Date: 09/04/2016

Panun Kashmir

Joint statement given by Dr Ajay Chrungoo, chairman Panun Kashmir, and Dr Agnishekher, Convenor Panun Kashmir on 7.4.2016 in Jammu.

Panun Kashmir unequivocally supports the security concerns of the students of NIT Kashmir. Panun Kashmir also supports the shifting of NIT outside Kashmir. Panun Kashmir recognizes that the police repression and anti-India intimidation of the patriotic students reading in NIT Kashmir is part of a broader fundamentalist and separatist attrition campaign.

Panun Kashmir appeals to Government of India and the political class of India to recognize that NIT Kashmir is located in a milieu that allowed the genocide of entire Hindu community of Kashmir. The security concerns of the students fall in the realm of concerns and resistance against a genocidal enterprise which has become only stronger since the expulsion of Kashmiri Hindus.

The police repression unleashed on the students of NIT Kashmir recently has been also an organized state repression on the nationalist sentiment. It clearly reflects that a significant portion of the state police apparatus in Kashmir hasassumed a brazen anti-national tendency. Panun Kashmir demands that Government of India to take notice of this most alarming development where organs of the administration have started identifying clearly with anti-India sentiment in the state.

Panun Kashmir is of the firm view that polity gets subverted and organs of the state become instruments against the nation only when governments are allowed to be formed on a separatist agenda. Panun Kashmir urges Government of India to abandon the strategic and tactical perspectives of protecting, patronizing and promoting soft-secessionist politics with the hope of neutralizing separatism.

Panun Kashmir condemns the policy of gradual abdication pursued by Government of India in Jammu and Kashmir over the years. Panun Kashmir wants Government of India and the political class of India to realize that describing abdication as accommodation is a suicidal tendency. It eventually leads to death of the nation

The happenings in NIT Kashmir have once again brought to the fore that Jammu and Kashmir is behaving as a de-facto Muslim state on the territory of India. An anti-national polity rules the roost in the state. Its democratic apparatus operates only symbolically within the confines of the constitution of the nation. The policy adopted by Government of India has only acted as a huge incubator for anti-India and communal tendencies. The situation can be retrieved by recognizing that premiums given to and patronization offered to various variants of communalism, fundamentalism and separatism in the state have only resulted in flourishing of competitive communalism and competitive separatism in the state.

Panun Kashmir wants the whole nation to take note of growing separatist ferment in the state, growing terrorism within the state and growing belligerence of both Pakistan and China against India. Situation is extremely alarming and as such wishful thinking and soft pedaling of the dangers to the nation can cause immense harm.