Date: 27/09/2016

The following letter sent to a Radio Station in England has special relevance for the people of Bharat. The moderator invited calls from listeners about the two contestants for the post of President of the United States. Much time was devoted to two callers, one a professor at university and the other, presumably, a house wife.

Here is a letter weitten by a Hindu NRI to the radio station on Tuesday, 27th September 2016..


Dear ..........,

Today�s discussion on Clinton and Trump had to be a non starter. The professor Emeritus was �politically correct� and wrong in his support for Clinton. The other caller, Mary, on the other hand, a free thinker, and a woman, was right in her support for Trump. You will soon see why to mention �woman� is not only pertinent but vital.

A man is nothing but his BELIEF. And when it comes to religion, one needs to study the life, conduct and sayings of his Prophet.

The professor does not seem to have studied the Koran that is a Muslim�s belief, nor recalled Prophet Mohammed�s many wives and numerous concubines. That allows a Muslim to have up to FOUR wives, thus degrading them all!

Furthermore, due to strict segregation between male and female, the Muslim males must crave for something denied to them. Hence the belief in getting abundant virgins in paradise. Unfortunately, there is the pre-requisite of dying while FIGHTING, in order to get the virgins as a reward in paradise.

Since such discussion is politically INCORRECT in our free, liberal and tolerant societies, the impression is left that a Muslim is just like any other citizen in America or England. FAR FROM IT!

The �well behaved, hard working good Muslims in the West among us are mere decoys to conceal the core reality of Islam. To see that, one needs to go to DAESH or the Islamic State. None follows the Prophet and Koran more literally than the fighters of that State. Then please come back (if lucky to survive) and tell us about the YAZIDI women and their life in an Islamic State.

The Indians have direct experience of the painful, bloody and messy birth of Pakistan and if asked to express their opinion truthfully and fearlessly, the rest of the world has MUCH to learn. In places the population of non Muslims was reduced from 49% to 1% within weeks, and the world does not know how each and every NON MUSLIM male and female �evaporated�!

Mary is right in her support for Trump. If ALL Nazis are barred from entering the USA or the UK, then so should the Muslims be banned from these shores, too.

Are we mad, blind or simply bent upon collective suicide, NOT to recall those decent, innocent fellow humans who perished in Hindukush in 1001 AD and in the WTC towers in New York in 2001 AD?

Their �motivation� and murderous ACTION were based on their core BELIEF. Hence all those who imbibe that �Belief� from the moment of birth, ought to be banned from entering the Non-Muslim lands, notably, Partitioned India, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Islam will strike wherever there is power vacuum or the general population is seen as �politically correct�. When the British were pulling out of India we had great massacres of Non-Muslims in NOAKHALI in Bengal and RAWALPINDI, MULTAN & LAHORE in West Punjab. Not recalling and mentioning them or giving the last word to the Professor Emeritus of Birmingham University, only makes us all ignorant about �Islam� and even more vulnerable!

Where is the motto, �Security depends on eternal vigilance!�? In the time it takes to wink an eye India found herself broken up into three fragments at midnight on 14/15 August1947. For centuries prior to that we had believed Islam to be a �religion of peace�!

A Muslim will be worthy of trust only after he reads an amended, sanitized & rational version of Koran that deletes the word �Kafir� (infidel) in it and believes in ONE family of mankind and shows respect towards women.

Yours truly


PS: Those who invariably quote �peace in Ireland� do not mention that BOTH sides believed (and believe) in gentle Christ and regard themselves Christians! Mohammed, the Warrior, the Fighter, the Conqueror, the Slayer, the (forcible) Converter, the Womaniser, on the other hand, swore eternal enmity with the Christians, the Jews, the Hindus, the Buddhists, and all the Infidels on earth.



27 Sep 16.