Date: 02/10/2016


Teachings of Ahinsa
lectures on Ahinsa

principles of Ahinsa

sermons of Ahinsa


preaching of Ahinsa

over 2500 years

by countless saints, seers and leaders

in Hindusthan including Gandhi

and his followers

promoting, practising Ahinsa

have made Hindus

cowards, gutless, impotent and weak

too weak to face evil and evildoers

leading to present chaotic, hopeless, condition

For one billion people

Since time immemorial Hindus

worshiped, used shakti (power)

earned and possessed power

used power, weapons and diplomacy

against enemy, evildoers and evil

with all force and strength to

destroy them completely.

our all Gods/ Goddesses ,heroes and heroines keep

weapons and use as and when required.

So should we.

No where in entire Hindu scriptures

there is a place for non-violence

and it is sad, pathetic to see teaching of

non-violence in the face of aggressor .

Sooner Hindus and Hindu leaders

give up this policy of non-violence better it will be. For Hindus

Raam, Krishna, Hanuman, Vikramaditya, Chanakya Maharana Pratap, Shivajee, Laxami Bai, Banda Vairagi, Guru Govind Singh jee, Babu Kunwar Singh, Tatya Tope,Khuddiram Bose, Subhas Chandra Bose,Bhagat Singh,Binay, Badal, Dinesh ,Chandrsekhar Tiwari Azad,Mangal Pandey, Sardar Patel to name a few ,they all used diplomacy , power, strength and weapons to protect, preserve and promote freedom, dignity, justice,equality ,self-respect by sacrifice with full preparation to crush enemy and evil .

Today the peace in Europe is due to crushing defeat of evildoers e.g. Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo and the peace in Hindusthan can only be achieved by crushing the enemy who has attacked four times so far since 1947 and destroying Hindusthan by undeclared- declared, proxy war since 1947.Truly speaking the war against Hindus started when Muslims first attacked Hindusthan in 7th. century A.D. and this has been going on since then to Islamise Hindus to make the country a Islamic state this must be understood by us all to prepare ourselves to stop this to happen. This war against Hindus is a declared war by Koran/Imams/Mullas/Sufis and Madrassas since early parts of 7th century which has destroyed peace for ever in Hindusthan killing millions in small and big battles and in wars and by the small and large genocide of Hindus and Sikhs which has been going on in Hindusthan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and all over the world and I urge Hindus and Hindu leaders and Hindu religious leaders to come out of trance and day dreaming to analyse the facts and figures and act now to save Hindus in Hindusthan first as it is getting too late otherwise I see NO TOMORROW for Hindus, Hindu traditions, Hindu heritage,Hinduism, Hindu heritage, Hindu culture, Hindu languages, Hindu music and Hindu way of life in Hindusthan under congress led government destroying Hindus and everything attached to word Hindu on name of secularism .

Genocide of Hindus in East Pakistan[ now Bangladesh] as described in a book called Genocide in East Pakistan by S.Bhattacharya mentioned that over three million Hindus were killed by the army from West Pakistan before India liberated East Pakistan in 1971 war.

In 1943 in the famine in the state of Bengal over three to five million Hindus died due to starvation , famine created by Churchill’s evil ANTI INDIA- ANTI HINDU policy according to a book Churchill’s Secret war by Madhusree Mukherjee[2010] which has made Churchill equal to Hitler as far as Hindus are concerned. This has gone unnoticed by mentally slave and dwarf Indian historians and politicians because of Anglisised Congress leaders headed by last whiteman J.L.Nehru and his nasty dynasty rule since broken- partitioned- truncated,humiliated,degraded,depressed, mutilated, Hindusthan.

The Hindus/Sikhs have disappeared in west of Hindusthan, which has become Pakistan. Hindus have disappeared in east of Hindusthan which has become Bangladesh. Mini Pakistans are being formed and worst of all in Kashmir from where 500000 Kashmiri Hindu-Pandits have been expelled by Muslims in 1989-90. In Jammu-Kashmir even Prime Minister, President or any ordinary Hindusthani cannot go freely. Even president of Hindusthan cannot buy an inch of land in J.K. and it is all due to weakness of gutless leaders of Hindusthan from J. L . Nehru to this day.

The religious Gurus were the first to leave before formation of Pakistan/Bangladesh and to-day situation is such that these gurus/sants/religious leaders are roaming in U.K., America, Canada, Australia and Europe but have no courage/guts or spiritual power to go to north eastern part of Hindusthan. These Dharma Gurus are day-dreamers and always talk of next life after death and teaching to secure a place in heaven and misguiding ordinary Hindus for centuries and destroying the great nation to live comfortably themselves with small number of supporters or Chelas.The Dharma Gurus must teach like Samarth Guru Ramdas who taught the meaning of Rashtra to Shri Shivajee Maharaj.

These Gurus talk of the following s-

1. That you are not a body but a Atma (soul)This is a higher philosophy but first secure the borders and make everyone safe and secure in the country and then teach these otherwise we will lose to the foreign faiths . We have already lost the western and eastern parts of the country[ Pak and Bang].Almost all the Gurus and Mahants are shamlessly grossly obese.

2. Heaven or Hell/ Paap or Punya

3. Follow me I will show you the God.

4. Non-violence

5. Establish new organisation or sect to have own followers and enjoy in own small world.

For ordinary person it is all mumbo jumbo and confusing and these teachings have weaken the Hindu society and these lectures (slow poisoning) have been going on for thousands of years.

These Gurus have failed to teach the first and foremost lesson of protecting and securing the borders/ areas of the motherland. Unless you have safe and secure territory in the form of nation/motherland you can not live according to your way of[Hindu] life. See for yourself in Pakistan/Afghanistan Bangladesh the Hindus have disappeared or completely converted to Islam and same process is going on in present Hindusthan and Hindu number is decreasing everyday in comparison to Muslims / Christians so once the Muslim population goes near 40% the same old Jihad will start at massive scale and Hindusthan will become Islamistan or Mohammadistan by 2050 according to present SECULAR POLICY OF GOVERNMENT OF India under foreign- minority [ Muslim+Christian + communist+ opportunist] rule..

What can Hindus do now?

The Hindus if they wish to survive from extinction they must unite and act now otherwise there will be no tomorrow for them. The following are a must for all citizens -

1. Limit family by four children per couple

2. Abolish polygamy by Muslims

3. Abolish article 370

4. Abolish resettlement rule 10 of J&K

5. Close Madrassas and stop financial aid to such schools.

6. Expel all over four Karore illegal immigrants from Bangladesh/Pakistan/Middle east and from many other countries.

7. Plan to disintegrate Pakistan and ultimately destroy Pakistan/Bangladesh before they destroy Hindustan because Pakistan/ Bangladesh are determined to divide/ disintegrate Hindusthan by infiltration and sending terrorists for evil activities.

8. Cut all contracts with Pakistan and Bangladesh and Afghanistan

9. Destroy terrorists/camps

10. Expel all foreign Christians missionaries

11. Abolish reservations

12. Stop subsidising travellers to Hajj or pay equal sums of money to every Hindu, Buddhist ,Sikh and Jain who go to their Holy places.The Hajj pilgrims are now costing over 400-500 carores of Rupees every year and cost is rising every year.

13. Control population explosion

14. Work to eradicate corruption, poverty and diseases.

15. Give facilities to poor students

16. Secure borders

17. Bring one civil code, one law for all citizens

18. Security at borders

19. Ban cow slaughter

20. Rename India officially as Hindusthan

21. Give up the policy of appeasement and secularism.

22. Stop water supply to Pakistan from Indian rivers.

23. Severe all diplomatic, air, land, sea, cultural, sports relations with Pakistan/ Bangladesh and Afghanistan to have peace in the country.

24. Expel all Pakistani artists from India.

25. Stop illegal Pakis and Bangladeshis to come to India.

26. Total and complete exchange of population that is to send all Muslims to Pakistan and Bangladesh from India and take all the Hindus and Sikhs from Pakistan and Bangladesh to India according to B.R.Ambedkar’s plan suggested in 1946.This can be done now if we have the right patriotic leaders in India. The over dose of non-violence has penetrated so deep in the minds of people in India that they find it easy to surrender their honour, dignity, self respect behind the Burka of non-violence that is destroying the whole Indian Nation. The time has come for Hindus to dominate and rule India with one law for all without exception that will be true freedom otherwise this freedom is no freedom in true sense of the word where majority Hindu is a refuge [ kashmiris]in his own country due to spineless secular or pseudo secular leaders of congress and its supporters and everything attached word Hindu is being destroyed and laughed at.

Be so powerful that nobody dares to harm you and only then you can follow the non violence .

The saints and modern preachers of Ahinsa including . Gandhi have cheated and fooled all Hindus by preaching half truth because that is ‘’ahinsa pamodharmah’’ is a lie. All the leaders and religious leaders have taught this half truth to Hindus for far too long.

. The whole quotation or the truth is’ ‘Ahinsa parmodharmah dharma hinsa tathaivachah’’ means that non-violence is great principle to follow but so is violence or use of strength or force in the defence of Dharma or righteousness /honour/dignity/ sovereignty, /life, / children/mother , motherland and self protection.

I would rather choose violence to protect myself ,my family,my community,my country , my religion against evil and evil doers. Here I consider violence superior than nonviolence the history remembers and honours braves not cowards and takes inspiration from brave people.


Samar kshetra hai naheen paap kaa bhagee kewal byadh,

Jo gaddar hain samay likkhe gaa unka bhee aparadh..

On Sun, Oct 2, 2016 at 1:06 AM, wrote:

Dear patriots,

There is great merit in the following e-mail that I wish to share with all the esteemed patriots on this List.

Please see how we have had great leaders in our history who put "Ahimsa" in the RIGHT (correct) perspective and defended our TERRITORY, Temples and Dharma successfully.

Unfortunately, we lost everything when we followed ONLY A PART OF THE DOCTRINE and perished. Please see how Gen Cariappa tried to change Gandhi's mind on "unconditional, blind and UNILATERAL" adherence to Ahimsa!

India MINUS those surrendered territories in 1947 is like a body without an arm and a leg, forced to use crutches to walk. Only AKHAND BHARAT will make our Land of birth and spiritual roots (and secularism of the BRAVE) great once again.

2 Oct 16