Date: 22/09/2016

As against illegal annexation of part of J&K by armed force, the
accession of the J&K for whole was under lawful, democratic procedure,
with both J&K Assembly and Indian Parliament debating and accepting
the accession, all as per the India Partition Act, and even the so
called UN Resolution, for which Pakistan is crying all the time,
clearly charged Pakistan as aggressor and ordered Pakistan to first
vacate the entire illegally occupied area of its forces. Which
Pakistan has never done. Our Governments have so far been on the back
foot, but must take frontal stage and insists for discussion on
Kashmir issue starting from first and now finally is vacating and
handing back to India the areas of J&K, including from the areas
illegally gifted by Pakistan to China.

However, even this is now no longer valid, the only solution to J&K is
break up Pakistan into Balochhistan, Pakhoonistan, Sind, and let
Pakistan confine itself to land locked Punjab, and Kashmir issue will
be solved

Pakistan is working on the false ideology that repeating a falsehood
hundred times will make things right, and Pakistan must be told such
things punitively alone


On 9/21/16, cccccccccccccccccc wrote:
> Excellent e-mails below. Must be taken seriously and ACTED UPON.
> It is time to challenge the very basis of Pakistan- that was artificially
> created in indecent hurry on ONLY one criterion, RELIGION! That ridiculous
> and seditious act ought to have been rejected outright then and there. But
> unfortunately the demand by barrister-at-law Jinnah was accepted by
> barristers-at-law Gandhi and Nehru (who claimed to be champions of
> secularism)
> under duress, and enforced by the United Kingdom, our colonial masters at
> the
> time, in the middle of 20th century after the end of World War 2 that was
> fought for democracy, equality and freedom for all.
> It was then, as well as now, nothing but sheer madness, a recipe for
> permanent strife and wars in the region known the world over for its
> spirituality, creativity, tolerance and ancient civilisation.

> “Would the UNO ever have gone along with that criterion to draw boundaries
> and borders of countries?”, we must ASK the UNO.
> We must further ask the UNO, “And has that division brought peace to the
> people, or mutual suspicions, hostility and increased expenditure on
> weapons
> of mass destruction on both sides?”
> And what about the future of the countries that accept such a crude and
> primitive concept that also divides the PEOPLE, the whole communities, not
> only the territory?
> That the aggrieved party, the bastion of democracy & morality, the
> champion of secularism, the inheritor of great civilisation, the largest
> military
> power and the biggest country in the region, INDIA, has not vehemently
> contested, and protested at, “Partition” up to now, shows very inferior
> human
> material in charge of affairs and destiny of the people there, and a total
> lack of both courage and patriotism among the rulers and inhabitants alike.
> To live within the confines of the disgusting mind set of the three
> notorious players, who were slaves at that time, Gandhi, Jinnah and Nehru,
> is to
> stoop down and walk like a pygmy on this earth for ever, fearing the next
> stone or missile falling from the sky above!
> Pakistan violate this principle and insult the Hindus, the Christians, the
> Sikhs, the Jews and every non-Muslim. It's a great pity that those thus
> & INSULTED have not shown guts so far to challenge the very BASIS of
> Pakistan that is separatist, intolerant and a violent version of Islam.
> Free world must unite and ACT to stamp out this dangerous and criminal
> ideology from South Asia. If this is not done, Pakistan will become
> Frankenstein and destroy itself and its neighbours, too. The sub-continent
> should
> prevent that from happening and save itself from Muslim MADNESS across the
> whole of South Asia- not only Pakistan.
> A powerful delegation of Bharat, convinced of the merits of their own
> brief and task, ought to go to UNO immediately, taking the delegates from
> Balochistan and Sindh with them and present the Resolution on “Dissolving
> the
> fundamentalist sectarian Islamic Republic of Pakistan, created artificially
> in utmost hurry in complete defiance of the universally acknowledged and
> accepted principles of Secularism and Democracy, but on the sole criterion
> of
> Religion, in 1947.”
> The illustrious Indian delegation should ask the august body, “And since
> there was NO referendum held in order to authenticate and legalise the
> creation of Pakistan, can any democracy on earth oppose the Resolution?”
> India's case for restoring a United, Secular & Democratic India as she was
> in 1947 before the madness put the logic and common sense upon its head
> and instigated a section of the Muslim community living in the country to
> create a new Islamic country, resulting in the permanent hostility and
> bloodshed in South Asia, is extremely strong.
> We need to realise that the evil and absurdity in 1947 is still evil and
> absurdity, and will always remain so. We simply need guts and patriotism to
> tell the whole world with conviction that the poisonous tree of murderous
> ideology, that has culminated in the creation of Al Qaida and Taliban in
> Afghanistan and “Daesh” in Syria, has to be uprooted. ("Na hoga baans, na
> bajegi baansri")
> All we expect from the present government of India is to shed fear and go
> over the ugly past since that illogical Partition right up to the attack at
> URI last week that ruined the joy of 17 bereaved families and present the
> Resolution at the UNO with conviction.
> Life in united India (Akhand Bharat) will revert to peace for all under
> ONE LAW. Sindhis, Bengalis, Tamils and Punjabis will again live in peace
> together like before, and as in the United States and Europe, each minding
> one’
> s own business. The crudely divided Muslim population of the sub-continent
> will again be in one country and thus enjoy a sense of security.
> The Indian sub-continent by the weight of history and civilisation is ONE
> country that links its people directly to the soil, thus making everybody
> safe and happy once again.
> Reunited India (“Akhand Bharat”) is a worthy cause worth fighting, even
> dying, for!
> ccccccccccccccc
> 21 Sep 16.
> In a message dated 9/21/2016 5:50:06 A.M. GMT Daylight Time,
> ccccccccccccccc writes:
>>> Dear Friends,
> We often talk about 'UN resolution' with regards to Kashmir. It may please
> be noted this so called resolution life blood of Pakistan's case against
> India , was not any resolution adopted by any General Assembly or Security
> Council . So called resolution was drafted in a hotel room in Geneva and
> approved by a committee. Even then, as the E Mail below tells, the first
> requirement was to have Pakistan vacate its troops, since it was India
> which
> was the aggrieved party.>
> Mr. ccccccccc rightly points out, that the actual problem is not
> Kashmir but Pakistan. Break up Pakistan, Kashmir problem will be solved.
> When > India was divided, Pakistan was created in 1947 August, Balochistan,
> Gilgit-Baltistan were not parts of Pakistan. Months and years later
> Pakistan annexed
> both.
> When Maharaja signed accession, Gilgit-Baltistan which were parts of Jammu
> & Kashmir also acceded to India. However neta of the day being who he was,
> instead of allowing Indian military advance to completely flush out Pak
> troops from entire state of J&K that included Gilgit-Baltistan, the matter
> was taken to UN, Kashmir effectively stays trifurcated, with the entry of a
> third party, China which is now building inroads in North Kashmir under
> occupation by Pakistan, following the dragon swallowing Aksai-Chin. And
> like
> Balochis, largely Shia population of Gilgit-Baltistan too are facing
> extinction . Let alone world, India too so far ignored this area, never
> even
> mentioning it. Only on August 15, 2016, to his credit, Prime Minister of
> India,
> Sri Narendra Modi raised issue of Gilgit-Baltistan in his address to the
> nation. Pakistan's forcible annexation measure had no participation by any
> regional leader , process a fait accompli got done in Karachi.
> UN General Assembly meeting is going to start soon this month. India
> should raise the matters of Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan to bring their
> forcible annexation with no referendum or plebiscite by Pakistan. The world
> should
> know, Kashmir is not only an issue between India and Pakistan, but also an
> issue between Pakistan and aggrieved people of Gilgit, Baltistan as well
> as people of Balochistan. India should represent their interests too in the
> UN.
> Best wishes,
> ccccccccc