Date: 14/08/2016

Dear .........,

Thank you for your e-mail (below) in which you state, "the gift, 'swaraj', for namesake only."

This Truth was suppressed by Pandit Nehru and all his successors who fooled our great Hindu nation to hide their own High Treason by quick surrender of our ancient Motherland to the indigenous Muslims, colluding with the FOREIGN British masters.

As an honourable nation we must show courage to look closely at the 'Fraud, Deception and Surrenders of vast territories' that we in Bharat, from cowardly President to the ignorant peon, conceal behind the word "Independence". It requires patriotism, honesty and courage!

There were TWO invaders from foreign lands: the MUSLIMS and the CHRISTIANS, each with their own uncontrollable motivation to plunder and the "burning" inspiration to convert the natives.

Both inflicted crushing defeats, torture and misery on our ancestors just as the former did in Iran (wiping out Zoroastrians) and Afghanistan (wiping out the Buddhists) and the latter did in North and South America and Australia (wiping out the original native civilisations).

In India the British had effectively ended the hated Islamic rule by 1857 and then left our Hindusthan in 1947 but with everlasting damage by creating the fundamentalist Islamic State of Pakistan.

That the British, who fought two World Wars to save democracy on earth, and more recently campaigned passionately to keep Scotland within UNITED Kingdom, known all over the world for secularism, tolerance and multiculturalism, with the "Mother of Parliaments", the world famous beacon of democracy, located in London, became accomplices in breaking up secular India on RELIGIOUS grounds, beggars belief!

They violated all laws of decency, democracy and civilisation in order to weaken India by destroying the unity of the communities living there for centuries.

Unfortunately, Jawaharlal Nehru and MK Gandhi, who enjoyed total loyalty of the Hindus, betrayed their trust in the most shameful and despicable manner.

"Independence" came to Dehi but not to Lahore and Dhaka. Those two cities, surrendered by India posthaste without a single condition or referendum, as well as North Kashmir, ought to be regarded ETERNALLY "Indian" like Delhi and Chennai. It requires patriotism, honesty and courage!

Therefore, we either cancel celebrations of the lopsided deceptive half-baked "independence" altogether, or congratulate one another by mentioning the slavery of our territories still under the alien Islamic flag and Constitution at the same time. It requires patriotism, honesty and courage!

We pray to Mr. Mukherjee, the President, and Shri Modi, the prime minister, to speak the truth to the nation tomorrow and mention Lahore and Dhaka, even North Kashmir, in their congratulatory messages to the nation. It requires patriotism, honesty and courage!

"Respected Modiji, you are the divine fulfillment of our prayers for centuries as the Prime Minister of Hindusthan, the Custodian & Defender of our "DHARTI" and "DHARMA". Will you please pay homage to all the MILLIONS of Hindus who lost their lives, lands and homes to become refugees to PAY THE PRICE of Independence?" It requires patriotism, honesty and courage!

Please announce the establishment of a Commission of Enquiry (on the lines of Chilcot Enquiry in England) on "PARTITION" in order to expose the traitors who colluded with the enemies to force Bharat to surrender vast territories unconditionally? It requires patriotism, honesty and courage!

The nation also expects a suitable Memorial to the sacred memory of all the Hindus who were massacred in NOAKHALI in Agust 1946 and in the whole of Pakistan in 1947 when Hindu life became dirt cheap. We must honour them. WE MUST HONOUR OUR DEAD! It requires patriotism, honesty and courage!

Let us NOT be seen wanting (lacking).

With highest regards
(Movement for Reunification of India)
August 14, 2016

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We remember August 15th to celebrate the gift, 'swaraj' for namesake only from 'white British' to 'brown British' but not to Vedic Bharatiya people who havebeen suffering for 68 plus years.

--XXX, August 14, 2016 (USA)


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Subject: Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!