Date: 31/03/2016

Dear patriots,
What is being forwarded here is the essence of our thousand years of history.
How is it that even after a MILLENNIUM of being at the receiving end of vicious ISLAM, we are still trying to reform it through Sufis in Partitioned India or welcoming them from the West and the EAST to use as "vote banks"?

How vastly different are the FREE men of America where, like NO other country on earth, we see determined resistance to murderous creed of Islam! Do they not have the inhibiting "shackles and fetters" of pc? Yes, they do have them but they put THE RIGHT TO SURVIVE WITH HONOUR above all else.

With regard to ISLAM and MOHAMMED, America is where we Hindus were at the time of Prithvi Raj Chauhan (1190 AD). Muslims have just entered America, Australia and Canada, and the Americans have already discovered the permanent ANTI KAFIR trait of the Muslims and their craving for virgins and their fixation on killing, plundering, abducting, raping and selling women- and destroying ancient heritage of mankind.

It was too late for Afghanistan's Buddhists to save the two tall statues at Bamyan. There, the Buddhists have THEMSELVES vanished like the Hindus of Pakistan. It is too late for Hindusthan to save the original temples in Varanasi, Mathura, Somnath and Ayodhya. BUT IT IS STILL TIME FOR AMERICA TO SAVE 'STATUE OF LIBERTY', THE PENTAGON, and THE WHITE HOUSE.

If the Americans get a counterpart of Gandhi who will chant, "Christian-Muslim Bhai Bhai!" or "All mankind is one family!" then inevitably America will also be LOST, that is, partitioned & broken like Hindusthan. Then WHO will be left to stand in front of the ISLAMIC "TSUNAMI"?

Hence please not only watch these videos (below) but also PASS ON TO MAXINIM number of non Muslims (Hindus) who will be targeted by the Muslims till extinction.

We have NEVER seen or heard any minister, governor or Rashtrapati in Hindusthan who could come up to the height of Donald Trump's ankles in COURAGE and AWARENESS. One can clearly see the ideological STALWARTS and the PYGMIES of this world.

If America can stop the expansion of Islam on the rest of the earth then our Hindusthan, too, will be safe. Otherwise Lahore, Delhi and Dhaka may come under ONE flag (of Daesh)>

Congratulations to America for producing a MAN like TRUMP.


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Subj: The Vicious Snake by Donald Trump

What you are about to read, watch and probably forward to others, come from the wisdom. It is very hard to know how many humans are born with certain kind disabilities but majority are not. After watching the video and it's narrated version of poem will awaken you.

Please click on the links below and find out for self and for the message to world population:

Donald Trump Reads Lyrics from 'The Snake' to Illustrate ...
Must watch video no matter how much annoying. Hope you will forward to others as well.