Yadav dynasty. How did it fall? How did the Hindu rule over the Deccan end. How did this once famous capital city of the Yadav dynasty lay in ruins?

One version tells us, Allauddin Khilji tricked the Raja Ramadev Ray of Devagirit saying he was fleeing from persecution of his uncle, Jalauddin Khilji in Delhi, with a small force at his command. Raja gave him asylum. Once inside the fort, during the night much like what happened to many Hindu kings in Bhopal , Allauddin Khilji's forces simply massacred the sleeping soldiers of Raja to gain control.

The beautiful, wealthy and prosperous city kingdom was no more. What happened to the people there , you can still see on TV at present, they suffered same or worse fate than Yazdis, or Kashmiri Kafirs in this century.

14 th century temple ( renovated)

Substitute Brussels for Devagiri, should same fate fall on former like the latter, the beauty and prosperity along with civilization of practically capital city of European Union, NATO head quarters which is as liberal and accepting generously the amnesty seekers supposedly fleeing from Syria's Assad, just as Raja Ramadve Ray of Devagiri, will cease to exist.

One can only shudder to think what great harm awaits in store should the Islamic invasion of Europe is allowed to persist. Will Durant said, Islamic invasion of India wrote history's bloodiest chapter. One casualty of that chapter was music. Vienna is capital city of Austria. the place abounds in music halls, auditoriums where European civilization's best music, drama and arts are preserved. What will happen to them should , say some one like Aurangazeb comes to rule there ? Please note Vienna was attacked once by the same forces at play in Brussels but defenders were able to thwart invasion, and celebrated their victory by baking half moon (same sign as in flag of Mohammedan invaders then and now ) shaped Croissants and drinking coffee made of beans left by fled Arab -Turk invaders in 1683.

Vienna Philharmonic

Highly regarded both in Pakistan and among award wapsi eminences, secular elite of India, Aurangazeb heard wailing once. Why are they crying, he asked.
He was told that music is dead, hence the sorrow.

The peer of Pakistan replied , ' then bury it deep !'
Ramdev Ray, the King of Devagiri, was enjoying the prosperity of his kingdom. The people were happy with their lives. The King and his subjects remained blissfully oblivious to the danger looming in from the north. The forces of Jalaluddin Khilji led by his son-in-law and nephew Allauddin Khilji were on a rampage looting and destroying everything in their path. One after another the Hindu kingdoms were getting destroyed. The Sultanate forces greedily swallowing everything in their path. Temples destroyed, villages and cities looted, women kidnapped and raped, all in the name of Allah. The Sultanate hordes marched on with the battle cry of Allah-ho-Akbar.

You don't think that will happen , that rampages of 14-15 th centuries in Hindu India be repeated in Christian Europe of 21 st century ? Just ask Germans who witnessed first hand what happened to their young girls in Cologne-not withstanding that majority of Muslims are peace loving and law abiding.

Western Europe is smaller in size than India. How people of India were able to withstand the shocks administered in the form of Islamic invasions for nearly thousands years, and were able to overcome as well as were ready to emerge into freedom is a story that is yet to be told much like the story of snatching defeat of jaws of victory at the time of freedom in conceding partition. The story got lost because the appeasers , signatories of dividing India succeeded to the throne of Allaudin Khilji or Aurangazeb in Delhi , dictated the curriculum.

It may be unlikely that fate of India will fall on Europe. If you notice so far even though Europe is known for its liberalism, no university student body supported by eminent historians or secular elite have come out shouting slogans of support of Islamic Caliphate while calling for destruction of Europe itself at the same time.

More over history does not repeat itself exactly in same manner. But there are weaknesses in Europe which are being fully taken cognizance and advantage by migrant invaders among whom Jihadis easily fit in .

Europe long back forgot how to defend itself. Hence during both World wars it required defense from United States and Russia . The role India played which contributed more soldiers than France during II war went without mention in history of WW II or in history books of India. Now only it is being acknowledged that India's 2,000,000 soldiers made the difference for Allied forces to score decisive victory.

These patriotic soldiers who were decommissioned after the war were still ready to fight for freedom or if mobilized could have prevented partition holocaust. British raj rested on their shoulders, the same powerful support they extended to alien rulers , was easily transferable to keep integrity of motherland intact.

Instead partition was allowed to take place through subterfuge and sabotage, see the results below. The hemorrhage continued from 1947 and is still going in spurts resulting in more than 56 million , all took place in India or as some intellectuals now want to call it South Asia.
In entire theater of II war both on Allied and Axis powers' side the number of civilian casualties were estimated at *30,497,000.

In 'South Asia' that is India broken to pieces during partition and subsequently due to same on going jihad that demanded Pakistan , at least 90 million perished.

Thus India suffered even though not a party to actual fighting in WW II - 60 million civilian casualties due to partition -subsequent genocide of Hindus from both wings of Pakistan to date + near 30 million who perished in Bengal due to man made famine plotted in London during WW II. Thus the magnitude of tragedy that affected India remains unsurpassed.

Just like with Mohammedan invasions and their rampages, very little if any about the tragedies that visited India at the time of II war, information about man made famine mandated in London or effects of partition on lives of people and nation to date were mentioned in officially sanctioned secular sanitized texts of 'South Asia'.

Fortunately now a days we are not limited to learning from school texts. Rightly it is said that those whose learning is limited to school books will remain ignorant.
Hence do see the this brief note from Proud Hindu , May 11, 2006. It tells Europe what awaits in store should the current situation, Islamic attacks continue.

"With the invasion of India by Mahmud Ghazni about 1000 A.D., began the one of the worst Muslim invasions into the Indian subcontinent and they lasted for several centuries. The Muslim invasions continued even when the Muslims were ruling India, like the invasion of the Mongols during the reign of the Khiljis or the invasion of the Mughals in the early sixteenth Century when the Lodis were ruling Delhi. The last notable invasion of the Muslims from outside was the invasion of Nadir Shah in 1739, during which he unleashed a great horror on the native population.

During these seven hundred years of Muslim invasions and their conquest and rule of India, the Hindus were the greatest sufferers. It is difficult to estimate the number of Hindus who lost their lives during these campaigns, the number of Hindus who lost their lives in the religious persecution perpetrated on the native population by the Muslim rulers or the number of Hindus who were forcibly converted to Islam.

According to Prof. K.S. Lal, the author of the Growth of Muslim population in India, the Hindu population decreased by 80 million between 1000 AD, the year Mahmud Ghazni invaded India and 1525 AD, a year before the battle of Panipat.

One can safely add another 20 million Hindus to this list to account for the number that were killed during the Mughal rule or the rule of the Muslim rulers in the Deccan plateau. By all known accounts of world history, as pointed out by Koenard Elst in his book the Negationism in India, destruction of about 100 million hindus is perhaps the biggest holocaust in the whole world history."

Even this figure of 100 million is underestimation if casualties from recent history during liberation of Bangladesh are included. Be that as it may.

In spite of this it is not uncommon to hear both secular historians and incorrigible Islamists, that Mohammedan domination of India was benign, hence still both Hindus and temples exist in India. Thanks to size of India, numbers of Hindus and heroic resistance, sagacity of Hindus of India, not only the nation albeit truncated but also a civilization and culture that comes to us intact from ages immemorial remain intact, not due to any benevolence of invaders. True, not all Moslems were fanatic , in fact naturally the affinity was emerging between Hindus and Muslims of India which was best manifest during 1857 revolution. But then this was broken apart due to selfish, short sighted politics of native leaders on one hand and designs of divide and rule by reigning British on the other.

Fortunately Europe is not at the stage , at least not yet, that it has to yield 1/3 of its land mass to create an Islamic State. Also Mohammedan domination has not reached the stage of domination as ruling class as in India. Even then look at the threat posed by less than 1%. Abdeslam’s arrest may have foiled strikes on Belgian n-plants, said a headline in 'Hindu' daily digest.

Thus while there is hope , unlike India once , Europe is not under Mohammedan domination, still as long as ISIS remains intact sustained by various power centers in the world, the threat to Europe remains. ISIS is not an isolated entity. It has active oil trade and military contacts and support from both neighboring and distant states and governments.

Besides how to defend itself, Europe also forgot how to produce children. This is a major existential threat - with booming Moslem numbers , declining native population,future Europe may realize prediction of Algerian Islamist leader who said Europe will be conquered through wombs of Moslem women.

Islamic State the fighting arm of Caliphate also declared;

Islamic State: “We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses, and enslave your women, by the permission of Allah”

Truly the world is witnessing now the clash of civilizations that is taking place in streets of capital cities of europe like London, Madrid and Paris before , now in capital of EUropean Union itself.

In response European Union just granted 6.6 billion to turkey to facilitate migrant transit,.
Even though ISIS is busy right now in Europe, it still keeps Americans in its cross hairs. See the item below who it is targeting in US. And also see how it is raising its forces , from tamil nadu to middle east promising to send 400 jihadis to attack europe . Even though it is occupied and busy elsewhere, it has not forgotten America. Do see enclosed.
GOD BLESS EUROPA, America, India , the world in general.
Best wishes, XXXXXXXXXX----------------
* Civilian Casualties of World War Two
Citation: C N Trueman "Civilian Casualties Of World War Two" The History Learning Site, 6 Mar 2015. 3 Mar 2016.Allies:
Great Britain + Commonwealth 60,000
France 360,000
United States Minimal
USSR 7,700,000
Belgium 90,000
Holland 190,000
Norway Minimal
Poland 5,300,000
Greece 80,000
Yugoslavia 1,300,000
Czechoslovakia 330,000
China (from 1937 on) 10,000,000

Total 25,410,000

Axis powers:
Germany 3,810,000
Austria 80,000
Italy 85,000
Rumania 465,000
Hungary 280,000
Bulgaria 7,000
Finland Minimal
Japan 360,000

Total 5,087,000

Total civilian casualties Allies + Axis = 30,497,000
Total civilian + military casualties (Allies + Axis) = 55,014,000

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