Date: 28/09/2016
Dear Dr Sharma

I have gone through this site. It is devastating to know how much the great Hindu Empire has been reduced till now. The worst BAD LUCK is that so few realize the tragedy of Hindu nation- to continuously perish, bit by bit.

The matter is so serious that even the Central Government should set up a Commission of Enquiry on the causes of demise of Hindu power in South Asia. The FINDINGS should be ACTED ON with diligence and efficiency. If we don't bother now then in a century or so the Hindus in Bharat will also resemble the aborigines of Australia and the native Americans (Red Indians) of today. The external pressure and internal decomposition that brought the frontier down from Kandahar to Wagah have not vanished but pressing the Hindu nation from all directions.

Even the so-called patriots like Nehru and Gandhi were responsible for further shrinking of Hindusthan instead of saving her frontiers.

This valuable and scholarly piece by Shri Rajiv Malhotra (URL) should be used as compulsory text to be read at all colleges and universiies in Bharat.

We would call upon all the Hindus to be well informed of our sad history. Turning away from it, or avoiding it, is indicative of personal embarrassment and national shame. The result is that most Hindus still do not understand the mind and intentions of our enemies.

Bharat is now a fragment of the original India, or Hindusthan. Already Lahore has receded away in public mind and national memory just like Gandharva and Bamyan.

By not looking back we are moving ahead with faulty knowledge, and have become vulnerable again as before.

"HINDUISM NOW" (URL) has done great service in bringing out this knowledge. But the next two stages in evolution are also vital: WHAT DO WE DO WITH THIS KNOWLEDGE? And, HOW WE TRANSFORM THE INERT NATION, FIRST PHYSICALLY & THEN MENTALLY?

What should we do to feel (& become) brave in order to recover what was lost when the enemies were stronger and cleverer and could enslave, exploit and plunder the natives (Hindus) ruthlessly and thoroughly.

BEWARE of those who are contented with status quo. It is a defeatist attitude. There is NO status quo in nature and life is not static. Great empires and civilisations arose and then vanished. Sadly, WE HINDUS ARE "VANISHING".

We ought to have felt fully justified in the BELIEF to successfully recover all what was lost to the savage invaders and intruders.

Since so many quesions are not asked, we are still an IGNORANT people and ignorance makes the Hindu nation vulnerable and timid. All of us could discuss these and find the answers but somehow we avoid them due to two reasons: 1. We feel bad about those defeats and surrenders. 2. We feel embarrassed about the top leaders who ensured defeats. Can we abuse or "hang" both Gandhi and Nehru, who had major input in the defeat and surrenders of 1947?

But the way ahead is to be ruthless in weeding out excess of spirituality by replacing it with valour, vigour, courage and bravery. What a pity that MOST Hindus still do not see the historic blunder in expecting Gandhi to save Akhand Bharat and the risk of giving the last word to Nehru.

We lost because "dharti" had low priority in our collective psyche. Even in 1947 a few individuals like Gandhi and Nehru were FAR ABOVE, AND SUPERIOR TO, dharti. Hence province by provuicne we lost DHARTI and emerged in much reduced and shrunk Bharat that is the middle fragment of India. That hardly anyone is perturbed over this "midget sized" Hindusthan with her disgusting deformed map outline, is again most worrying. (Please see the URL for the original size of our Hindusthan before the SAVAGE "Sword of Mohammed" struck!),

WHY are we all reconciled to defeat of 1947 when our genuine leaders should have cried out, "To send a mahatma to political negotiations with adversaries is like sending a sheep to the wolves� lair.�?

Gandhi was clearly NOT fit to deal with Jinnah, the leader of savages & barbarians, though he was expert in dealing with the wise and civilised British! Was Nehru a selfish "scoundrel? And was Mohammed Ali Jinnah a �wolf in sheep�s clothing�? If so, why we had NONE with brains or courage to expose them?

Why did the motto, �Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Eesaaee, Aapas main hain bhai bhai!� not work in India?

What was the ideological direction of Nehru and Indira? Where did the core loyalty of Dynasty+Congress Party lie?

Why did Nehru say, �I can give them Lahore and Dhaka but not Srinagar?�

Why did the "scoundrel" go to UNO to order our own troops to cease fire but not complete the mission? Why none bothered to look at the effect on the morale of the troops who were held back from victory?

Where is the collective Hindu Head? What are the implications of NOT having one?

Whose axe is the President of India grinding by not mentioning Partition?

Why did Nehru agree to surrender Lahore (Hindus/Sikhs 75%) and Sri Nankana Sahb (Janmabhoomiasthan of Guru Nanak Devji)? Whose interest was he serving?

What did Partition of India (1947) solve?

The answers should be discussed openly and freely if Bharat is truly a free and fearless country. If not, then we ourselves will bring about the next defeat and surrender. History will repeat itself. The pigeons may close the eyes but the cat will not vanish.

Our political situation has forced us into excessive puja and worship, totally ignoring the martial side of life, totally ignoring the Law of Nature that dictates "Survival of the fittest!"

Three recent examples illustrate the tragedy of Hindustan:

When the Hindus in Srinagar were squeezed out, in NO other State of India were the Muslims thrown out on reciprocal basis!

When Zakir Naik openly converted the HIndus, no Hindu body "gheraoed" his house to demand that he migrate to Pakistan or Saudi Arabia!

When at Rahul Gandhi's function a few miscreants shouted "Pakistan, Zindabad!" No Hindu mob appeared to "teach them a lesson!" Not even FIR was registered with the local police!

It was the same situation centuries ago: When Guru Tegh Bahadurji was beheaded in Delhi, NO people's uprising took place to behead the emperor. But the world did see the people chasing the Shah of Iran into exile and the French and the Russian masses did get rid of their emperor and czar respectively. So why are the HINDUS as a people so "nincompoop" (different)?


28 Sep 16.


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