Date: 13/06/2016


50 INNOCENT people massacred and 53 wounded, some seriously, by a MUSLIIM fanatic who had come from Afghanistan, the land of Al Qaida and Taliban, but swore absolute LOYALTY to the United States and her citizens when he begged upon his knees for the privilege of US citizenship. Mr Obama called it a crime of terror and hate. Yes, “terror & hate” perennial- two attributes that make Islam different from Hinduism and Christianity. The President got it right. Two words that describe the world of Islam so eloquently.

The host country put implicit faith in the Musalmaan, and gave him the post of security officer. What bigger proof of putting blind faith in the words of Mr Barak Hussain Obama?

No country on earth has MORE experience and understanding of Islam and the Muslims than PARTITIONED India and we can categorically state that a Mohammedan is NEVER to be trusted either with gun or girls!

Whether they came in as INVADERS or TRADERS they brought their crude creed from the Desert. Wherever they could do so, they terrorised the natives out of sheer hatred and contempt, massacred our ancestors by the million, destroyed our places of worship and abducted and raped the noble daughters of our land and even converted millions by force & threat, “Islam or death?”

Thus spread the gangrene of Islam in North Kashmir and the cancer of Islam in East Bengal. Ultimately “political surgery” severed these parts of India from the Motherland. It was poet laureate Mohammed Iqbal’s way of saying “Thank you” to Hindusthan after having called her “the BEST country on earth” (“saare jahan se achcha Hindustan hamaara!”) In Orlando, too, the killer, Omar Mateen said “Thank you for having me,” in the Islamic way.

Once again we see that it is the nature of Islam to turn a “believer” into a fanatic and it is in the nature of the other CIVILISED and genuine religions on earth like Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism, to FORGET & FORGIVE.

This guy was trusted with a responsible job and even a gun license by the host nation. It seems amazing that anyone would object to the views of Donald Trump on the Muslims!

Yet foremost among those who agree with President Obama (“Islam is a religion of peace”!) are the HINDUS. The scene on ground in Bharat is UNBELIEVABLE. Not one finger is raised at them for MUTILATING the ancient land of peace and wisdom. Not a minute’s silence is observed by the Parliament in New Delhi to pay homage to MILLIONS of Hindus killed, murdered and massacred by the MUSLIMS over the past centuries and not even the PRESIDENT mentions the word PARTITION or spares a thought for the betrayed and (unconditionally) surrendered cities of Karachi, Quetta, Lahore, Peshawar, Dhaka and North Kashmir. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing to remind our growing generations that these cities were once in Bharat but snatched through bullying and threats by the so-called “religion of peace”!

If America can forget her nine eleven and call Islam a “religion of peace” and if PARTITIONED India is adamant NOT to erect a memorial to the TWO MIILION dead of 1947 and SIX MILLION dead of the previous centuries, WHAT HOPE OF SAVING SECULARISM, DEMOCRACY & WOMEN’S DIGNITY from the followers of Mohammed in the future?

Sir Winston Churchill, a shrewd observer said, “ISLAM IS AS DANGEROUS IN A MAN AS RABIES IN A DOG."

William Gladstone, Prime Minister of global power, Great Britain, called QUR'AN “an accursed book,” adding, “AS LONG AS THERE IS THIS BOOK THERE WILL BE NO PEACE IN THE WORLD."

Who can deny it?

Now Orlando will be forgotten like the St Bernadino massacre, like the Boston killing, like the Fort Hood massacre, like the NINE ELEVEN destruction of WTC towers in New York and the attack on Pentagon on the same day, and so on- AD INFINITUM!

Will someone in the end call for a NUCLEAR FREE & MUSLIM FREE WORLD? By all logic it will either be a Hindu (departed) soul in Noakhali or a Sikh (departed) soul in Rawalpindi. Or even a survivor from ORLANDO.