Date: 25/03/2016

Dear patriots,

Please note the views of my friend in Doncaster (below). How true!

It is amazing HOW LITTLE the West understands ISLAM though in the past the Christians took more than a HUNDERD years to drive the followers of MOHAMMED OF MECCA out of Europe, mainly from Spain, Bulgaria and Greece, and at huge cost in LIFE & MONEY.

There is NONE on earth who has more solid and in depth experience and knowledge of MUSLIMS than the HINDUS in and from India. The Muslims appeared in India in 712 AD and immediately began with abduction of girls (great addiction!), murder of natives (regarded infidels) and conversion BY FORCE ("Islam or Death!" heard across the country, day and night!) Even infants were put to sword. In one case small infants, mere 5 and 7 years old, were bricked in alive to death by suffocation on refusing to embrace Islam!

India recovered from the TERROR of Mohammed in 1947 but again at a huge cost. ONE THIRD of her surface area was captured BY BULLYING and THREAT OF CIVIL WAR, in order to establish Pakistan (today seen by the world as a TERRORIST STATE) where ethnic cleansing ensured the massacre of some TWO MILLION non Muslims and abduction and rape of hundreds of thousands of girls and women, some marched stark naked in procession through streets in the year of her birth.

This was the REALITY behind the falsehood that "Islam is a religion of peace!" TODAY there are thousands of YAZIDI girls and women captured by the followers of MOHAMMED whose menfolk were killed, mostly in front of their eyes. They are a heavy burden on the conscience of the rest of COWARDLY mankind, claiming to be civilised but "frozen in the ice of pc (political correctness) to plan their quick release .

For survival, Christian Europe and America ought to seriously listen to the WARNNGS coming from the East.

25 March 2016

I fully support to your campaign for Brexit. UK is a small island and already grossly over-populated. National identity and native cultures are eroding fast with reckless political correctness and Muslim appeasements. If we don't leave the UK then within the next ten years UK will become just another anarchist Muslim country. In the last ten years, Muslim populations have doubled from 1-1/2 million to three million and with extremely high birth rates of Muslims it will be growing recklessly fast. Many parts of London is now Londonistan and many parts of UK are now like third world Muslim countries. Immigration of Muslims has brought huge social divisions, erosion of British culture, import of hardcore Islamic doctrines of Sharia Law and of course, Islamic terrorism. It is now Gospel truth, that, all the terrorists all over the world are Muslims hell bent to destroy the human civilisation.

UK has to be saved and the only way forward is Brexit.