Date: 19/05/2016

Dear friends,

Thank you for the Initiative to record the story of INDIA'S VIOLENT BREAK UP in 1947.

India surrendered FIVE provinces without any condition or referendum. It is undoubtedly history's worst ever UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER when we consider the SIZE OF TERRITORY surrendered and the NUMBER OF PEOPLE KILLED and FORCED TO FLEE as refugees.

Why are there so many books and films on World War 2 and the HOLOCAUST but NONE on Partition? There are TWO reasons:

Indians' (especially Hindus') extremely LOW self esteem and self denigration (That is why there is NO Memorial to the Dead of 1947); and

Because the TOP LEADERS (esp. Gandhi and Nehru) behaved like "rats" or "enemies" of AKHAND BHARAT.

OUT OF GUILT FOR HIGH TREASON for betraying India and the tens of millions of HINDUS on the OTHER side of border, NEHRU called it "Independence" but NOT Partition! Even the "Constitution of Coolies" does not contain the word "PARTITION"!

Now it is up to the modern FEARLESS youth of India to bring out the Truth on that bogus Partition that was Nehru's gift to the Indian Muslims while delivering lethal BLOW to Hindusthan (Broken Bharat).