Date: 12/09/2016

US Minorities to President Obama



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Barack Obama September 12, 2016

President of the United States

White House

Washington DC

Subject: Free Balochistan From Illegal Occupation of the Terrorist Pakistan.

Ref: Pak-Genocide in Balochistan & Indifference of World Community:

Dear President Obama,

In view of the fast deteriorating conditions and massive human rights violations

by the Pakistani military regime in occupied Balochistan we ask for the immediate U.S. initiative to save the Baloch people from the genocide and ethnic cleansing unleashed by Islamabad. As Americans we are highly concerned about the suppression of minority and human rights which are being trampled upon by the Pak-military junta in the occupied territory. Accordingly we stand in solidarity with the people of Balochistan in their quest for complete liberation from the clutches of the Pakistani military junta and restoration of their sovereign status as it existed in 1947 when the British departed

from the Indian subcontinent.

Since the Pakistani military junta is using the American support and highly sophisticated weaponry against the unarmed and peaceful people in a country under its colonial occupation it becomes our moral responsibility to make sure that our support, military as well as non-military, is not used by a trigger happy regime for suppressing and criminally assaulting a nation that wants nothing but its liberation. The US Govt. must not allow abuse of our support by a questionable ally for annihilating a people who are struggling to regain and restore their sovereignty which is their God given right. Neither the US nor the UN should allow such law of the jungle to prevail in the land of the highly cultured and civilized Balochs. Further more, as Americans we cannot and must not be a party nor should we remain silent about the plans by any regime, legitimate or otherwise, that aims at wiping out a people. That much we all must have learned from WWII.

Mr. President, the crimes committed by Pakistan in Baluchistan are countless. Here are some of the samples of those barbaric crimes:

1) Under its �Kill & Dump� policy the Pak-military has killed upwards of 5,000 Baloch patriots under its custody.Numerous times when upon the judicial intervention detained patriots were ordered to be produced before the court of law, military would kill and dump their bodies on the road side and designate them �terrorists� to avoid presenting them before the judicial authorities;

2)Through its kidnap and abduction program more then 20,000 Balochis continue to suffer with brutal torture and inhumanities inflicted upon them day in and day out in military custody;

3) tens of thousands of Baloch houses have been looted, vandalized and burnt leaving no place for the uprooted to live;

4) 26,000 women and 33,000 children were made homeless with no shelter & amenities;

5) the rape of Baloch women, girls and sexual harassment has become a common occurrence and Pak-military takes active part in it as they did in East Pakistan (1971);

6) intelligentsia including professors, pol. activists, students, lawyers,doctors, journalists and artists have become primary victims of Pak-genocidal plan as they did in the Indian administered J&K;

7) The UN Working Group recommendations were ignored and seriously violated. Although such interventions by the world body helped in resolving conflicts in Kosovo, East Timor and South Sudan, in the case of Balochistan however, the wheels of justice have come to a grinding halt due to the belligerence of the Pak-regime. Consequently the Pak-occupation and human rights violations continue unabated;

8) In Dera Bugti & Kohlu Districts some 100,000 have been made refugees and their properties, professions and trades were forcibly taken over;

9) Activists and patriots are routinely dropped to their death from gunship helicopters and other aerial devices;

10) Scores of leading people resisting Pak-occupation and butchery were hung upside down on trees to die a torturous and painful death;

11) the dead bodies of patriots are severely mutilated and in some cases �Pakistan Zindabad� (long live Pakistan) was carved out on them with knives and other sharp weapons;

12) Notes were left in the pockets of murdered nationalists on the occasion of Eid saying �this is a gift for Eid�;

13) Secular and patriotic Balochs are special targets of the Pak-mercenary forces in an attempt to quill the resistance against Pak-occupation;

14) In view of the tyranny and iron rule of Pak-military in Balochistan most of the freedom fighters of the Free Balochistan Movement are forced to continue their freedom struggle from foreign lands;

15) These heinous crimes and atrocities have been taking place from the day Pakistan occupied Balochistan in 1948. Killing minorities such as Shias, Hazaras, Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Ahmadiyas and Zikris had become a favorite pastime of the Paki-military junta. In this mayhem Pak-terrorist enterprises including Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Ansar-ul-Islam, Lashkar-e-Khorasan, Lashkar-e-Tayba and Taliban etc. were given special roles to play in their designated regions. They played the role of slaughter brigades;

16) In addition to the perpetual abduction, killing and dumping the bodies of Baloch people mass graves containing hundreds of bodies of killed patriots, opponents of the occupation regime and people disobeying the military commands have been discovered in many parts of the occupied country.

Ever since its inception in 1947 Pakistan has been receiving generous American aid. Even participation in the 9/11 crimes by Pakistani nationals did not stop the flow

of the American aid to this epicenter of radical Islamist terrorism. Close to 3,000 people were killed in the 9/11 attacks. We ask when will the American establishment think rationally and act according to the wishes and desires of the American people? In our opinion it makes better sense if all kinds of American support to Pakistan is terminated forthwith. The consideration to resuming any aid should take place only when Pakistan shuts down its networks of terrorist enterprises, and restores the sovereignty of Balochistan which was recognized by Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of the Islamic Republic.

Mr. President, we hope your administration will take firm measures against Pakistan for having abused its relationship with US and for having used American generous aid to subjugate and enslave smaller but significant communities like the people of Balochistan. Such a measure will from every stand point uphold our national principles and simultaneously administer a strong reminder to all our friends and foes that we stand for freedom and representative government for all people without any exception.

Thank you very much Mr. President for your time and consideration.

We are sincerely yours,

India Heritage Foundation, USA; Dr. ARUN Kumar, Chairman ; Global Hindu Heritage Foundation: Narayan SD

Hindu Maha Sabha of America: G. Gaikwad Genl. Secy.

Brd of Directors (Dilip Mehta, Rajiv Verma, Shourie Bannai)

Dr. R.V. Reddy Consultant United Nations Agencies

United Hindu Front of America: Deepak Ganju Chair

American-Indian Intellectual Forum (West Coast)

Diversity-USA Chairman, Dr. Jagan Kaul

Panun Kashmir USA Dr. Amrit Nehru

Panun Kashmir International Chair � Dr. Anil Kaul

Indo-American Association, Oregon M. K. Patel