Date: 03/05/2013

By now you would have become aware that Sarbjit has passed away.
He was brutally murdered by the authorities in Pakistan. Our Govt.
has murdered itself behaving like a professionally and ethically
bankrupt entity.



The question is, "How did LAHORE with 75% Hindus in it in 1947, go to Pakistan and how did Pakistan itself come about?"

Answer: Muslims have always been prepared, indoctrinated, charged and MOTIVATED to behead the KAFIRS or convert them.

The fact is that the Hindus, seeing them all around in HINDUSTHAN never thought that they could be attacked one day like the WOLVES HUNTING THE SHEEP. For seven long years after the "PAKISTAN RESOLUTION" of 1940 all our leaders, including the top barristers, thought no more of it than a toddler's demand for lollypop from its mum until the sword struck the Hindu NECK with full vehemence and we did not see a LEADER even to tell us, "RUN!". Two million lay slaughtered, thousands of girls abducted and raped and 15 million Hindus and Sikhs FLED. We saw the true face of our "Muslim brothers" and "Muslim neighbours"! But the WORST was that, like the American Indians, we lost TERRITORY in perpetuity.

It ought to be considered an UNPARDONABLE CRIME of the Hindu leaders not to get to this infantile level of wisdom and and let their followers behave like demoralised mob- READY TO RUN, defying all laws of nature as per "survival of the fittest".

Guru Gobind Singhji declared in 1699 AD, "I shall make lions out of JACKALS." That was THREE HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN (314) years ago! How is it that the majority community acted like the JACKALS in 1947 and did NOT put up any resistance but did the WORST thing "led" by the WORST leaders, and FLED in all directins, building the worst human STAMPEDE in history?

After the great COLLASPE the natives of the soil of Hindusthan have gone completely silent over Partition, giving the impression that Sarabjit Singh was a jackal.

QUESTION for the SUPREME COMMANDER of JACKALS: "Are we all IDIOTS to be looking up to SALMAN KHURSHID, to feel the pain of a badly bruised and battered "Singh"?"



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The question is how could Sarbjit be attacked in a top security Jail.
His attackers were in jail, because probably this is what they were doing outside the jail,
and put behind the bars for that.

How could they have the affrontry of doing it within the jail premises.
This could not have been carried out without the connivance of the Jail Authorities.

As far as the GOI is concerned, neither it has the will-power nor diplomatic
calibre under Foreign Minister like Salman Khurshid in the caqbinet of the
lame duck PM within the overlordship of his PM(prime mentor).



Subj: Sarabjit Singh, an Indian, in critical condition, after being assaulted in Lahore jail.
1. At least six prisioners inside Pakistani jail, hit Sarabjit Singh,with bricks & broken pieces of glass. Pakistan ought to be crestfallen & conscience-stricken for its prison-house, and ought to be begging-pardon. But Pakistan is not going to do any such decent or courteous thing, and its conscience is in declivity.
2. In fact, some Pakistani sources claim that, only two prisioners, Amer Aftab & Mudassar, were involved in the attack. It is quite possible that some jail officials were also involved, in the attack on Sarabjit.Singh. Regardless, however, it is quite clear that he was treated as a Kafir, and was attacked by Moslem fanatics.
3. This attack was condemned by several organizations in India. There was a big protest at Jantar Mantar, demanding the release of Sarabjit Singh. The sister of Sarabjit Singh ( Dalbir Kaur ) made an appeal to the government of India, and also to the President of Pakistan, to save Sarabjit Singh.
4. Some questions remain. Why was Sarabhut Singh attacked ? Why was he not protected ? Sarabjit Singh's case has been in the news, for some time, and his family has been making efforts, to secure his release. If government of India had taken any steps, this attack would not have taken place. Sarabjit Singh's sister ( Dalbir Kaur ) had met the home minister ( Sushil Kumar Shinde ), and minister of state for external affairs (Preneet Kaur ) and others, and mentioning to them that Sarabjit Singh could be attacked. None of them did anything at all, and the attack did take place.
5. Pakistan's human right activist, Ansar Burney, said that attack looked " suspicious ." Somebody could be behind this attack. No bricks or other material can reach this place, where Sarabjit Singh has been kept. The matter must be thoroughly investigated.
6. Sarabjit Singh's family regards his imprisonment, as a matter of vulgar & gross injustice. They claim that he had inadvertently crossed into Pakistan in August 1990, in an inevriated state, and was arrested there. However, Pakistani police claims that Sarabjit Singh was involved in acts of terrorism. He has been languishing in Pakistani jails ever since.
7. Dalbir Kaur says that, GOI ( government of India ) has not been very sensitive about resolving the mistaken-identity issue, involving her brother.
Regardless, however, the reality is that Sarabjit Singh is a Kafir, and is being treated as a Kafir. The attack on him, by a bunch of Moslem Fanatics, ought not to boggle the mind of any Hindu.