Rotherham sex abuse trial

Date: 30/03/2016

Hi Victoria,

I often watch your programmes in the morning and today (March 30, 2016), in particular, was an eye opener with regard to molestation, abuse and rape of minor British school girls by Pakistani Muslims living in (once great) Great Britain.

What kind of MOTHERS will these abused girls become, lacking faith in men, teachers, parents and society, is for this humiliated nation to contemplate.

Their experience is also a sad reflection on CHURCH that did not pass on virtues and morality, and on PARENTS who produced these girls without any sense of responsibility and then did not protect them from PAKISTANI predators.

The POLICE also must be condemned for being too scared of pc while ignoring their primary DUTY to save all citizens from coming to any harm, especially the naïve, ignorant and vulnerable White Christian girls of young age. (Muslims read in their history how Muslim armies so often captured Christian females for sex- just like the Hindu girls en masse in previous centuries, and now the Yazidi women!)

What about the TEACHERS? What kind of contact did they have with their own pupils? Teachers of young children are regarded parent- substitute and are supposed to inculcate the cultural values of society and impart CHARACTER to be worthy of their salaries and professional calling.

Finally, we need to examine the MUSLIM psyche itself with regard to keeping their own girls strictly indoors or in veil and purdah, while “hunting” those who are brought up in the culture of freedom and equality of sexes.

The society must know how the Muslims universally treat girls of their own community who are seen merely walking with a Christian boy. How many instances do we see of MIXED (Muslim/Christian) marriages where the bride is Muslim while the groom is Christian?

Is anyone worried about the very survival of Christianity in this country if a Christian (or any non Muslim) girl “vanishes” from her own Faith and Culture while embracing ISLAM in order to submit to the command, or wish, of her Muslim groom, his family and community? If every MIXED marriage is to result in the increase in Muslim numbers then surely in the end we will all live in the ISLAMIC republic of Great Britain and go under the Sharia Law.

What led to the birth of ISLAMIC Pakistan on the Indian sub continent? If the issue is not taken up seriously and immediately then our Parliament, too, is following pc to the extreme like the pre-partition parliament in India.

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Rotherham sex abuse trial: Teenage girls 'repeatedly raped'

Now we learn from your programme this morning that the number of sexually abused British White girls is over TWO THOUSAND- just in one town!

The PAKISTANI Muslims have brought with them a few incurable social DISEASES.


30 March 16.