Date: 06/04/2016


1. Pakistan born Canadian writer Janab Tarek Fatah on ABP News:

2. Kashmiri Pandits who are Hindus, were killed in Hindustan in their home land, you Hindus don't have the spine to re-establish them in Kashmir again, and you talk about "Secularism".

3. Pakistan is responsible for terrorism. Five Pakistani guys come and blast the shit out of you, and you talk about "Tolerance”!

4. Inside most of the Mosques, they chant "Kill Kafirs “in groups", and you talk about "Minority Rights”!

5. In Kerala, Hyderabad, West Bengal, Kashmir ...they raise Pakistani flags, and you name them "Indian Muslims”!

5. 6. Everyone knows whenever India-Pak war happens, and even in a cricket match Indian Muslims are on which side, but still you call them "Patriots”!

7. Taslima Nasreen and many more writers were beaten in Hyderabad, Owaisi asked his followers to kill 100 crore Hindus, why you did not return your awards then against "rising intolerance”!

8. Pakistan is beheading your soldiers and your politicians are visiting Pakistan to resume trade and relations! When will you Hindus have the guts and control your obsession with "Urdu and Biryani”!

9. Thousands of your temples are demolished, you could not do anything! You're still struggling to build a temple in your own country, at your own cultural center Ayodhya.

10. Be it 2002, 1991 ...these are the reactions of violence of Muslims, their obsession about Jihad and right now for ISIS. You think Indians don't join ISIS? Check the data from Britain and many countries where NRI's are joining in huge numbers.

11. At last, I would say that you have not thought about the above mentioned points until some random Pakistani Muslim guy from Canada comes here to wake you up! When will you have the guts, you Hindu cowards?