Date: 29/07/2016



Today, July 29, 2016, the Pope is doing the most honourable thing. He is at Auschwitz, Poland, where in 1940�s millions of innocent Jews were gassed to death. They were killed only because they were Jews. Silently he prayed for them and moved the hearts of the world. Only the honourable remember their past.

Coming back to BHARAT we meet with the cowardly silence of the living DEAD. There is no sign of life in the one billion strong Hindu nation. There is total lack of empathy with the survivors of our own HOLOCAUST in 1940�s.

Millions of Hindus (including Sikhs) were killed only because they were Hindus! Yet neither the President nor the Prime Minister, nor even the Lok Sabha, is prepared to honour their memory. They refuse even to recall them.

Not once in the last 70 odd years has any one of them (sub human specie) ever mentioned them in their speeches on Republic Day or �Independence� (i.e., PARTITION) Day!

Is it not time to remove this public proof of our collective cowardice & dishonour? Is there some kind of terror in all of us, from President to the Peon, that such an act of remembrance will �provoke� the Muslims into civil war where the outcome is a foregone conclusion, that is, a crushing defeat of the majority community?

Do we have to collect a million signatures to back up the demand for a Memorial to the Dead of 1946-47? SHAME!

Let us now earnestly suggest to the honourable prime minister, Shri Narendra Modi, to discuss this matter in Lok Sabha and obtain approval for converting Raj Ghat*, Delhi, into a Hindu Holocaust Memorial?

* Raj Ghat is �sarkari� memorial to MK Gandhi for his alleged courage to �chase the British out of India�, while NONE mentions the loss of one third of India (PARTITION) when he was the TOP leader of Hindusthan!

Let the nation rise to make Raj Ghat our own counterpart of their AUSHWITZ where not only our President but also the entire cabinet and all the foreign dignitaries are taken to pay homage to those who were slaughtered by the fundamentalist Muslims so that Hindusthan (Bharat) could get freedom from the British masters!


29 Jul 16 (historic day when the Pope visited Auschwitz!)