Date: 13/08/2016

Respected Prime Minister of India,

I salute you for your PEOPLE POWER.

You are the first prime minister in a thousand years who has invited the subjects to "Share your thoughts with the nation on Independen Day."

Although the address is no-reply@sampark.gov.in we still hope that our e-mail may reach your high office indirectly.

Our first reaction is NOT TO CALL IT INDEPENDENCE. It was PARTITION since we cannot celebrate the DEATH of five sons (or daughters) of Bharat at the same time.

They are still being held in the dark dungeons of ISLAMIC marauders and aggressors, and are looking up to us to LIBERATE them. A country is LAND and its PEOPLE. As a family consists of MEMBERS, a country consists of its PROVINCES. The names of Bharat's children, abducted on August 15, 1947, are

1. Sindh
2. Balochistan
3. Pakhtoon Khwa (then known as NWFP)
4. West Punjab
5. East Bengal.

They were integral parts of our Motherland (Bharat Mata) millennia ago. And they WILL REMAIN integral parts of our Motherland for MILLNNIA to come. If we could not defend LAHORE yesterday we will NOT be able to defend DELHI tomorrow.

Their "abduction", or capture, by SAVAGES & BULLIES
("monsters" as seen through the eyes of Gandhiji but "mice" as seen through the eyes of Guru Gobind Singhji!) was undemocratic (no referendum was held to ascertain their wishes), immoral and an insult to our cherished principle of Secularism.

Kindly broadcast the following to the nation day after tomorrow and win our highest respect:

"Dear countrymen, it was PARTITION. INDEPENDENCE is yet to come!"

With greatest respect & regards,
13 August 2016.