Date: 25/03/2016

We must thank Kewal Singh Ahluwalia for explaining the Sikh history and the bond with Hindus so well.

IT IS INDEED, UNBELIEVABLE that some Sikhs could be so far removed from common sense, weight of history, and ideological differences like day and night, to make common cause with the ENEMY. It is preposterous. So let us try to look at the background.

There are numerous causes for this regrettable but unusual phenomenon. Let us grab the roots to see what is going on in Bharat. There are TEN (possibly more!) -

First is the total COLLAPSE of Hindu nation in 1947. Even today MANY Hindus trust Italian born Sonia, a staunch CATHOLIC and proud Italian, and support her and her "Hindu bashing" Party. What example are they setting for the Sikhs- and the others?

Second, full liberty given to anti Hindu dynasty to rule and misrule the country for 67 years, long time to brainwash the masses and disorientate our youth.

Third, the DIVIDE & RULE policy of corrupt and "dirty" Congress in alliance with Muslims (Muslim vote bank) but not with Hindus, Buddhists or Sikhs.

Everyone, especially the Sikhs, would have been happy and satisfied had the Muslims been KICKED OUT as soon as the flag of Pakistan was raised in KARACHI in 1947. But to disappointment and anger of many Hindus and MOST Sikhs it never happened while millions of Hindus (and Sikhs) were brutally massacred and forced out of their homes. SOMETHING SIMILAR TO THE RECENT HINDU EXODUS FROM SRINAGAR. Why is the Hindu nation NOT UP IN ARMS in defence of Kashmiri Hindus?

Fourth, The ongoing SIMMERING Kashmir situation that has been DELIBERATELY kept tense and incendiary by the cowardly Central Governments in Delhi. It cannot meet with approval by most Sikhs living on the edge of the deep sink hole. People lose faith if things are not clear and if the GOVERNMENTS are unscrupulous, partisan, corrupt, ditherihng and inefficient. There is Article 370 for South Kashmir but not for East Punjab. Under such circumstances radical groups are born like mushrooms on earth who take advantage of weak and dishonest governments. A sense of INSECURITY sets in that makes our own children behave erratically even stupidly. Who is to blame? Governments or citizens? Parents or children?

Fifth, No proper explanation to the Sikhs (even to the Hindus) as to WHY their homes were simply had to be left to the Muslim predators across Pakistan in 1947. We, the fleeing Hindus and Sikhs, looked in two directions for explanation: Government and the NATION. To our bad luck Government and nation both FAILED us. In 1947 they were both "DEAD"! We saw 10 per cent of Hindus hit hard by Partition as opposed to 90% Sikhs since Punjab was their homeland.

Sixth: As we know, the Sikhs love their gurdwaras unlike the Hindus who have not mustered guts to rebuild Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya until now. So the surrender of West Punjab with ALL the historic gurdwaras including the Janmasthan of the First Guru, Guru Nanak Devji, has been a big shock and grievance for the Sikhs that has not been appreciated either by the nation or the Government. The Sikhs are keen to see the gurdwaras LIBERATED by Government of Hindusthan. Their (Gurdwaras') "slavery" is the Sikhs' degradation. Not once have the LEADERS who betrayed us even said "Sorry!"

Seventh: Deleting the word "PARTITION" hits the Sikhs especially hard since on per capita basis they were devastated TEN TIMES more than the Hindus.

Nearly all the Sikh community (about 60%) were devastated whereas hundreds of millions of Hindus living in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Bihar, Gujarat, UP and Maharashtra did not even realise as to what was going on in West Punjab, East Bengal and across Kashmir. Lack of information was Nehru's biggest crime. He directed the State owned media to praise him and sing his Party's glories.

There is a marked difference between the tolerance level of the Hindus and the Sikhs. Hence the Sikh collective psyche is more hurt & disoriented than the Hindus'. It should not have been so. One expected the Hindus, too, to be mighty upset over the unconditional surrender of one third of Bharat for no apparent reason. SOME HEADS HAD TO ROLL but Hindu "jagat" took to Nehru and Congress as their saviours, as if nothing had happened while the Sikhs, a good fighting force, kept the grudge suppressed in mind.

Eighth. Sikhs were about 1.5% of population and could not stand up to the Islamic onslaught in 1947. One expected the MAJORITIY community to defend our territory and also teach Mohammed Ali Jinnah a lesson for life. But what a disgrace that instead of charging him with HIGH TREASON against united Bharat Nehru kept BROTHERLY relations with Jinnah even after the break up of Bharat. An average Sikh cannot understand as to why saying "Khalistan" invites death sentence but saying "Pakistan" still keeps the Muslims as "brothers"! Furthermore seeing names of Nehru stuck on roads and buildings upsets the Sikhs much more than the Hindus. He was the one who did not lift his finger or say even one word to keep LAHORE (75% Hindu/Sikh) and Sri Nankana Sahib (Janmasthan of Guru Nanak) within Bharat!

Ninth. The ROTTEN choice of Sikhs for top posts to degrade the community and retard the country while Congress was busy plundering the nation. Could they not find someone as Home Minister who could read and write INSTEAD OF ILLITERATE BOOTA SINGH who became "bhangi" of Indira? Could they not find someone more MANLY than Manmohan Singh who became Sonia's poodle? Then consider BOLLYWOOD of the KHANS who insulted the Hindus and the Sikhs while entertaining the masses. Typical Hindu character was of a devious dishonest guy while the Sikh was a gangster! These things do rub on the subconscious of people.

Tenth. The quality of Sikh leaders is rotten. Take the chief minister of East Punjab, ruling his State from Union Territory that lies OUTSIDE his State. Instead of ensuring skilled oriented education, instead of reforming the police, instead of attending to the chaos on roads, sanitation and town planning, he is busy building his own personal empire. His son is Deputy Chief Minister, a clear violation of democracy, and the youth are badly neglected. NONE TOLD THEM ABOUT PARTITION. There are no jobs, no sports, no social awareness, no sense of responsibility. Furthermore there is evidence that the Congress government deliberately targeted the Sikhs to demoralise / destroy them since they are seen as the defence arm of Hindusthan.

The fools who said namaz with the Muslims were never told of PARTITION. They have no idea of history and have been brainwashed by State Secularism in Hindusthan. They never knew who is friend and who is foe. But they are not incorrigible like the Muslims. Just watch them change overnight when the new Constitution for "HINDU RASHTRA" is read out to them!

We can regret what they did and feel sorry for their ignorance and foolishness but have to look at the ruling TOP in Bharat and ask, "Why do they insist on saying, "MUSLIMS ARE OUR BROTHERS"? The reality is different. We are SHOCKED to see our ignorant boys saying namaz because we never passed on what we know about our enemies.

How strong has to be HINDU NATION that we will see Muslim youth attending mandirs and gurdwaras in Hindusthan? That is a thought we should constantly entertain in our minds.
PS: These youth have rotten example of their elders, even rulers who never said, "WE ARE PROUD TO BE HINDU!".