Date: 11/08/2016

Dear Sir, !

You have wonderfully analysed the matters , specially the Turkish Thoughts.

Sir, I have been to Turkey Three times & I do understand them reasonably better than Normal persons do ( Not You ,sir )

It comes as a surprise to me That the Turks who were earlier Crusaders/ INVADERS in INDIA of Islam including Ordering Mass killing of Hindus In India and who were Buyers or Recipients of MOST BEAUTIFUL Helpless Hindu Girls from Both East & West Pakistan in 1947 when our so called Congress leaders like Gandhi & Nehru and who had killed all the Non-Muslims in their Country & which Had ruled all over Europe as Ottoman Empire for 4 -5 hundred Years & who had demolished most of the Christian Churches from European countries wherever they Ruled , how come USA has made Turkey as its ally & member of NATO and Not the turks are aggressively engaged in Converting the Americans into Islam and they have very well penetrated even in the Pentagon of America , without realising the dangers ahead.

The Turks have entered into Germany in very large nos. & they can Not be thrown out from Germany now owing to germany's own Blunders to the extent that all the Turks ( MUSLIMS ) in Germany feel it is their Birth -right to Rape & Molest German Girls as per their SHARIAT . The funniest Thing that to retain the power in hands , the ruling German Chancellor , shamelessly approving the free entry of Muslim refugees into their country , a mistake or Blunder which our Congress Traitors had done with HINDUS in India.

In India , Gandhi had done one of the most FOOLISH THING in around 1920's of Supporting Indian Muslims Of Khilafat Movement which had no Connection or Relation with India, Germany and all other European Countries are Doing the same BLOODY blunder now which they are Bound to suffer. It may take Centuries to get rid of these ISLAMIC JIHADIES IN DISGUISE at present . I pity the current European thought duly Supported By America & America Led UNITED NATIONS.

I, further Regret that we, the Non-Muslims , never learn the required lessons, Europeans are NOT out Of it .

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NB: The Subject line above should be, TURKEY, EUROPE'S BIG PROBLEM.

Turks have the history of conquest in their genes. Kemal Ataturk was a passing phenomen of "sanity by legislation" that is fading away rapidly.

As early as 1192 AD a Turkish warlord appeared in India and defeated the local ruler, Prithvi Raj, and occupied Delhi after widespread massacre of the Hindus. See http://www.webindia123.com/history/MEDIEVAL/delhisultanate/delhi%20sultanate1.htm

Later, much later, another Turkish army laid siege to the city of VIENNA.

Please watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pc-RWtovrqg and

The videos show the contrast between the survival of Austria (and Europe) and the quick "DEATH" of secular India in 1947. Are there any lessons for the free world? YES, there is one. It is, that ISLAM, through generations and CENTURIES, constantly maintains its drive & thrust for conquest and expansion.

The first attempt to capture Vienna was made in 1529 and the second in 1683. Not one of the original warrior was in the second wave. In India, too, they MAINTAINED the same aim for CENTURIES- to conquer, humiliate, enslave, rape and plunder India- and they succeeded.

Thus, BE SURE, that the Turks will invade Europe again, and again, AND AGAIN! Is the free world willing to learn from history and get ready to push them back decisively, extracting back-breaking reparations as was done with Germany after World War 1?

After the Turks overran the whole of South East Europe including the cradle of civilisation, GREECE, it took the Bulgarians and the Greeks CENTURIES to get rid of their ruthless TURKISH occupiers. Is Europe about to repeat history? Unfortunately YES!

All those "representatives" of peoples, titled "Excellencies", are the MOST USELESS lot, even a liability, when it comes to saving the Christian civilisation from the Islamic hordes. They are simply looking for happy time in office and later fat pensions till they die.

President of India deserves a special mention here. Neither he nor his prime minister ever mentions the devastating Islamic attack of 1947 when ONE THIRD of India vanished from the maps overnight.

Are the MEP's and US Congressmen (and women) ANY BETTER? Can't they see ISLAM increasing by leaps and bounds in Europe and America? They do have BRAINS but no courage to prepare for the worst. Their only joy is that their countries will "catch fire" long AFTER they have left the office!

Turkey should be asked to look EASTWARDS and reform the restless violent & volatile ISLAMIC world from Afghanistan to Indonesia where over- population, unemployment, madrassas and BRAINWASHING are producing countless terrorists to explode bombs across the whole world.

The West, like Partitioned India, needs to watch the increase in Muslim NUMBERS. The more the Muslims, the more the unrest, upheaval, insurrections and danger to virgins! Lahore and Dhaka had secularism, democracy, choice and freedom till 1947. Now in Pakistan nearly ONE THOUSAND young women are killed by the cowards for "Honour" and Bangladesh is "exporting" her surplus to all the countries on earth, including India and Myanmar.

11 August 2016

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Burak Bekdil: Turkey, Europe's Little Problem
Shoshana Bryen: Is Israel about to Sign a Terrible Deal?
Turkey, Europe's Little Problem
by Burak Bekdil � August 11, 2016 at 5:00 am

Europe is giving signals, albeit slowly, that it may be waking up from the "Turkey-the-bridge" dream. Germany's Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmaier said that his country's relations with Turkey have grown so bad the two countries have virtually "no basis" for talks.

"Italy should be attending to the mafia, not my son," said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Typically, he does not understand the existence of independent judiciary in a European country. He thinks, as in an Arab sheikdom, prosecutors are liable to drop charges on orders from the prime minister.

"We know that the democratic standards are clearly not sufficient to justify [Turkey's] accession [to the European Union]." � Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern.

Germany's Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmaier (right) said that his country's relations with Turkey under Recep Tayyip Erdogan have grown so bad the two countries have virtually "no basis" for talks.
Nations do not have the luxury, as people often do, of choosing their neighbors. Turkey, under the 14-year rule of Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Islamist governments, and neighboring both Europe and the Middle East, was once praised as a "bridge" between Western and Islamic civilizations. Its accession into the European Union (EU) was encouraged by most EU and American leaders. Nearly three decades after its official bid to join the European club, Turkey is not yet European but has become one of Europe's problems.

Europe's "Turkish problem" is not only about the fact that in a fortnight a bomb attack wrecked a terminal of the country's biggest airport and a coup attempt killed nearly 250 people; nor is it about who rules the country. It is about the undeniable democratic deficit both in governance and popular culture.

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