Date: 02/05/2016

ELSA lives in Canada. She is a great campaigner for keeping Europe safe from Islamic predators who are universally perceived to be a grave threat to human values, dignity of women and to the freedom of life and worship of all Non Muslims on earth.
Below is the story, in her own words. of her father who was a brave man and inspired her to take on the hardest challenge on earth.
The URL on KORAN is remarkable with details of all the Suras with terrible foreboding for the Infidels (the civilised gentle folk) on earth. At particular risk and danger are the girls and women as we saw during Partition massacres in India in 1947 and more recently in the treatment of girls in Nigeria and the YAZIDI women and girls in Syria.
The SILENT BUT DEADLY INVASION OF EUROPE, that is underway in full force now, worries Elsa greatly as it should all of us.

2 May 2016.

Corollary: If your neighbours are wild and poor while you possess diamonds, gold and silver, then shut your doors tightly (seal your frontiers, have strict border control) to protect all this and your daughters, too.


In a message dated 5/2/2016 7:04:12 P.M. GMT Daylight Time, elsa@ElsasEmporium.com writes:

Erwin SchiederTommy Robinson, my father, and myself.

My father's birthday was April 3. This year, on that day, a friend asked me if I could help her with one of those crowd funding sites. Tommy Robinson, a good friend, was in despair. He was sure that, without good legal representation, he would be faced with more prison time from an unjust system. The outcome would likely be his death: he would again, almost certainly, be put with Islamic violent offenders.

I agreed to help. I could not have given my father a better birthday present. He cared passionately about justice and getting good to prevail. In my childhood, he would read my Superman comics as soon as I finished them: terrible forces of evil, but good always wins in the end.

He would be so proud of what has been accomplished. Over a thousand donors from around the world, raising well over twice the target amount. And then on April 14, the court date and the quick verdict: case dismissed, with costs.

I think of my father's legacy to me. Two sides of it. His passion for justice and fairness. And his inability to reach out far into the world.

All my life I have also cared passionately. And I have had a hard time reaching out into the world to make nearly as much of an impact as it felt to me I should be making. Because that has likewise been part of my father's legacy. It's not something he would ever have wanted to pass on. And it's something I have worked hard to leave behind.

I know my father would be incredibly proud of what I am helping accomplish - of the way we've been able to accomplish something - not just rail against injustice.

And Tommy is part of this - someone who not only cares, but dares and does.I'm happy to be part of helping him be able to continue. (Here's more info on Tommy - including a link to donate, because we know that the "justice" system is not likely to have been conquered for good: http://WestInDanger.com)

I think of all our complex legacies - strengths we have inherited, and alsoweaknesses. Courage. And fears that bind us. Insights. And things we won't see.

I see this complex legacy in all of us, who are taking on the huge task of saving (and even improving) Western civilization.

No more for now.

Today, just a thank you to my father, and to all of us who are doing, in our own way, what we can to uphold, save, and also improve, Western civilization.

If you'd like to share something about your own legacies, and what you've done with them, I'd love to hear. If people write, I will put this online unless you tell me it's private. I won't give any names, unless you want your name mentioned. (Please let me know.)

As always, all the best to all who care and dare,


PS. Why write this, instead of writing on, say, yet another gruesome instance of violent jihad or lawfare jihad? Because it's up to us, with our imperfections, our foibles, our many sides, to turn the tide. I remember a song from Man of La Mancha -To Dream the Impossible Dream:

I don't see our dream as impossible. But I do see us as "a motley crew" taking on some utterly massive challenges. And there I am, on board with the rest of you.

PPS. Something amazing. A link we should all keep handy (unless your memory is way better than mine). I just learned about it from CitizenWarrior, one of my favorite blogs:
This is a new online version of the Quran, with some fabulous features:
1. It's in chronological order;
2. It gives a visual impression of how Mohammed's message changed over time;
3. Verses relating to different themes (Allah, Believers, Unbelievers, Jihad) are color-coded and highlighted;
4. All abrogated verses are highlighted with popups of their abrogating verses.

That last feature is my favorite. Okay, so I may know something is abrogated. But how do I quickly and easily show this. This makes it a snap!

PPPS. For lots more, come to:



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