Date: 25/03/2016

The subject of Islam needs frank discussion and pc inhibits us all, especially in the West.
All the ISLAMIC republics have this advantage that they have NO pc and beheading, amputation of limbs or stoning to death are perfectly LEGAL and politically correct.

Daesh claim to be good Musilms and to them abduction, rape and SALE of Yazidi girls and women in perfectly in order. Those girls have NO human rights backers at all. The West has not yet mobilised to rescue them all. What did the SIKHS in Punjab do centuries ago?

Whenever the MUSLIM invaders returned to Afghanistan or Iran with the loot and slaves from India, the Sikh bands used to attack these returning convoys, RESCUE THE GIRLS and then took them back to their grateful parents.

Today we do not see that tradition of rescuing the Yazidi girls and bringing them back to their parents or places of safety anywhere in Brussels, Paris, London or Washington.