Date: 19/09/2016

"We will neither live in peace nor let anyone else live in peace," seems to summarise the Muslim nature and character very well.

In all the Islamic countries their "kartoot" proves this beyind doubt. The Muslims, by their own genius, have had brilliant "success" in regressing back to 7th century AD. Otherwise, who would have known how the times of Mohammed were! Now we know, it was "JEHALIYA" (DARKNESS), or "free for all"!

Another feature is the Islamic attitude towards women: "I will kill you if you touch my daughter or sister. But your daughter or sister is a "game" for me. I will do to her what I please!" Boko Haram in Nigeria, Al Shabab in Somalia, Taliban in Afghanistan and Daesh in Syria have proved this beyond any doubt!

If in doubt ask any YAZIDI woman or the ghost of those who perished in Hindukush mountains, cursing Islam and Mohammed- and free world's cowardice!

Finally, the Islamic Penal Code. "By YOUR Geneva Convention you will treat the Muslim prisoners like Pandit Nehru's sons-in-law and feed them Halal.

"By OUR Sharia Law, that is far superior to your Geneva Convention, we will ask NO questions, call NO witnesses, accept NO pleas of mercy but straightaway BEHEAD them. Go and tell this to the UNO or the United States!"

PS: Since this is the TRUTH, you may pass on widely. Best service of God and mankind is to raise awareness of those who believe in democracy, secularism and, above all, women's dignity, and are the intended victims of Islam.