campaign for reunification of Hindusthan

Date: 18/09/2016

CONGRATULATIONS for launching the campaign for reunification of Hindusthan.

Taking this first step, breaking all the inertia and fears, means half the battle is won already. It is also good to start the Initiative on the anniversary of Victory over Hyderabad in 1948.

One point is worth keeping in mind that during 1940's there was absolutely no case for partitioning India. Nothing could be more ABSURD or STUPID than to concede a separate homeland for the Muslims and then ask them to stay back in partitioned India! (MK Gandhi was seen personally pleading with a group of Muslims at Delhi railway station, who were on their way to Pakistan, to stay back. Gandhi did not want to even see the thousands of Hindu/Sikh refugees wandering about on the platform, hungry and bewildered, after escaping from the bloodshed in Pakistan)

Yet the clash between WILLS started in earnest - the Will for Akhand Bharat and the Will for Pakistan. Normal values like unity, secularism, good neighbourliness and democracy were set aside in order to create the abnormal, that is, the ISLAMIC state of Pakistan on HINDU soil.

The utmost absurdity was that the surrender of vast territories was UNCONDITIONAL just like the humiliating unconditional surrenders of Germany and Japan only two years before! And yet another absurdity was the fact that a minority was driving the MAJORITY up the pole - and the IMBECILE majority was seen doing the ridiculous thing "willingly, and with great pleasure"!

We even began "celebrating" Independence shamelessly, forgetting the painful surrender of vast territories along with the millions of Hindus being butchered, abducted & raped and driven out of their homes in Pakistan!

Humans can easily assume the traits of animals. For example the brave and magnanimous like the lions, cowards like the jackals, passive like the donkeys, venomous like the snakes, endearing like the doves, beautiful like the peacocks and greedy or hungry like the pigs, and so on. We resembled a nation of jackals, millions fleeing for safety while millions in Hindusthan did not even know as to what was happening or notice as to why the penniless Hindus were suddenly arriving from Pakistan!

There are examples in history when the bullies "lash out" and achieve victories and conquests. For example Hitler had captured most of Europe from Baltic Sea (Estonia) to Black Sea (Ukraine). At one time he seemed most powerful and invincible. But the roll back began that eventually destroyed him and his empire. On May 8, 1945 a new Europe emerged, MINUS HITLER & HIS NAZI PARTY. Both had vanished without leaving a trace!

In the SAME WAY a mighty roll back against Islamic fascist forces in Islamabad and Dhaka is about to start. Power ratio favours the Hindus, the natives of soil. There are six enemy States (five in the West and one in the East) pitched against TWENTY-EIGHT Indian States. That is our NUMERICAL SUPERIORITY.

That Bharat is richer and more developed means our economic superiority.

Then we look at EVIL and GOOD. Separatism, intolerance and violence are EVIL. Freedom of expression, Dignity of women, secularism, tolerance and democracy are GOOD (VIRTUES). For ALL THE INDIANS good and virtue should triumph because our motto is "SATYAM VIJAYATE"!

NEXT COMES METHODOLOGY. First step is to raise awareness. It is the opposite of propaganda but equally effective in a positive way.

We have a formidable force after one billion have received awareness. That will bring about UNITY.

The final stage is ACTION. The result depends on what the LEADERS inculcate in the masses. We have excellent examples: Parents who praise the children continuously make them succeed in life. Leaders who INSPIRE can also do the impossible.

Guru Gobind Singhji created his "lions", fearless fighters. When his followers went to take on the mighty Moguls, they had this line continuously in mind, "Chidion se main baaz ladaaoon." ("I SHALL MAKE THE SPARROWS HUNT THE HAWKS!") and, indeed, the Hindu slaves, scared like the jackals, pounced on the mighty Moguls fearlessly like the lions. Within a few decades they had pushed the fearsome Afghans to capture KHYBER PASS.

It is too sad to state that what was captured by the bravest of the brave, sons of soil, was surrendered "for a song" (unconditionally and promptly) by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The traitor who did that ought to have been hanged to death a �million times�.

Life stories of General Hari Singh Nalwa (who captured KHYBER), Gen Zorawar Singh (who annexed Kashmir to Sikh Kingdom), Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Rani of Jhansi and more recently, Subhash Chandra Bose, are MOST INSPIRING. They tell us that WE CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS, and WE CAN RECREATE AKHAND BHARAT and not only that, we can also raise the TEMPLE ON THE JANMASTHAN IN AYODHYA to its full glory.

Given the United Will of ONE BILLION, with good reason, and for good cause, and Sri Krishna among us, nothing is impossible. All an average Hindu has to do is something very simple: Believe that he is a "LION" going to take back what belongs to us, from the (Mohammedan) "JACKALS".

And let us NOT forget that basically the BULLIES are always COWARDS- and more so THOSE who degrade women - by having up to FOUR of them in bed, stoning to death and killing for "honour", when to chase, abduct, seduce, rape and even sell women and girls is considered most desirable by �good� Muslims!

Let us cure ourselves of cowardice, ignorance and disunity. We will see them begging for mercy and forgiveness upon their knees, and we shall have �AKHAND BHARAT�. Let us believe in ourselves. The SAME task is impossible for rats but possible for the lions.

Thereafter ONE LAW FOR ALL means that India will stretch from Khyber to Chittagong and all will behave and live in peace exactly as we did up to August 1947, when 300 thousand Britons could keep 300 million Indians in peace and order.

PS: Akhand Bharat will honour Guru Nanak Devji by liberating his Janmasthan, Guru Arjun Dev ji and Bhagat Singh Shaheed who were martyred in Lahore and all the millions who paid the price of Independence with their lives.
19 Sep 16.